– Since I’m a genius, I
know how to do everything. (upbeat swing instrumental) (upbeat swing instrumental) – We’re at the drive
through of Jack in the Box. (cheering and screaming) (upbeat swing instrumental) I am so lucky I am married
to a man who is crazy enough to go along with all the
crazy stuff that I wanna do. This morning, I woke up and I said Jeremy, let’s go running on the beach with all of our children. So, we loaded up in the car, cause he was like, okay. Yeah, we’re gonna take
turns running on the beach with the big kids and walking on the boardwalk with the little kids. I’m excited. (playful calm guitar) Have fun! It’s my turn to walk first. Do you see a doggy? Hey Laura, do you wanna walk by the beach? – Yeah. – [Kendra] Let’s do it. Look how cute they look! (light guitar instrumental) And they’re off. Jeremy’s in the lead,
oh Elise take the lead. Isaac and Caleb, oh everyone’s
ahead of Jeremy now! (chuckles) – I can see em! – There’s so many people
walking their dogs out along the beach that
Janae is in Heaven right now. Janae doesn’t say the word dog yet, but she makes a specific sound every time she sees a
dog, it’s hard to mimic. (low woof) Maybe that? (chuckles) – I see em, they’re so far! – [Kendra] Are they so far out there? (light whimiscal guitar) (upbeat funky electronic) – Congrats! (upbeat funky electronic) Let’s see it. (upbeat funky electronic) Ooo! What is that? – [Jeremy] It’s something. (chill guitar instrumental) (chill guitar instrumental) Well that was an amazing
way to start the day, we shoulda done that more while
we were here in San Diego. (chill guitar instrumental) (chill guitar instrumental) – [Kendra] Trying to get
the sand off, phase one. So we’re stopping at this
place called Kaboose, I think it’s called Juice Kaboose, and we’re gonna try acai bowls. I’ve never had one before, and I keep hearing about em everywhere. So I figure we better try one. (light playful guitar) So since we’ve never
tried acai bowls before, I decided to just go with the classic and we’re getting mega one
so we can all split it. (light playful guitar instrumental) – Thank you. (mom chuckles) – [Kendra] Oh my goodness, thank you. – [Elise] We get to make it? – [Kendra] Yep, we’re going
to assemble it at home. This looks delicious, and we
are loaded up with everything, we’re gonna head home and eat it. – [Jeremy] So what do you think? – I like it. – [Jeremy] You gotta mix it all up. – Well we’re home and doing
all of our normal daily stuff, we’re doing chores, we’re
unloading the dishwasher, we’re folding laundry, we’re trying to keep
Janae occupied and safe, and anyway, the kids are doing
their math and their grammar and their spelling and their reading and their handwriting, and blah,
blah, blah, all that stuff. Jeremy is actually outside right now, he’s on a conference call, and it’s interesting cause he does these conference calls outside so that the noise of the kids and the chaos all stays inside and he’s outside, but I think he likes it, I mean who wouldn’t like
to do conference calls outside, right? How are you? Did you find a fun place to walk? (baby squeal) – I learned how to find
the area of a triangle. – [Kendra] Nice, how do you do it? – Base times height divided by two. – That makes sense. So I left the kids answer keys for their math cirriculum at home, and that hasn’t been a big problem, like, I just know how to do, you
know addition and subtration, so I just check it, but Isaac’s getting up
into a higher level math, and so it’s taking me a long time, and it just dawned on me,
I can use a calculator. He can’t use the
calculator to do the work, but I can use the calculator
to check the work. Now I don’t have to do my
own math work every day. (chime) – Little babies went behind. – Little babies went behind. – [Kendra] Have fun. – Thank you. – So the kids and I are
having a friendly competition. They’re reading a chapter of this book about tide pool creatures and then I try to quiz
them and stump them, and it’s them versus me in
like a, little competition. We’re having fun with it. – And other animals with shells. To drill holes into the
shells of their pray. – [Kendra] Did you guys win? (loud cheering) What is that? – It’s a corn man. – [Kendra] A giant corn on the cob man? And which one did you get Lise? – I’m a pirate, but I’m glad I can trade. – I got, oh that guy. – [Kendra] Oh my goodness. – So last time we came to Lego Land, they were doing a promotion where they were giving away free tickets for the month of February for one day, so we signed up and got those and this time we came prepared. The kids all have their little
tradeable lego figurines. And the headless wonder. – We didn’t know about
this last time we came, but you can trade the little mini figures all around the park. (upbeat playful electronic) – [Jeremy] They have a girl face for you. – [Isaac] Oh I want to do the farmer. (upbeat playful electronic) – So this rollercoaster is
a perfect size for Caleb, and it was closed last time, so he’s gonna get to try it this time. Laura’s tall enough! – [Elise] Yay! (exciting rock metal) – [Jeremy] Here we go! (loud screaming) Here we go! (loud screaming) Whoo hoo! There’s mom! (screaming) Laura what’d you think? – I liked it! My face was afraid. – [Jeremy] Your face was afraid. – Yeah, but I liked it, but
I was a little bit afraid. – [Jeremy] A little bit
afraid, just a tincy-weency? – Yeah. – [Jeremy] I was so proud of you. – Yeah. – [Jeremy] Laura, should
we go do it again. – No. – [Kendra] Bye guys! – Bye! – [Kendra] Drive safe,
have fun on the safari! – [Jeremy] There’s the giraffe. (loud scream) – Go, go, go! – Is that a, what was it? – A alligator. We’re going, I think there’s a bear. – [Jeremy] Tunnel! (birds chirping)
(monkeys howling) – [Kendra] So are you gonna drive? – Yep. – [Kendra] You’re gonna drive me? – Yep. – [Kendra] Whoa, you’re going fast! Oh no, I do not like crocodiles. – They’re just made out of legos, but they make noise. Since I’m a genius, I know how to do everything. – You do? Does that include driving? – Yeah. – [Kendra] How old are you? – Four. – [Kendra] And you can drive? – Mhmm. – [Kendra] Wow. – [Jeremy] There it does Laura! (giggling) (horse hooves clapping) – She likes the horses. What’s going on? (indistinct yelling) – [Jeremy] You ready to drive? – Yeah! (playful rhythmic instrumental) (playful rhythmic instrumental) (excited squealing) – [Jeremy] What are you so excited about? – I get to do the (indistinct) – So Caleb turns six
in just a couple days, and they said he could
drive on the senior driver. – [Employee] Alright. – [Jeremy] You excited? – Yeah. – [Employee] Give me a nice smile. Give me thumbs up. Give me a thumbs up gorgeous. (Jeremy chuckles) (upbeat rhythmic instrumental) – [Jeremy] He’s goin’! – [Employee] Stay in your lane! (upbeat rhythmic instrumental) (upbeat rhythmic instrumental) – Hello. – [Jeremy] Hello. (upbeat rhythmic instrumental) (upbeat rhythmic instrumental) (electronic computer techno) (electronic computer techno) (giggling) – I’m glad I didn’t bring flip flops! (scream) (scream) (scream) – [Jeremy] Did you have any fun? – Yeah! (rhythmic drum instrumental) (rhythmic drum instrumental) – So this next ride is just a robotic arm that flips around. You can pick which level it’s gonna be on and Isaac and Elise wanna try it. – I only wanna do level three. – I wanna do level five. – Isaac, take care of mom and the kids. Uh oh, whoa! Uh oh, whoa! (hip electronic beat) (hip electronic beat) (hip electronic beat) (squeal) Come have apple or fries! Come on! You did it, come on! (upbeat hip electronic) – So this ride is like a race with fire trucks and police cars, and they’re going up and
trying to put out fires so it looks fun. (alarm bell) (upbeat hip electronic) (upbeat hip electronic) – Well I’m amazed how much we got in. In just two and a half
hours that we were here. It was a lot of fun. Normally when we go to amusement parks, we have a grandparent, or
somebody else to help us out. But we were able to do it
with just Kendra and I, which was also a big success. (calming guitar melody) We’re at the drive thru of Jack in Box. My mom used to take me
here when I was little to get their tacos, and so
it’s a nostalgic place for me, and there’s none that are
really close to where we live in Kansas City, so. – [Kendra] This is a
must hit spot for Jeremy. – [Laura] Goodnight, J House out. – [Jeremy] It’s gonna be little loud. (rumbling and rattling) – [Kendra] Whoa! (playful clapping beat) – Oh wow! – [Kendra] Yeah, show
us your best fish face. (playful clapping beat) – It looks like a castle
and you can go in it! (playful clapping beat)

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