FREE Funnel! HomePage/Website Clickfunnels Template for Affiliate Marketers

hey there so I am excited to share this
funnel with you this is probably the most I’ve ever given away but I thought
whatever I want you guys to win I want you guys to succeed I want you to make
money online I want you to see how cool clickfunnels is and how much you can use
it for and use useful funnels is a great way to start
so in this funnel this is my website funnel you go to Rachel S Lee comm it
goes to this page and it is a full website homepage and then you can attach
different menu pages or other pages to the navigation at the top so what I ask
you to do when you download it is replace the images don’t try to be me um
and we’re gonna change to the coffee you know where I know we’re in this make
money online industry maybe not everyone using this funnel so you might totally
change it but if you’re in the make money online industry affiliate
marketing industry online marketing tools and resources industry like me a
lot of this cop you might make sense to you but work on it a bit change it a bit
and here’s a little sales letter I’m just digging into people’s pain about
not making money online and motivating them to start wanting to make money
online this is connected to my business in a box so if you have a business in a
box you can connect it if you don’t have a business in a box to another free
system I give you guys you can go to affiliate business in a box calm and
then connect your form to here you could put some reasons why online marketing or
affiliate marketing or click funnels or working with you just three reasons why
right here but why it’s good this I also talked about the business in a box and I
have a button that actually this goes to the pop-up and here’s it again so this
whole website is a funnel at the top I try to ask for your email goes to my
web class so you switch out this link here it goes to a little story funnel up
and you can send it anywhere send people to your Facebook group send them to your
YouTube send them to your click funnels training send them to your business in a
box sent them to your resources page I’m giving you guys the resources page to in
another funnel so be sure to grab that this you know delete that as seen on TV
if you have not ever had a press release not a seeing on TV I seen on the news
sites get your own testimonials ask your friends I asked my close friends and
colleagues to to validate some nice words so that’s still honest these are
my click funnels affiliate links for these free books so you want to grab
your link here you know I don’t have an affiliate link for that you can switch
it out with software secrets or some other click funnels offers and switch
out your Terms of Service change the colors this I have more vago on here if
you guys want more vago go to my resources page and you’ll see where you
can download more vago so you can put more right here you can put more
testimonials this links to a coaching page or my course page for daily
Commission’s club this goes to my one-on-one coaching to my Facebook group
to my resources page to a contact me page so you guys can add links to here
and you know it’s a really easy way a really easy trick a great hack for
adding more pages into that navigation is just duplicate this phone this home
page I’m clone funnel step or that thank-you page you can clone it and then
there’s another page that looks somewhat similar and then you can edit the links
in here and edit the links in the navigation and
on the buttons so you can click here on the navigation and edit these
links you can click on the links here and edit them switch them out send them
to other pages like the resources page I give you or the the dream car funnel
that I give you or the affiliate business in a box funnel that I give you
or you can duplicate this funnel to make some other funnel pages and you can make
it look like a totally different page by switching out the photos switching out
the colors and moving things around to like this is nice for a home page but
then for other pages that you might want in your funnel you switch it around then
just click switch out the pics which are the text very easy make sure to save
also I would edit the SEO metadata so don’t put my name here put your name
your photo here so it changes this SEO data and integrate your own
autoresponder into the form maybe you also want to show the pop-up and edit
the pop-up area too it’s important too to go into the settings and edit the
name and the domain connect your domain and if you want to add any tracking
codes like a Facebook tracking code or Google tracking code


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