FREE Funnel! “Membership Site” Clickfunnels Template for Affiliate Marketers

hey guys Rachel Eisley here so I am
excited to show you the free course funnel or membership site funnel it’s a
membership site and you can use it as a like a free course or a free Academy
that’s what I did in the beginning and it worked out really well I actually got
this idea from Jo Revis where you can have like a free Academy your membership
site or course where you put trainings in there but you also put your affiliate
links in there I still have one it’s just I’m not giving you guys my exact
one that I have because it’s a different tech but this one I used and it went so
well and I got so many people to opt-in and I collected so many email addresses
that I was finally able to sell of course make an advanced course and then
start selling it so if you also want to work your way up to selling your own
course this is a great way so you’ll download the funnel and on the opt-in
page this is the opt-in page and there’s a video on how it works you can use you
can use my training videos in here like there’s just some very basic click
funnels training videos but you want to start switching them out with your own
in your own link to your business in a box but you’ll probably want to switch
out the intro video and you could say what you’ll learn maybe change up the
words a bit edit the the pop-up and connect your own email autoresponder
change this this these testimonials you’ll want to change also there’s a
Facebook plug-in I’ll show you how to edit the opt-in but first let me show
you what’s actually in the membership area or let’s opt-in let’s see if we
look opt-in and you could set up some email automation for this too and then
start sending people an email sequence so usually it’ll go to like the
membership access page and you can switch this up change the name you know
call it your own course change out the background if you want you don’t have to
do though and it would go to this signup page or
sign-in page but since I’m already logged in it’s just showing me the
membership area page where there’s different things different pages
sections and you can add different videos and affiliate links and then just
switch out content you would go to the membership area and open the editor for
each little section and here you can change out the videos and your Facebook
group link or your trial link and have a lot of fun with this don’t forget to
change out the total like settings here too so you can put a custom domain to it


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