FREE Funnel! “Resources Page” Clickfunnels Template for Affiliate Marketers

hey guys Rachel Leslie here so this
bundle is super cool it is my resources funnel I think this is a page that all
affiliate marketers should have to kind of store their stuff of course it’s good
to have spreadsheets to put your affiliate links and your login
information or wherever you keep things safe but having a nice display page like
this is cool because you can connect it to your website so I have a clickfunnels
affiliate link here convertkit quick magic UD me so different tools and you
can grab your affiliate links for these tools more vago funnel scripts is within
click funnels if you need help accessing any of these you can ask me but you
could just google them too well some of them have two tiers so you might want to
ask me some of these are pay-to-play but not all of them actually most of these I
think you can grab affiliate links for a lot of them are click funnels offers and
click funnels you can for my program you can get an affiliate link for and I have
other things so you guys can switch things out doesn’t have to be all these
softwares and it doesn’t have to be all these trainings or webinars or any books
at all it’s just kind of like this grid concept and then change the photo right
something else here something a little different at the bottom you can connect
your business in a box if you want or whatever lead magnet that you want it’s
real easy to edit you just click on the buttons and switch out your links I put
tracking links actually for mine so I can track how many clicks I get to the
links I use a click magic for that actually but you can also just put your
raw affiliate link in there and then change out the photo super easy right
here change out the name the metadata put your name put your own image save
it’s important to to go into the settings
edit the name and the domain connector domain and if you want to add any
tracking codes like a Facebook tracking code or Google tracking code


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