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Welcome to this video I’ll teach you passive income here Is it your first time here and wants to earn extra income online? Click on the subscribe button and the bell to get notified for new uploads Hi, guys It’s James again I’ll teach you how to do affiliate marketing What is affiliate marketing? Do you notice in Facebook there are posts about Lazada sales This is like reselling products from online shops Specifically, this video is about Lazada This is passive income because your link you can post it on websites, on Facebook, it’ll just be there 24/7 So, even if you’re outside or sleeping As long as they’re buying the product using your link you’re getting a commission Okay. So, I am not an expert here but I know how it works Let’s now go to Lazada to become an affiliate marketer This is Affiliate marketing where we will be selling or advertising products from Lazada There are lots of website doing affiliate marketing, not just Lazada but this video is for Lazada only Others are Amazon, just like those, Tube Buddy That’s in Youtube but they also have affiliate marketing There are many more not just this What’s going on here is they will let you advertise their products If it gets sold you’ll get commisions Each category is different for example, for sports and outdoors the commission is 6% Mobile and tablets, 4.5% So, it varies Just scroll it down and check In mobile applications it’s different but I don’t know it yet Let’s just go with browser commission I will put the link below if you want to sign up Just click that Then just fill this out They’ll just ask a few easy things there The additional information on your website just put there Youtube, Blogspot, and Facebook After registering, let’s go to our dashboard You’ll see the dashboard this is just simple Impressions mean how many times it was viewed or shown in the screen your link or advertisement How many times it was clicked Conversion and payout, it’s about how many times it was purchased The payout here has minimum $100 But don’t worry this is not a scam since this is Lazada They are well known Then So, there are two types of selling here But let’s go to offers first So, there are different type I’ll just show two of them Browse and search Then, browse by category Philippine offers Apply You’ll will now see all that you can use These are pictures and links Let’s try this Okay. So, This is- The picture is the one below But let’s go first with Facebook on what we can use for Facebook In Facebook, it can be active and passive The first thing to do is you will choose a product that you want to sell For example, this Cellphone, Samsung Galaxy What you’ll do is you’ll search for an item you’ll copy the one in the address bar copy that, then you’ll post it here click the “Add Deep Link” Remove Ad Source Then paste here- Check the “Generate Tiny URL” Then paste here the one you copied then click on the plus sign That’s your link now If they click this, copy it again Let’s show it, I’ll paste it here Everyone who will click that and everyone who’ll go there, will be routed to the page where you copied the link Everyone who will buy from that using the link you provided you’ll get a commission from them Let’s now do it on Facebook For example, you’ll post on your wall then your friends will be able to see it But of course, only a few will see it and not all of them wants it but first, put a picture The product that you will sell Look for a picture that you can use For example, this one That’s just an example, I’m selling a phone but the picture is different but that’s fine, it’s up to you You’ll just put your link here that you copied from here There you go Because everyone who’ll click on that you can get a commission if they buy Then just post it That’s one example You can see the picture If they’re interested, they’ll click on the link Then they’ll be routed to the page where you copied the link or the one you want to sell For example, Samsung Galaxy J2 If they buy that you’ll get a commission from that This is somehow active because it will disappear If ever you have- For example, If you still want it to be active For example, you can go to your groups For example, this one, Camanava Online Buy and Sell You can also post here Of course, there are more audience here you’ll just post your link then include a picture too Once you posted that, the ones who’ll see that, there’s also a chance that they buy it but this is also active because it gets superseded by other posts How will it become passive in Facebook? For example, you have a Facebook group, where you are the admin you can post here an item Okay. So, there, write something Include a picture again Put the link “This is nice” Then make it a pinned post. Pinned to top page Meaning This post will not be superseded it’ll always be on the top page If you have new viewers or every time your members go here, this is the first thing they’ll see If ever they liked it, they will buy one Okay, so, next one is blogspot Blogspot is free it’s free to register What’s nice here is it’s up and running 24/7 in the internet and it’s searchable in google What can you do in Blogspot? You can put your articles For example, I’m doing online jobs or I’m sharing online jobs Let’s try this For example, I have an article Like this, it’s my article There are lots who search for this kind of article You can put an advertisement below You can put one here For example, in the middle of that I can put a Lazada advertisement there What’s nice here in Blogger, You can use the link or also the picture Picture is better I’ll show you Let’s click on new post So, title Sample Okay. So, To put a clickable picture, using your link Go back to Lazada Offers Browse, search Category Philippine offers Apply Choose an offer that you want from there Okay, I’ll the one on the very bottom Clearance Sale Just click that Then, below scroll down These are pictures they’re on different sizes Let’s choose 200×200 It’s your choice on what size Once you see the picture, just highlight it Then copy Go back to your Blogspot In compose you might go the other way let’s compose Just paste it here You can put it in the center I’m just pressing the space bar If an error appears, like this just put fixed then publish it Let’s view what we did as sample So, there It’s appears right away because there’s nothing in there So, if they click that or they’re reading your article It can be an article you can sell the item in Lazada For example, eye glasses You can say for example, This eyeglass is nice I bought it from Lazada If they click on that They’ll be routed to your link If they buy anything from there, you’ll get a commission there That’s what nice there And what’s nice in Blogspot is it’s up and running 24/7 It’s searchable in Google You don’t need to do like what you do in Facebook It gets superseded Here it’s always up because this is just yours If they search that or you have visitors on your blog, What they’ll see are your texts or articles only Here in Blogger it’s not only picture that you can put You can also do just like what we did in Facebook earlier where we pasted a link, let’s paste it Then, just publish it There are different ways I’m just teaching you the simplest ways Read more Then, This can be clickable If they click on that they’ll be routed to the link But that’s a bit harder I’ll just teach you the easy one If they copy that then paste it here They’ll be routed to your link again If they buy this product you have a commission again If they buy this, you get commission Okay, so, that’s it for Blogger It’s free to register here I will leave a link below on where you can register So, that’s for free Okay. So, the third way that I’ll share with you is through Youtube So, here You can- For example, you bought eyeglasses from Lazada Then you’ll promote it you cn say this eyeglasses are really nice I’ve been using it for so long now It’s clear it doesn’t get dirty You can make a video upload it And in the description put your link or your Lazada link If they click on that or they copied and pasted it if ever they liked the eyeglasses since you said it’s nice If it got sold you have a share again One more thing that’s nice about Youtube It’s also up 24/7 It’s searchable in Youtube search and if they liked it, they will buy it Unlike in Facebook it gets superseded if you don’t have your own group it’s a bit harder to post every now and then It’s a bit tiring not unlike here in Youtube it’s there 24/7 In Blogspot it’s also 24/7 If there’s someone who read your article if someone watched your video they liked the product they’ll buy it So, that’s it What I did is just simple But there are many ways For example, you have your own website There are other ways of promoting products form Lazada But what I showed you are the simplest only So, Facebook, Youtube, and Blogspot Those are the 3 simplest and free that you can post your affiliate marketing to So, that’s it They’re giving you commission if your able to promote Lazada If you liked the video please click the like button If you want to see more videos like this subscribe to my channel and click the bell to get notified, thank you.


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