Free Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing

– In this video today, I’m gonna show you how you can get a ton of
traffic to your websites, or your affiliate marketing campaigns. My name’s Chris Mitty. Welcome to the video today. Stick around for the entire video because I’ve got some really excellent
information coming your way. If you wanna be successful with your affiliate market business, or any business for that fact. If it’s an online business
and you’re struggling to get traffic right now, you’re on a limited budget, then this video is for you 100 percent. I wanna talk about traffic generation for your online business. Any successful business needs to have traffic coming through front door and you need to be making conversions out of the other end, so
there two most important parts of any online business are
traffic and conversions. If you’re not able to master
both of these together then you’re basically not gonna
have a business whatsoever. Now I wanna help you
as much as I can today, because I wanna talk to you about free traffic generation methods. These are free traffic generation methods that I’m using every single day, specifically Quora. Now Quora is basically like
a questions and answers type community where
you can go on to Quora and you can ask any
questions that you want and the likelihood is within
a short period of time, someone will be there to answer that question that you’ve got. It doesn’t matter what niche it’s in. It can be in anything whatsoever. Doesn’t have to be with
regards to making money online. It can be to do with physical
products, digital products. It can be to do with health,
wealth, fitness, you name it, you know it’s gonna be on Quora. What I want you to do is
at the end of this video I want you to go on to the Quora platform. Maybe you’ve already been there before, but if you’ve been there, but you’re not actively using Quora, then you’re leaving money on the table. The reason I say that is
because I’m consistently using Quora to drive
100 percent free traffic to my affiliate campaigns,
to my blog, and I’m also using Quora to ask questions to the community as well
and to see how other people go about driving traffic to their campaigns and their websites. Now Quora’s a great platform
because it’s used by not only standard people who are not part of online business, but you know, that means that there’s
community waiting there to not only answer
questions and ask questions, but these are effectively
a hungry crowd that have a problem that they need answering in whatever niche it is
that they’ve got a query in. Now I work in the make money online niche. My blog is all about you know, how to start an online business, how to drive traffic,
how to drive conversions and understand the affiliate market model and any other types of online
business models out there. You can use Quora by one, either answering people’s questions out there and dropping in your links to drive traffic to your offsite landing pages, or you can even create content
on Quora for other people to consume and again, drop
your content in there. Now what I wanna make you
aware of with Quora is do not direct link to your affiliate, or through your affiliate
links when you’re posting on Quora because your
content’s gonna get taken down and you’re gonna have to spend some time putting this content
together and hosting it on the Quora platform. The last thing you want is
someone coming along from admin and taking it down and basically saying that you’re spamming the
network, because that’s not what we’re all about with online business. We want to be providing
value, we want to be providing access to good products,
not crappy products, because there’s a ton of them out there, but what you need to be
doing is if you wanna get started with a successful business, it doesn’t really matter
whether it’s an Amazon, FBA type business you’re running. You may even be running
a Shopify business. If it’s physical products you’re selling, or even affiliate marketing type products, then you can drive free traffic from Quora simply be asking
questions to other people, or answering questions that
people have already got it you know, whatever type of niche it is that you’re involved in. Now personally, I’m using Quora as I say, to drive traffic to one or
more different campaign types. It doesn’t really matter
what niche it’s in, I operate across a variety
of different niches, not just you know, those centered around my particular blog and this type of video I’m talking to you about today. So in order to get started with Quora, what you’ve got to do is go over to Quora, get yourself signed up for an account and then do a search on the marketplace across the different categories and you’re gonna be able to see examples of people using the Quora network and you’re gonna see examples of affiliate marketing in action. Where people are actively
answering questions, to people that have obviously got issues and they want to find a solution. You’re gonna see each of these answers that are provided back in response have got a ton of views below them. Some of them don’t have so many, some of them have a ton of views. Now it’s gonna take you
a little bit of time to build up your traffic over time, but if you’re posting you know, regularly on the Quora network, over a couple of weeks
your gonna be able to drive literally hundreds of
free visitors to your websites or campaigns. You’ve just gotta be mindful again, that you’re not spamming the network and you want to be seen
to be adding value. You may even want to do a few posts where you’re not providing any
links in there at all just to show you know, given that you’re a new member and things, but go on there, see exactly
how other people are doing it, and once you see a couple of examples, then you’re gonna be flying with this. You can go over to the click bank network if you’re doing affiliate marketing, you can pick a product, you can set up a landing page and then you can drive free traffic to either your landing page, which
is basically an opt-in, or to a pre-sell page which has more of a soft type opt-in submission form. So that’s Quora in a nutshell. You wanna be using free
traffic generation methods if you’re on a limited budget and you’re trying to drive traffic, because at the end of the day, it’s gonna be a case of time or money when it comes to driving traffic. If you’ve got plenty of money to spend then you can start doing
pay-per-click campaigns, mobile campaigns, Facebook, Google, Bing, but when you’re on a limited budget, you’re not gonna be able to go out and just drive traffic at
the click of a finger, you’re gonna have to
put in some hard work, it’s gonna require some time, but providing you’ve got good
content to offer to people and you can find good
free content out online, and you can rework that content and drop into a Quora response and just drop your links in. Maybe if you’ve got a YouTube video. I even use Quora for YouTube. I can respond to someone’s question and direct them to my YouTube video if I know I’ve already
produced a video that provides the answer to the question that they were asking in the first place. If you wanna get access to
a free affiliate marketing report I’ve got four free
videos which go between one and a half to two hours. It’s completely free. Click on the first link
in the description below and it’s gonna take you over to my blog. You’re gonna be able
to get access to that. You’re gonna also have
the opportunity to ask me any questions at all,
so click on that first link in the description and I will
see on the very next page. Have a great day. (gentle music)


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