Freezer Cooking Day & Large Family Freezer Meals Q&A! LIVE IN MY KITCHEN!

Are you there? Hello, hello, can you hear me? Is this thing on? Hello, hello. Hey Mama Jen, how you doin’? Ladies are coming. See, this might be our
Saturday night thing. First off, tell me, are
you guys hearing me okay? Let me know. It would be nice if you
could talk back to me, but I’ll wait to see in the chat here. Excuse me while I, yeah,
yes ma’am, yes, yes. Okay, okay, then, then I’m gonna keep. Look, I got the whiteboard,
picked out the whiteboard. We’re just ready to go. Hello, hello. You hear me fine. Good, okay, for extra fun. Oh now I got tons of people happening. Now I won’t be able to look at the thing. For extra fun, Mr. Travis has been out with a whole bunch of the kids. They’ve been doing late
night errands purposely, ’cause you see what happened is I was supposed to do this livestream like at 8:00 p.m. and so here we are now, oh, it’s 10:38 p.m., so they’re still hanging out. I’ve sent him a text message, but I don’t know, we might
end up with the whole family in the kitchen here in a few minutes. So hello, yes, yes, you
love this, great Kaley. I was thinking, well maybe we should do like a Saturday Night in
Jamerrill’s Kitchen mom chat. Now my chat disappeared. Where did you guys go? Yes, oh you love my shirt? Thank you, I like the shirt
too, got it at Walmart, of course, ’cause that’s
where I get all the things, but it kind of reminds me of, like, if you all can see it,
it’s a pretty shirt, but it also could be a
curtain from the ’70s, so it fits. We’re thankful, yay. So what I’m doing, you see what I’m doing. We’ve got some of the
freezer meal mess behind me. Zion was actually helping me. Not keto-friendly, no, sorry, the taco bake is not keto-friendly. I did do some meals, though, that would, that could possibly be keto
or Trim Healthy Mama friendly. I’m doing a real mix
of meals this go-round, and anyway okay. Jamerrill is not looking at this chat at this exact moment, guys. So anyway, we were boxing
up these freezer meals. Oh, okay, very funny,
yes, yes, okay, anyway. Jamerrill, focus, focus Jamerril. Blinders on, right. We were boxing up these freezer meals, and I told Zion to scooch
while I did this livestream. I want to give you guys a
rundown on what I did accomplish. so what I’m doing, if
you haven’t seen it yet, I actually came out with something. It’s pretty exciting. I came out with large
family freezer meal packs. They are packs, one, two, and three, and so this afternoon
and later this evening I’ve been doing, I’ve
been cooking pack two. So, and I’ll get better at this. I keep thinking of things I want to say and then I see a question. Is there a way to get to the chat? I don’t know honey, you should see it somewhere. There should be an option to see the chat. Someone in this chat
just asked what keto is. I am not the right person to answer that, but we, I got rambling
about the ketogenic diet. Man, you guys have to keep me on track. Okay, okay, so what I’ve
been doing this evening is I’ve been doing our
taco big freezer meal, chicken broccoli Alfredo freezer meal, tuna cakes, slow cooker meat loaves, you’ve been hearing about
those meat loaves for years, but they’re really good. You should try them. Garlic and lemon chicken,
ham and cheese bake, chicken teriyaki for the slow cooker, big beef stroganoff, baked
ziti, and Tater Tot casserole. A lot of these recipes are ones that I did during my postpartum freezer cooking time when I was having Benjamin, and these are the
recipes that are included in my large family freezer meal pack two, and so it’s like a variety. You get oven bakes, you
get slow cooker meals. The grocery lists, the
directions, all of that. So, so far, so far I’ve gotten five pans of the taco bake done. I got five dozen tuna cakes done. That will make about
four to five large meals for our family. I will also do like big salad vegetables, other sides with that. I think everyone in our
family loves tuna cakes. Not so, everyone’s not so
keen on the salmon cakes, but everyone does love tuna cakes. I like salmon cakes though. Let’s see where was I? Oh, got the three meat loaves done. Got the garlic and lemon chicken done. Got the chicken teriyaki done. So my components for the
other five oven meals are, they’re all done, sitting around me. Most of them are on
this side of my kitchen. Oh, can you all tell? Look, I don’t know if it shows up, but the kitchen, it’s a yellow now. Yay, we got painting done. Now I’m going to read a
few of these questions. Tuna cakes are
THM-friendly, you are right, they are, and so that’s why I say some of these meals would qualify. Salmon cakes are awesome. I love salmon cakes. How did the kids like
the trip that we took? Well, they loved it. We’re just all still
like we’re recovering. And then if you saw, ’cause,
you know when you travel, you get exhausted. My chat keeps disappearing. Oh you do see the yellow. Good deal. Once we got back from that trip, we were home less than a week, and then me and my mom and
Jadin and Zion and Benjamin, we all went to Nashville. If you guys watch the chan, there’s a channel called Blimey Cow. Lots of homeschoolers
know what Blimey Cow is. They have a conference every summer now called Blimey Con, and my teen boys have watched
them the last couple years. It’s kind of like they have
teenage homeschool comedy or a youth group comedy. We went down to their event and then Jadin ended up winning their film contest with one of his films. It was so cool. And I’m gonna focus here. Are you still, yes, we are still planning to possibly do an addition. (growls) Let’s see, how do you
keep the little ones busy when I make my freezer meals? From Family Roots Farm. Well earlier in the afternoon
when I was doing ’em, they were all outside with their daddy, so that takes care of a lot, and then he loaded them all out and took them out to Walmart. So that’s, that’s how we did that. Yes, I would love to do more
big van chitchat videos. And yes, the Blimey Con, Mama Jen. In the summer it was only like $25 for our whole family to go, and that included some of our meals. And it was for Jadin’s 18th birthday. Is the taco bake recipe on my website? It is. Let’s see if I can be, I don’t think I can be coordinated enough to actually drop you links in this chat. I will put links you all ask me for in the description of this
video once we’re done. So I’m gonna make myself a little note, whiteboard coming in handy again, so I’m gonna give you the
link for the taco bake that’s on the website. Excuse me, do I want more kids? Of course we always say we’ll take, we’ll take all the kids. I am loving the yellow in my kitchen. I should probably read these
questions before answering. Sorry. What hotel did we stay
at in Niagara Falls? Oh, the big question. Okay, so now we’re gonna
go from freezer cooking to, um, what that hotel was. And I was hoping, you
guys haven’t seen it. Pause on freezer cooking. Okay, we’re gonna hit pause
on the freezer cooking button. When we were in Niagara Falls, so I booked, I booked this
hotel like a month in advance, and there are so many hotels there and I haven’t been there in years. We’ve been before and stayed on the New
York and Canada side, but I forgot, like, just
which hotel to stay at, right. So there was a hotel and in its name it’s called Closest to the Falls and it’s a Howard Johnson. So I booked that one, because okay, they had breakfast, they had beautiful pictures
of their indoor pool, and their pool was lovely, and it was Closest to the Falls. But that doesn’t actually mean. I forget how they explained it to me, but they were not closest to the falls, and I probably should have, I should have read more reviews. And again, like, we
were safe, it was okay, it’s just, I was, it was
not a $35 a night hotel. Those rooms were like $219 a night. It was expensive, which
Niagara Falls can be. And I was just, I don’t know, expecting a bedspread without holes and like not mold, and
water in the roof tiles. So that’s my Niagara Falls rant. Your family loves the fruit bread recipe. I’m so glad. Do the freezer cooking packs
have all these recipes? Yes, freezer cooking meal pack two has all the recipes that I’m doing today, and I think I actually, I have, I’m going to put the link here for that because I was prepared, because I knew it’d be talking. There you go. That should be coming through, that link has all the packs. And have I ever tried
Christian Light curriculum? I haven’t tried Christian Light, but I’m pretty sure that that company is actually local to the part
of Virginia where we live. and I know families, lots of families, use them locally, because there’s like, we can go into their store. I have never been into their store, but again, I know moms online, like a lot of my friends are online, I know moms online who use
them and then local moms. How long will I be live for? I don’t know. I don’t have too much of a plan here. I have, I do have a list,
you know, I have a list, but we’re not we’re not even started yet. How are the dogs? What kind do we have? How are they contained so they don’t run away
on a large property? Okay, so, as far as the
dogs, our dogs are super. We have two Great Pyrenees. They’re almost two years. We got them basically brand new. I better, before this chat goes, how do we keep them contained? So they have a fenced-in, like a traditionally fenced-in yard, and then we have about seven acres with an underground fence. We don’t put them in the
underground fence area unless, like we’re outside with them. We haven’t had any issues with it, but still, I like for that
to be when we’re outside. Okay, safe back home. Yay, good deal, okay. You love sunlight. Do I have any gluten-free meals? I don’t hun, but one of
my very good friends who, she does a lot of online
work for me as well, and she’s been one of my
best friends in real life for many years. I think our boys are both 18 now. We have pictures from when our boys were like in diapers with sippy cups. You had to know all that. Anyway, her family is gluten-free, and her and I have talked
about maybe at some point doing some gluten-free freezer cooking because she’s really an expert on that. She feeds her whole family that way, so I would love to get her in my kitchen or me in her kitchen and
we could do some things. Do I have recipe instructions on my blog for the freezer meal videos? Yes, every recipe that I share, any freezer meal video I’ve ever done, all the recipes are on So, you’re gonna call it a night. Good night, Elisa. Okay, I better keep on going. I don’t want to lose you all. So I told you guys what I got done, and what I have left to do, and I’ve already told you. So we’ve done the freezer meal
packs one, two, and three. I just released those today. Got to tell you, my quick
little bundle thing. So they’re regularly
gonna be 14.99 a pack. With that you get, there’s
freezer cooking directions, there’s a batch cooking guide, there’s the grocery list
for every single recipe. When I did my Walmart grocery pickup order for what I’m cooking now, which is the pack number two. it took me less than 15
minutes to get the order in, and my total came to about $348, and that is for up to 40
or a little bit over meals that I’m gonna spread,
gonna fill my freezer, and then I’m gonna spread
those out four to eight weeks. And maybe I’ll be able
to circle back around to get back to my meal planning, with that, with ya, in a minute. So those are the packs. There’s also freezer cooking printables, all the directions, step-by-step, for all the recipes included in each pack. So they’re $14.99, but for the next two
weeks until August 28th they’re only $9.99, or the best value is
you can get the bundle where you get packs one, two, and three for only $20 bucks, only
for the next two weeks. Regularly, that would be
a little bit over $44, so that’s my little, hey
check out my bundles. You know those have taken
me months to get done. I’m going to quickly look at. I’ve been sharing on Insta Stories, and let me get you guys that link if you don’t already. You can watch me click
around on my computer, but not dig for recipes. Here is my Instagram link. If you don’t already follow
me on Instagram, please do. I have been sharing live
Insta Stories and pictures and little clips for the last
five hours or so on there. So if you’re not following me there, that’s a fun way to kind
of catch up more real time. But one of the things I’ve put up in my instant Stories, and we can count how many times I say um, is I just wanted to take some
freezer cooking questions. I thought we would chat about those. Let’s see here. Do I have any recipes, mini
meat loaves, in the mah? I’m not doing mini meat loaves this time. Are all my recipes for large families? Well, we’re a large family. I cook for our family of 10. All the kids schooled from home, my husband and I, we work from home. It’s 90 meals a month, and 60 plus snacks. So I manage a lot of food,
like a lot of mamas do. So the recipes that I put out and share, and that I do for my own
family, are on the larger side. Some of them would feed our
family just for one meal. I would need to do some heavy sides, like, you know, a big salad, and some other, maybe steamed vegetables, maybe a roll or some butter bread. You know, oh, oh my. And but there’d be no leftovers. And then some of the meals that I do, we may have some leftovers
for the next day for lunch. So even if a smaller
family does my recipes, it may, it may equal out to be, like, if it’s one nine by 13 pan, a nine by 13 pan will feed us with some side dish,
adding in side dishes, excuse me while I stutter, but for another family
that may leave leftovers. Let’s see, do, do, do, do, yay, I’m just. Excuse me for one moment
while I look at this chat. Do you think about painting the kitchen? Yes I did think about
painting my kitchen cabinets. And actually the painter, the company that I used, who they are good friends of ours also, he talked to me about
painting the cabinets. He just did his kitchen cabinets. And so I was gonna have it done, but really, if I wait a little longer, I might be able to cash flow. You know do our Dave Ramsey stuff, and have a fresh kitchen put in. I’m not sure yet, lots of things in the air with that. So I just thought I would do basic updates like get the interior painted, and I’m kind of holding out. So yes, we could paint cabinets, we could update countertops, but ideally I would like to
have this kitchen behind me. And then this little part, it’s like an eat-in kitchen
for a normal family, and I call it our sitting room. I would just like this room
to just be a big kitchen, with like a big island or
something in the middle, so that’s my little. Was your oven fixed? Yes, Travis fixed the oven,
thank you, Travis, yay. Okay, um, let me, okay, let’s see here. Questions I’m not getting to will give me good video ideas, and maybe I can do a Q and
A with some of those later. I’m going to, you’re gonna watch me now look at my phone, I’m gonna read you guys some questions I got
about freezer cooking. I haven’t even been
paying attention how long? Okay, there, I’ve got to
learn this whole Live thing, so 16 minutes, 25 seconds. Okay, here’s a good
comment about the recipes. Grace says, I love your recipes. It’s just me and my husband, but I love being able to pop two or three meals in the freezer. So that’s awesome. Someone else is asking
me if I’ve heard of keto. Yes I’ve heard of keto but
keto hasn’t heard of me, so how do you like that. (laughs) Okay, um, any suggestions on. See, now, here I am, this is so funny, I’m reading, I’m reading these questions. I’m reading this, we’re
gonna get me organized, but I like chatting with you guys. I need to look up and block. Oh, someone’s being nasty on here, okay. Let me learn how to do that. There is probably a way. Excuse me, and I’m sorry guys. If someone is being, is
heckling or something. I haven’t even learned
how to block people. So haters and people being rude,
you reported and thank you. I can’t figure out
quickly how to block him. I will need a moderator for live videos. Yeah, so happy people, we’re just going to keep on being happy, and maybe he’ll say something
else rude here in a minute, and I’ll catch him. How long will I stay on THM? I don’t know, we’ll see. I’ve lost eight pounds,
how do you like that. Yes, happy people, only happy people stay. If you see any haters
or anyone being rude, we’re just gonna keep on
with our happy selves. And I would like to have
someone help me be a moderator at some point, okay. I am going to look for these questions. You’re gonna watch me,
that’s all you’re doing. I’m sorry, you’re watching
me look through questions. Yay, yay, yay, where did they go? Let’s see, okay, get into the questions. Yeah, you block them, good job, okay. So one mom asked, I made a batch of pancakes with blueberries. How long can I keep it, in
reference to freezing it. So I would say you could
freeze your pancakes up to three months or so. If you’re smarter than I am you can put the parchment paper in
between each pancake, because one of the
questions I got on here, everyone wanted to know
Jamerrill, what is your, I probably had 10 people asked me what is my, what is my
biggest freezer cooking fail. And I’ll tell you this is hilarious, because we could pull it up in the videos, but, so I’ve made pancakes
for years no problem. I’ve froze ’em, no problem. I put ’em in the gallon bags,
I freeze ’em no big deal. So then in this video, it’s like Murphy’s Law for
Jamerrill sayin’ something. Murphy’s Law is, I’m sorry, just read a question about
freezer cooking sandwiches. Murphy’s Law for
Jamerrill sayin’ something is the next, I said to
you all in this video. Hey, so you get to watch me stutter live. Don’t worry about doing
the parchment paper. I’ve never done it, it’s no big deal. It’s not necessary, I
said that, I recorded it. Those pancakes all
stuck together. (laughs) It just, it just did not work. So now, okay, humble Jamerrill puts layers of parchment
paper in between the pancakes. So another question from
Slay This Debt says, how long are the freezer
sandwiches good for? We honestly, I mean we don’t
even keep them around a month, so I say most things are
good up to three months. You know there are things you can freeze longer for that, but when we make sandwiches, I just know we’re gonna
rip through them, so. Yes, another lady is saying for pancakes to freeze them on a large jelly roll pan and put parchment paper
between each layer. That’s smart. How much do I spend a month on? Oh shoot, let’s see I want to go back. Go back, go back, okay. How much do you spend a month on things such as tin foil,
gallon bags, parchment paper. I just buy it in bulk. You can see, I’ve got, let’s see. It’s hard to have stretched
my arm and watch it stretch. So the big things of, part of that’s plastic wrap and foil, and then I have some parchment paper. I don’t buy it every month. I honestly think, like, last summer I bought a
bunch of parchment paper. I believe this may be my last one, because one of the kids
got this down for me today when we were flash freezing tuna cakes. And anyway. Okay, we’re just gonna have to
do a homeschool Q and A also, I tell you, okay. So we go back to Instagram. Okay, so Another Mom asked, do you find the taco shells
get soggy in our taco bakes, or how well do they hold up? So for the taco bakes I did tonight, and I did five of them. I did a layer of taco
shells, a layer of the meat, excuse me, live Jamerrill drinking water. Okay, layer of the meat,
layer of sour cream, layer of cheese, layer of taco shells, so yeah, they’re not crispy in the bake. But it doesn’t taste like soggy wet bread, it goes because everything
has the taco flavor. But after I bake it, I do not put taco shells on the very top. It ends with cheese, the
line ends with cheese. Then I bake them, and
the day that I serve them I will put fresh like crunchy
crunched-up taco shells or you can do tortilla chips, and there’s so many
ways you could serve it, so there’s still the crispy factor whenever I serve it
with those fresh shells. So did I lose my chat stream there? Okay, all right. So another lady asked, one time I froze leftover baked potatoes and the texture was gritty when reheated. Any clue why? So potatoes are tricky. The only way that you
can really do potatoes, only way I’ve been able to do it, is I did potatoes like. I’m, it’s like after 11:00 p.m. now, so where where is my Jamerrill brain? Mashed potatoes. Yes, mashed potatoes, but I used cream cheese
within it and butter, and so that just really
helped keep the texture whenever I reheated them. I’ve also done potatoes when I’ve done a shepherd’s
pie, really cottage pies, I know, big, big, scandal, because I called it shepherd’s pie, but I’ve done potatoes in there,
and again they’re layered, so with a lot of cream
cheese, or if they’re layered. Actual baked potatoes, I don’t think that
those would freeze well. I need some ear buds. Yes, let’s see here, and then another lady is saying, another friend is saying, that she loved the
grilled cheese sandwiches. That’s awesome, yay. Yeah, I’m sorry, this is a late night, late night mom party in
the kitchen I tell you. Okay, another mom asks, I’ll only do like just a couple of these and I’ll try to do a few more from chat, and we’ll try not to
be a 23 minutes, okay. I obviously don’t have a
problem chattin’ up live. Okay, another mom asked, why do you have so many freezer meals? Is there a busy time coming up? Yeah, just all of life
is busy, all the time. So we just got back from our big trip. We have been working on eating down and cleaning out our freezers, so we’re going to be
starting school up officially in a few weeks and then homeschool groups, plural homeschool groups are starting. We have, I know, I have a
trip coming up at some point for like four or five days that a few kids are going on with me, and a few kids are staying home. And then in September,
we just have a lot going. We’re just, we’re a regular family. There’s a lot of us, and so just like you’re a regular family, maybe a lot maybe medium-sized, who knows, but we just need food all the time, so if my freezer is full. This is what I need to
probably do a whole video on, how I’ve been meal planning
with these, nine boys, yay, how I’ve been meal planning with these. So there’s a misconception
that when I do like 30 or 40, or sometimes I’ll have like
80 or a 100 freezer meals, and when it’s more like 80 and 100, we’re also like doing a
lot of breakfast meals and snacks and other things. There’s a misconception that
all we eat is freezer meals. Now, we utilize these
freezer meals, we love them, but we also have days where we’ll be, like, smoothie for breakfast, I don’t know, eat out for
lunch, grill for dinner. It’s nothing from the freezer at all. And then we have days, now live of Jamerrill scratchin’ her eye, then we have days where we’ve
been to the lake all day, we’ve been gone like eight or nine hours, and I know I don’t have
to think about dinner when we get home because
I have a freezer meal already set out in the
frigerator ready to go, or I could just tell Travis, hey, pop that in the oven
for us so it’s ready. So it may be hard to, it may be hard to grasp the fact that we could actually go
through that many freezer meals, but if you think about, you know, how many meals are in
a 2 1/2 month period, and if we have 40 meals
sprinkled throughout, there will end up being, you know, two to three nights in any given week that I’m very thankful
for my freezer meals. And then when it’s crazy busy time, there might be four nights I’m really thankful for my freezer meals. So anyway, so the nice thing
is I know if my freezer’s full it gives me the peace of mind that either those meals
will be here to help us or I can use an energy
burst and do something totally different, like an
Instant Pot meal or or whatever. Whatever it may be, okay. (humming) Another mom asked, what are the best bags
for storing freezer meals? Any specific brand? I don’t have. I think it’s just the
Ziplock bag in particular. Another mom asked, how long does it take to fully plan out for your
freezer cooking day in a weekend? Whenever I do my freezer meals, like the videos that you guys have seen over these last several years, the planning part can take quite a bit. It can take me several hours. I do it, I would do it
for my family anyway, so that’s why it’s great to
also share it on YouTube, but that’s where putting the work into doing all of these large
family freezer meal packs has come into play, because since the recipes are there we’ve been able to put the brainpower into actually, like,
making the grocery lists, making the plan. I had a batch cooking guide
I used today for these meals, so it already said, you know, cook nine pounds of ground
beef, cook 10 pounds of chicken. And then I knew the rest of my raw chicken was for other freezer meals, for other like slow cooker freezer meals, so I just had it all laid out. And I think, now of course, I’m
stopping to chat on YouTube, for what may end up feeling like an hour, and I’ve been doing Insta
Stories and stuff all day, but start to finish, these
40 meals are gonna take me about 6 1/2 or so hours once I’m done. Okay, let’s see here. Okay, another mom asked
what, where did I get the green thing that are
holding the bags open? So you see these? These I got on Amazon, and
they’re baggie holders, and I don’t have a baggie
here in front of me, but whenever I do those like
slow cooker freezer meals, and sometimes I’ll add little
extra clips, I use these. And so I’ll have a link
in the description. I can’t dig for it on Amazon right now. You can also, trying to
think what you would say, maybe if you just Google the search terms, like plastic, yeah, plastic,
here I can wear this as a hat, how do you like that, Jamerrill’s
brain is slowly fading, plastic slow cooker bag
holders or something. (humming) Do I keep my most-used
recipes in a binder? Yes, I have a binder, and I have a family
favorites recipe binder, and I have a notebook that I keep things, and I keep things on my phone. Okay. Do I ever end up throwing food away? We don’t, we eat it at some point. If we don’t know, whenever I
had my last baby last summer, we ate the meals like
constantly for several weeks. For several weeks, after you
know, mama wasn’t moving, Travis was busy helping me, you know, we were just like new baby mode. Everybody knows new baby mode. But now we may not eat all these meals, as I’ve already explained,
night after night after night. Or then again, we may, but
they’re good for several months. So at some point we will get to them. And then we’ll have our
time, like a week or two, where it’s like, okay let’s just eat up everything that’s in these freezers. Another mom asked, and I will stop on Instagram with this one okay, we’re gonna put
the phone down and stop. Is it better to double your dinners, or have a whole day and
just cook cookbook and why? So I think it really just depends on how your life is set up. We have, I have many days where
because I have freezer meals I can just continue to, and of course, we’re out of our school routine right now, but all those days we do
school with freezer meals. And food prepped, ready-to-go, that means instead of
getting in the kitchen and cooking a meal, or doubling, doing a double meal, I can do read alouds with
the kids for an extra hour. It saves me time at some other
point in our homeschool day if I have that food
prepped and ready-to-go. So that is how I got into it years ago. That’s why I still love it to this day, as I itch my nose, is that it saves me time. I can give one day, that
you know, what one day is, one day out of 30, but
it saves me, you know, an hour a day all. Saves me 30 hours. So one Saturday could
save 30 hours of work. At least that’s how it is in my world. Now, we’re all set up
with different schedules and different things that we are juggling, so for me, it is easier for
me to give a dedicated day. Okay, I’m putting the phone
down like I said I would. Yay, okay oh, someone’s
getting up at 5:00 a.m. Nobody has time to cook three times a day. I hear ya, I hear ya, okay. Oh, there must be a whole
lot of big questions in here. Do you have any tips on how to get kids to try fruits and vegetables? We just buy a lot of fruits and vegetables and have them available, and if there’s not a lot
of other snacks available, they’ll eat fruits and vegetables. Yay. You’re not, okay, oh you’re
not able to see the feed? It should be, do it. Do you get any bears in the woods? Yes, that’s why we’ve
got two Great Pyrenees. They come nowhere near,
though, since we got the dogs. Okay, I think this is actually it, guys. What else was I going, oh
I know what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna post a link here. I have, ya get to watch
me use my computer again. Be nice, be quick, internet,
be quick, internet. I have a new post up that shares the best freezer cooking methods
to fill your freezer fast, I’m going to leave that
here, right here for you, and that I go through like
five or six different ways I have done freezer cooking,
and lots of tips with that. Okay, one more question. My question is when your kids were little, seven and under, what
freezer meals have worked? Seems like my kids are not ready to eat all the foods I make. I heard that. Way back when I was still
working as a nurse full-time and Travis was home with a six-year old, a three-year old, a one-year old, and I would be gone though
most of the weekend, you know, working up to 40 hours
in those two or three days, you know what nursing schedules can be. That would have, that was
very helpful for my husband either to have freezer meals or to have some sort of big
batch like weekend meal ready, even though the kids weren’t
necessarily eating so much, that we would eat it over a couple days, and then I didn’t have to cook. Okay your freezer meals have helped. You missed out most the live chat. Yeah, so we’ll learn, I need
to learn how to interact well with the live chat
while you guys are here. But I’m glad that we did this. Thank you all for coming out late and hanging out with me in my kitchen. 33 minutes, hoo. I thought I wouldn’t get
through five minutes. that just proves I can run my mouth. So I’m now going to finish
up this freezer cooking in Jesus’ mighty name, and I’m going to, yes, I do have a list of all my favorite freezer cooking products. Check out this description
here in a few minutes and I’ll link you guys up. I don’t know how else to
properly end this stream, but I’m gonna just hit end stream, and I’ll see you guys real soon with another brand new video. Okay, bye, bye.


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