From seasonal job to Amazon leader

The one thing that I
was really worried about when I got out of the Army
was whether or not I could make it
outside of the Army. When I first started with
Amazon, I started as a temp. It was Peak 2004,
its busiest time of the year. And this is where
fulfilling the order starts. This is where we
store the inventory, and we start
picking it from here. One of the things that I saw
right from the beginning was this focus on delivering
for the customer and trying to do it in
an innovative way that nobody had ever done before. I started to think, maybe this
is what I should do long term. We’re just bringing stuff
off the truck now here and it gets loaded up for
the associate to be able to place it into a tote and then
take it off into the conveyors. I’m responsible for ensuring
that customer fulfillment the packages get out on time. I have multiple facilities
across the U.S. that I’m responsible for. You know, I’ve been here
for 13 years, and there’s a sense of satisfaction
knowing that you’re having an impact
on people’s lives. It’s something that will
keep me going for a long time.

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