Frugal Girl Decorates Mobile Home Outdoors For Free

everyone it’s a cold day in December and
today we’re going to decorate the outside of our homes it’s so simple and
easy to decorate the outside of your home and you can do it for free maybe
you don’t have really old pine trees and things like I do but you can always go
along the fence rows and places along the road and find all kinds of things
that you can use for your holiday decorating so let’s get started in
today’s video I’m going to share with you how I decorate every single year for
the holiday season what I like to do is I like to take branches in different
areas of the trees that way you don’t see you don’t see any holes in your
trees so I will strategically cut different branches from all over this is
so much fun and there’s a view of snow flurries that are flying so we better
get started because there might be some snow tonight this basket isn’t all that I need in
fact I got to get a wheelbarrow because we’re gonna have a wheelbarrow full of
different kinds of branches that we can use to decorate get out and I’m going to show you where
I get most of my greenery because it’s out of place where I have a lot of it
and it doesn’t matter how much of it I take so let’s get down to where I really
get all of my greens all right and this is where I get most of my greenery it’s
at the very end of my property and this is the kind of greenery I love it smells
so good so we’re gonna go ahead and get the rest of it and now we’re at the pine tree just get
a couple of them before it’s complete now let’s get back on the deck and start
making a beautiful Christmas decoration hey daddy Constance is done that is what
I call be a Christian Christmas we are now it’s time to do some decorating in a
matter of minutes I can turn this old planter into something festive for the
holidays looks like we need some more greens well everyone I got pine branches in my
hair I have it in my clothing I have it everywhere so I’m gonna share with you
one last thing I’m working on outside and then this would be the ending of
this video but wait but wait a second then tomorrow’s video is going to be a
full tour of a 1963 double-wide I think you’re going to be really surprised at
my Christmas this year I’m going to share with you inside and out a full
look of how you can have a Christmas for barely any money in fact my whole
Christmas this year I spent $5.00 so I can’t wait to show you tomorrow’s video
the full tour of our 1963 double-wide Christmas
but first let’s finish this planter with the magic of the camera this only took
about 15 minutes but in reality this took me all day long and nothing is seen in this video with
store-bought everything was free that I found along our property I’ll write until tomorrow hey how about
giving me that thumbs up that thumbs look is priceless take care everyone see
you guys tomorrow bye and some wild rose hips perfect perfect thank you so much
I’ll take it


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