Fuego Breakout Review + Instagram Influencers For Affiliate Marketers

hey what’s up what’s up this is Sherisse the AfroPunk entrepreneur coming at you with yet another product review so it’s been a little while I’ve been kind of doing some stuff underground but today I’m back and we’re going to be doing a review of a product called the fuego breakout so I’m gonna show you the membership area sales page I got some really awesome bonuses so let’s just hop right in so first of all two hundred dollars per day on autopilot this is a this is only this is one kind of something a little bit disappointed about this this isn’t actually to me a real headline with a real kind of what is toned like the course is basically going to be on Instagram Pinterest Instagram influencers so if you don’t have an Instagram account and you don’t have an interest in anything Instagram related than this course is not for you but if you are an affiliate marketer or trying to make money online and you want to use another traffic source that is Instagram shoutouts and this is good for you so I’m going to ignore this this this kind of headline that I don’t really think as a headline but that’s my only kind of issue with the course new methods 100 percent newbie friendly with no websites from tech you still have 25 minutes all this stuff is a little bit on the high P side but it’s all also very it’s also can be done and it is being done by the guys who create this course so first of all the first thing I have to say is this video here I’m just gonna I’m gonna hit play and I’m gonna let you guys just see a little bit of this it’s ridiculous I mean these guys are like Brendon and Joe no live great lifestyle they make money so they’re able to I it appears that they hired actresses to play their kind of their counterparts so this is Joe no and then then a couple minutes Brendan’s gonna show up and they have these random women with them it’s it’s really it’s really kind of funny anyway so watch the video but I think this is like 9 minutes long they did a really awesome sales video but this is really funny and anyway they’re just kind of having a little bit of fun here so definitely watch that when you get a chance anyway so that’s enough of that go through the sales page your own in your own time between these results are on Joe knows and Brendan’s those guys make some serious money online so they know what they’re doing but with that said the sales page is nothing necessarily incredible it’s a good sales page so just go ahead and have a look it’s the floyd glow breakout and below those and all this other stuff so let’s just hop right into this so this is the membership areas here and before we do that i’m actually just gonna go ahead and show you some bonuses because I know you guys gonna shop and this is this is what I’m good what I’m gonna do so the first bonus I want to give you is I have to find the best influencers and I’m gonna give you a copy and paste like some of the best hashtags that you can use for make money online I also give you some bonus hashtags that you can use to for travelling issues and things like things like that basically all you have to do is copy those hashtags if you’re on an iPhone like me you can basically take all those hot hashtags and put them in your text replacement function so there’s a whole bunch of hashtags that I’ve been using for a while that I’ve been researching that are really good for making money online and for travel and digital Nomad stuff so I’m going to show you how to find the best influencers a couple sites that you can use a couple different ways to search Google and that’s a little bit more in depth than what Joanna gives you so that’s gonna be very helpful for you guys to be able to implement this method along with what Joanna is teaching you the second bonus I’m gonna give you is how to basically build your list for free using basically what I’m doing using YouTube and I want to show you kind of a little tweak that I use to my Thank You pages that is really able to increase my overall conversions for any offers that I promote bonus number three you can obviously promote jvzoo warrior plus those low ticket items using this kind of method may walk may not work well with very high ticket stuff but medium ticket things like in the hundreds or something like that would work just fine so you there’s a little bit list of higher ticket programs that you can promote using this method get some bigger commissions my course came out about six weeks ago called ranking Rockstar renegade it’s a YouTube ranking course and SEO and all this other stuff so I’m gonna give you one module for free and it’s actually one of the modules where I show you how to how I’m building my links number five is one of my favorite bonuses to giveaway I’m going to show you how I’ve been able to rank my blog posts and videos on Google within an hour to number one and also if you just want to double check that I am a legit SEO if we search for SEO glossary 2018 you’ll find that I’m like I think I’m the third or fourth result on page number one just so you know that I know what I’m doing and then the last one is a Facebook algorithm hack that I discovered by accident just because I want to be fun anyway those are bonuses so this is the membership area so the course is taught by my friend Jonah over here who’s been sporting some new some new funky glasses so he’s basically gonna give you the introduction and overview they’re gonna give you a way to sign up to their webinar we’re with him and Brendan will kind of show you some ways to some ways that they they both earn I mean they both earn well above $10,000 a month but both earn well above $10,000 a month but this is a program that Brendan has that he’ll be able to kind of teach you but that’s in addition to this course that’s something separate so that’s what basically Joan was talking about in this video and how to register for their live webinar the Fuego toolkit is going to be things that you’ll need to make this method worth in the least you’re gonna need something like a way to create landing pages so he’s gonna show you two different ways he’s going to show you a paid tool called leadpages which is an alternative to click funnels I do not like be pages I prefer click funnels and I prefer a thrive Cart I’m sorry I thrive and architect builder and he’s going to show you how to do that so you have the option to do leadpages or to make a wordpress site he’s going to show you how to do that he’s gonna also let you know that you need I get excuse me tools of the trade like get response and an autoresponder whatever you may have so that’s the necessary tools of the trade again I’m not sure why he’s a fan of leadpages but considering that this is made through four funnels but anyway so that’s that sofe way go reconnaissance they kind of had this whole like James Bond thing kind of going on but the different sections are this so planning for profits is how are you going to find appropriate offer he’s gonna show you what his process through going through like warrior plus and trying to figure out which crop what product is gonna be the best for you to use this Instagram influencer method because not all products are going to be good for traffic that’s kind of not completely frozen cold but it’s it’s you’ll see you’ll see in the video he’s got it a little process that he shows you that’ll help you find things that are some of the offers that are better and in addition to like I said mountain my bonuses I have a sheet of different things that you can also promote using this method there are a little bit more expensive and higher ticket than some of these under ten to twenty dollar warrior plus products which will only generate you five to ten dollar in commissions so that’s that so flava pages this section here the first section he’s going to show you how to use do create a page using leadpages and then the second video is a free option it’s basically gonna let you do the st. he’s gonna show you how to create the same page using excuse me WordPress and a plug-in called thrive which he shows you how to get it for really cheap I also use thrive I use click files as well though so okay the secret sauce this is all the good stuff this stuff is kind of advanced actually I know they say it’s supposed to be newbie friendly and it can be if you learn but they’re talking about basically getting free getting traffic using Instagram influencers and then pick something those people pixel means like let’s do a little cookie means I come to your website you ever wonder why you go to a website and then like sometimes the next day you’re on Facebook and then an ad for that place that you were shows up on your timeline that’s basically what he’s talking about so he’s going to be showing you how to this whole section here is like basically finding your you’re sorry your your product and then getting pixels and all this other stuff and starting your bullet it’s hurting the bullets it’s just really killing me setting up your autoresponder so he’s gonna show you how to set up an email series that will convert for you you kind of showing you his system how he does his you know his subject lines you know his headlines where he finds his headline ideas it’s actually a pretty cool section and let’s see the traffic surge is talking about actually how to find an influencer and like I said he’s going to give you a pretty good run down with my bonus I actually take things a step or two further so I show you some other places where you can search for influences and how to check their metrics how to find a good influencer versus a bad flu answer and a couple other little things that I’ve put together for you guys so so that section in combination with my bonus Ruby and be helpful so freak-outs which section of mine okay Waco taser is he’s gonna show you how to create a an ad that you’re going to be using for Google Adwords he’s really he’s become really really good at using Google Adwords I’m kind of just now scratching the surface but he’s able to build get massive sales by retargeting people so Sue’s me he’s gonna show you how to create a visual ad that she’ll that will be running on Google AdWords here’s the thing though and this is something that I that bothers me just a little bit and I think I saw other reviewers mention the same thing – Jonah has a lot of money to put a lot of money into Google AdWords so and I think he’s able to get his ads approved if he probably has one person that he’s dealing with that helps and gets his ads approved or kind of helps him work with his ads so that they get approved because I’ve tried using the method of like how to create these ads and like little things I just need you to know that he does not mention in this video is when you create these these little images and you create landing pages for Adwords there are a lot of rules you need to have disclaimers you need to have a privacy policy at the bottom of your landing page so you can’t just necessarily slap together a squeeze page like he’s doing which is not you know it’s not – it’s not a crappy page but I’m saying you need to have disclaimers up the bottom your earnings to earnings disclaimer Terms of Service and a privacy policy at the bottom of every landing page you will ever create for Adwords so I’m not gonna make that as a bonus I’m just gonna tell you that that’s what’s missing from the course is gonna give you this whole section he’s gonna show you how to create these really nifty in nice-looking ads and landing pages but he does not tell you that you will not ever get an ad approved if you don’t have disclaimers sermoning the slammer privacy policy terms of services do not forget to do those three things so that section he’s really good at creating these adding and canva just remember to always include those types of things on any landing pages so becoming a full foot wet agent is basically him just kind of wrapping up the whole the whole course in one so it’s not a super long course but it’s a decent course and it’s and it’s really rare that and they make money online niche that people are using influencers people you use them for e-commerce all the time Shopify stores when you’re selling you know t-shirts and things like that it’s very easy to find you know if you have a fitness store find someone who’s an influencer in fitness but for making money online you have to go to these like motivational slide to make money online type of instant Instagram accounts and it takes a little bit more time to find those so Joanna does a pretty good job of showing you how to get that done in addition to with my bonuses so let’s let’s let’s talk into pricing so the price begins at 1295 like Brendon typically does it’s going to be on a dime Sol which means the price kind of continuously goes up over a period of time over a period of the whole launch excuse me every every handful of perch inches but so that makes you want to you know if you want to get it your best chances of getting it like the first day or two before the price goes up so the front is 1295 the first upgrade Brenden pretty much does a very similar funnel all the time and it’s funnel converge for a very good reason so the upgrade number one is done for you that’s one that I’ve literally I don’t I don’t know exactly what they mean by Odin for use I never tell people to get this one because I don’t know exactly what that means but the OTO number two again if you happen to have $197 just again if you happen to have $197 just laying around this is probably the one of the few OTO is I would say get and here’s why these guys make a lot of money because they’re able to like Jonah hasn’t learned how to master retargeting ads and AdWords so and he’s able to do this by having a pixel on on various pages so imagine when Brendan mace or Joe Neal Armstrong launches a course they’re gonna you could be gonna be able to take your Facebook pixel and put it on their sales piece that means all the traffic that they get to their pages without you having to do anything your is gonna be activated with your pixel so it basically a way to siphon some of their traffic onto your stuff but you have to learn how to retarget to be able to make that work so that’s limiting list traffic that’s 197 there is no down sell for that bonus sorry OTO number three is 52 week coaching which is going to be 67 dollars a month or 37 dollars a month after a 14 day trial again that’s one if you wanna if you want to get the group coaching you can but I really do two of it I recommend the most is also it’s this one it’s kind of expensive but it’s it’s it’s worth it coaching is great Brendon enjoyed a boost a very busy though so I don’t know what that schedule is like lifetime campaigns again I don’t know this is necessarily one that you that you need but anything that’s done by them already because they outsource like crazy is to your benefit because you’ll be able to benefit from whatever they’re the things that they do so that’s excuse me what’d I just say 67 sorry 97 with a down sell of 47 which what am i doing sorry brain my brain is it’s just not working today anyway so lifetime campaigns is over to number four so to number five is the $97 license right so basically the $97 license right so basically instead of getting 50% Commission’s throughout this whole funnel if you’re an affiliate you get 100% Commission switches again a good method if you have the extra money but if you don’t I would say just start with the course with the regular with the front end for 1295 and take it from there and take some action so let us so before we end I just want to wrap up again with the bonuses so I’m gonna give you some hacks to find the best influencers I’m gonna give you a whole bunch of hashtags that work really well for making money online and also going to throw in some bonus hashtags that in the travel niche because I have a couple of travel accounts that the hashtags that work for soon to get the best engagement so you’re gonna be able to just grab those copy and paste them to wherever you have you can put them in your phone and use those for your Instagram promotions I’m gonna show you how to build a list using free traffic and increase your affiliate commissions I’m going to show you some high ticket affiliate programs gonna give you a free module in my course I’m gonna show you how to rank some stuff and I’m gonna show you how a pretty cool Facebook algorithm heck so what else do I need to cover anything else I think that’s it my first review in a while so I’m just getting the brain getting the brain turning again so anyway sorry for the rambling in this video and for the exploded brain cells but I hope you guyshave enjoyed this review of the fuegobreakout if you did drop me a like drop me a comment to let me know if you’re a new sub if you have if I’m sorry if you had new sub just comment I’ve subbed below and I’ll write you back and if you let me know if you have any questions or concerns in the comments section subscribe and have a great day and awesome make keep pressing and talk to you guys soon peace


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