Hey guys, so today’s video is a full face of makeup from Target I’ve been wanting to do another full face of drugstore makeup But I thought I would switch things up and do makeup that. You can only find at Target Well, you can find some of these brands at several other places Not just that Target, but for example the brand well people that’s specific to Target And actually this isn’t a drugstore price, but you know It’s like with all the other drugstore stuff, so It counts but even though you can find some of these products and other places you can find all of these things at Target And some of these are like Target exclusives and I thought it would be a fun idea to just do a full face of makeup Found at Target. I’m using a ton of drugstore products I have some makeup geek stuff here and the majority of these things aren’t products that I really really stand by and that I love So much and then a couple of these other things I’m trying out for the first time So yeah, if you want to see how to get this look Then just keep watching. Ok. So I usually do my eyes first and I have a feeling I should do my eyes first, but well I’m gonna go ahead and start off with my face makeup. Why not and to prime the skin I’m gonna use my NYX hydro touch oil primer. This primer is really similar to the smashbox oil primer It actually comes in like the same type of packaging and it’s pretty much identical So i’m just gonna add a little bit of that or maybe not a little bit i’m gonna add a lot a bit of that Because I have very dry skin If you have oily skin, I would just use a little bit of this or maybe go with a different primer Actually, I would love to know do any of you out there use this primer and have oily skin I’d love to know if you actually enjoy it or if it makes you too greasy, but I love it. I swear Every time I see my face with this shine I get excited She never looks like this. I wish I had oil II skin and I know all of you out there like oh No, you don’t wish that trust me I wish that you guys have oily skin aged better a lot more gracefully not so many wrinkles. I’m jealous for foundation I’m going in with one of my favorite foundations from the drugstore I would say this is like top 5 for me at the drugstore. It’s amazing. This is the l’oreal infallible Foundation and i’m in this shade vanilla. I love that this foundation gives you really good coverage, but also Manages to look natural on the skin. It just always looks so skin like But it lasts forever and I’m applying that with my 8 cosmetics number 77 brush This is like an Ulta exclusive I believe so sorry about that Target brush it really is long wearing super comfortable and I love it. I love this foundation Okay, so as you can see this foundation, especially with this primer I have never tried out this combo before and I really really like it My face looks a little bit dewier than it normally does because this foundation on its own it gives me like a nice natural satin Finish and now I’m kind of doing and I’m living for it I just absolutely love how this wears and I highly recommend it for a concealer though I’m using something I have never used before I’ve actually never used this brand and I got a couple things from this brand because it’s only sold at Target I think I think but this is from the brand well people and I’ve seen it at Target several times But was just never interested in it until I decided to do this video, so I thought why not? That’s my foundation do dark Anyway, this is the bio correct multi-action concealer. It’s a high impact mousse formula I usually don’t like it the most formula but most powered by organic botanicals Caffeine deep puffs. Oh, it has caffeine. I’m a psychic. I’m excited and bio peptide complex firms Okay. Okay, the pomegranate brightens aloe soothes shea hydrates. I love aloe Oh my gosh, I’m so excited. Okay, so I usually don’t like concealers I come in like these little squeezy tubes But I’m just gonna put some on the back of my hand and then like go in like that I’m also gonna take this on my eye to use as a primer So I’m just gonna tap that with my finger and then I’ll go over it with a brush in a second I just wanted to use the warmth of my fingers to really tap it on since it said I had like a mousse formula I wanted it to like melt into the skin butter Okay, and then I’m just gonna take my Tarte angled brush also not sold at Target I mean, I know I have a dewy base underneath but that concealer is pretty dewy ready my under eyes look so refreshed and hydrated Moist why are my eyes watering? Do not start sneezing Kathleen? This is not the time Okay, I’m just gonna take some of my brush and go on my nose of it too between my brows I have my little birthmark Here and then it’s um on my chin and I’m gonna take some more And just see if I can add more coverage and how it builds So because this is a do we or concealer, which I’m not mad at it. I really like that especially the older I get But I definitely have to set this down And of course that’s gonna kill the do but I feel like this concealer is gonna crease pretty badly So I want to make sure I said it like right now I’m gonna take my Maybelline loose fit me powder one of my veins And I’m gonna look up and set that down also set my eyelid. Oh my gosh. I think I really really like that concealer I feel like it gave me full coverage and it looks really natural Okay. Oh my god Super cute Brady Kathleen, I’m gonna go fix this Although I am loving my base right now and it doesn’t even feel too tacky and all I did was set underneath the eyes But this foundation just sets so nicely that even with the oil primer underneath. I don’t feel too sticky and I look so natural I love it. But I feel like everything is super covered. I’m into it. I’m into this a lot I’m gonna continue to use this because I Think I love it. Okay, so I’m actually gonna just go ahead and start on my eyes now I wanted to buy a few makeup geek products from Target because they are now sold at Target and I think that’s amazing I’m so happy for you Marlena I feel like a lot of people don’t really use makeup eeeek that much anymore and I’m guilty of that and they’re so Amazing and still such an affordable brand and their formulas are really nice So I wanted to pick up a couple of makeup geek things and I picked up this eyeshadow at Target This is the summer surprise eyeshadow palette and you get four shades you get shimma shimma summer Lovin peach smoothie and inner peace, which these two are shades that I used to use all the time So I’m really excited. These little palettes just remind me of Mac, but make a peach shadows are better than Mac in my opinion So I don’t exactly know what I’m gonna do yet pretty sure it’s gonna be something simple something Everybody can achieve I don’t want this video to be too long. And since it’s not like a step-by-step tutorial or anything I’m just gonna do my eyes while I play some Music and I won’t speed it up too much or I won’t make it go too fast. So you can see what I’m actually doing But let’s do it Okay, so this is not the direction I thought I was gonna go in it just happened And now I have crap all over my undereyes, which is why I always do my eyes burst Didn’t it’s part of it fixes mess. I’ll be right back Okay So I just looked at my eyeliner drawer and it could not find an eyeliner from Target like what I might not have any eyeliners From Target just use whatever eyeliner you have at home. I’m gonna use the essence extreme lasting eye pencil This is from Ulta but it’s still affordable. It’s still drugstore. Just use whatever black eyeliner you have at home I actually wanted like a blue eyeliner like the eye shadow, but I don’t have any we’re gonna go with this Well, I don’t have any drugstore ones, but we’re gonna go with black. Okay? Now I’m gonna take a little bit of the inner piece I shadow with my tiny tiny tiny little t65 brush from the makeup Shack and I’m just gonna add a smoky liner underneath Okay, so when I was fixing up my Concealer underneath I accidentally rubbed off my inner corner highlight This eyeshadow is amazing. I feel like it’s one of the most reflective eyeshadows ever It’s so blinding but it’s so pretty to highlight. Okay, I’m gonna curl my lashes And now I’m going in with a new mascara. I just recently bought a target of course, and this is another product I haven’t tried out yet. This is the number seven lash extender It’s their infinite lash link and volume with mascara, and I’ve used a couple things from this brand that I really like so Let’s see. Okay. So as I’m playing this menace Kara I can already tell it’s not my favorite I mean It looks nice, but the formula is like very very soft and I don’t feel like it’s building up a whole lot It just doesn’t feel dry enough is that we’re you know, what? Let me let me do like everything and then I’ll come back Okay, I lied I don’t hate them Ser, uh, actually I think it makes my eyes look pretty insane when it comes to volume Like they look really thick they just don’t look super long and this claims to be lengthening and volumizing And I think it’s just because I’m so used to my Marc Jacobs primer I feel like if I put my Marc Jacobs rhymer underneath this it would change the game and it would make it like extra long So I don’t hate this actually like it. I think my lower lashes look really good, too And I’m gonna continue to use this the only thing is that it was like a Softer formula and I know a lot of people like a softer formula because it’s not so crunchy and crispy on your lashes So you might really like this. I’m not mad at it. I like okay So now we’re gonna finish up the face now that the eyes are totally done. I’m gonna take this Well people bio base baked foundation in number 4 medium neutral and I know this is a powder foundation So I probably shouldn’t use it on top of my foundation But I just I just want to put it on I bought it. I thought I was gonna use it I didn’t end up using it but now I wanna use it so I’m gonna take my color pop f13 brush and Dip it in this and I’m just gonna kind of like dust this on my foundation I want to see how it looks to be honest. I can’t really see a difference this foundation already has pretty full coverage So I don’t think it’s like covering up anymore. I just think it’s like setting my foundation down, but it doesn’t look dry It doesn’t look like I’m applying a lot of powder. I think it’s nice, obviously I’m gonna use it completely on its own to see how it works as a powder foundation Because I’m not interested in this well people brand after trying out that concealer But this was good to use to just set down in the area where I’m about to put powder I mean bronzer so that it doesn’t skip or anything like that Now I’m gonna take my equal tools big powder brush and I’m going to dip it into the butter bronzer from Physicians Formula From Physicians Formula and this is their original shade. It’s just called bronzer I love this bronzer it is so amazing You can like contour with it or you can really just bronze up the skin give you a nice JLo glow. I love it No matter how many other bronzers I try. I always go back to my bronzor. It’s epic for blush I’m going in with another makeup peak product. This is the makeup geek blush in the shade bliss I used to love this blush like back in the day when it first came out I remember when they were like in the round compacts. Do you remember when makeup geek had their little round blushes? Oh, but I used to love this blush so much. It’s a really pretty matte peach, but it’s not a chalky matte I really really like this color and I feel like it matches perfectly with The peach eNOS I have going on on my lids. So I’m gonna take my makeup geek 122 brush. I just love this blush I love peach blushes. They’re amazing. And you guys know I’m like very into blush these days I think this is a really really pretty color. I’m in for a highlight I’m actually gonna take the shimma shimma Eyeshadow from the makeup geek wad and I’m gonna use that as my highlight and I know it’s super super intense I got to be very careful with this guy, but it’s such a stunning highlight shade Why not use it on the face, you know? it could all like tie together with my inner corners a little bit of that on my little makeup forever brush and I’m gonna Apply a very light layer of this because it is pretty white based Like it’s a very light highlight and I don’t want it to look like a white stripe on my cheek Even though it’s super intense and it will so I’m trying to not apply too much take a little bit on my nose And then to really melt everything into the skin I’m gonna take this a brand new setting spray that I just recently bought was actually a recommendation from my friend Stephanie I was at her house and she was like you need to try this mist It’s super fine and very very dewy and I was like very fine very dewy it sounds like I would love it and then I tried it at her house and my skin looked so glowy and beautiful and it was amazing because I had to put my makeup on like a ten o’clock in the Morning, and we had a birthday party. We were at we were there all day and it was very very hot I was very sweaty and then we had the chiyan concert to go to at in the night and I didn’t have time to like Redo my makeup So I just kind of like touched up a little bit and then applied this all over my face and it just made everything melt Into the skin and look brand new again. I was really into it. So I picked up the little bottle They have a bigger one, but I have way too many scent sprays. I don’t need the big model. Look how fine this is look, oh My god, that’s amazing That is such a fine miss Oh, by the way, this is the shake and glow Dumas by L’Oreal It just feels so heavenly and you feel like you can do this all day Okay, so a little goes a very long way with this guy My face is completely dry, but it looks insanely dewy and I waited a few minutes before I pop back on on-camera Just so it could dry fully and I love the way it makes my skin Look, it has melted all the powders down And even though it looks crazy dewy it’s not like super sticky or anything You just have to be careful because if you spray too much, especially around your eyes You will get some smudging from your eye shadow because this is a very doing mist it is a little bit oily It doesn’t feel like greasy or oily on the skin, but it can smudge your eye makeup if you’re not careful So just make sure you’re like not blinking or anything like that when you apply this But I love that and I’m good enough that I love that now to finish up the lips I’m gonna go with a very simple lip color, of course I just feel like I have a lot of intense smokiness going on on my eyes Plus with the peach eNOS like the peachy blush and stuff. I think our best option is to go with a nude So I’m gonna take my Rimmel exaggerate Lip liner in the shade natural these lip liners are really really great They’re just a little bit tricky to put on because they kind of have a sticky consistency, but they last all day I really really love these lip liners and then to top it off I’m gonna go with an old school class. Like I haven’t used these in forever This is the NYX butter gloss in creme. Brulee. Do you remember these? Oh my gosh, they’re still really really great glosses very easy Just to throw in your purse. They’re perfect for everyday. They’re not sticky. They’re not too thick. They’re just nice everyday glosses Actually, I don’t think this lip color is like peachy enough. I really I think it’s the lip liner I’m gonna put a little bit of Milani, you know, Maybelline clay crush on top of that Rimmel lip liner I love this color. It has a really nice warm a peachy undertone, but it’s not too deep and it’s not too nude I looked and now I’m going back into creme brulee and popping that on top with just the lip liner It just it wasn’t peachy enough, you know, and it was a little too light. Okay guys, so that completes this video This was a full face of makeup from Target and I hope you guys enjoyed this video Let me know if you want me to do similar videos to this But with other stores like a full face of Ulta makeup before let me know if you want to see this But anyway guys, I hope you enjoyed this video. I personally really like how the look turned out It’s not anything different or unique, but I really really liked it and it was super easy to do so I hope you guys recreate this look and yeah that completes this video guys. Thank you so much for watching I love you so much. Please subscribe if you haven’t already and I will see you in my next video. Bye Powdered Oh Howard Damn I saw it Okay, oh my god it just uploaded ah crap I wanted to put on my highlight first


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