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Hi, welcome to our website, I am Rifat CEO
of MonsterClaw. We are offering fully managed affiliate marketing
service. We start with the strategy session, In strategy
session, we basically learn about your business first and then we do our own study. We also have our own ways to figure out who
will be the best affiliate for you. So, based on our research we then suggest
you what will be the ideal commission rate to offer, should we be using in-house software
or will it be better for you to chase anymarketplace. If a marketplace, which one it is or if it
is software which software to pick, What kind of feature set you are looking for and also
what will be the affiliate benefits, how to convert them and how many emails will be there. Everything related and also the legal aspect,
like legal aspect as in the policy with affiliate, the terms of service like if there any refund,
How to Deal with them. So, In this strategy session, we will cover
everything with you and we will give you a Plan The next step is basically the implementation
of software. We will work with your developer or we have
our own developer. We can also use our own developer to integrate
the software with your business site. And once it’s integrated we also test and
we also add full email automation setup for you like, there can be different situations. A new affiliate just signed up or he is inactive,
he is just got his first sale, or he has got his first payment, or he faced a refund. There can be different situations and based
on each situation, We will setup email sequence. So, this will be on the setup phrase also
we will have affiliate resources there things like banners, resource articles, resource
videos and other things. So, after this strategy, we will basically
implement the whole software and everything related to make it launch-ready. So, when it’s launch ready then we go for
the affiliate sourcing part. Affiliate sourcing and we also recruit them
so, we have some business intelligence software that we use to identify top affiliates and
also we have experience on that. We like normally understand if this affiliate
is claiming their right or wrong, Also we can see their website states and everything. Based on different factors we make a list
of potential affiliates it can be 500 or 1,000 or even more. And then we start to communicate
with them in different ways and there will be replies like i love your business, or i
am not interested, can you offer a coupon. Or maybe i want a bigger commission rate and
more like that. Also, there will be things like we can sponsor. So, Once they start to reply i personally
talk with them and i convince them and i recruit them. Our recruitment rate is very high. We can covert at 40 to 50 percent or even
higher from the replies. So, you can expect good number of affiliates
and we will be using a email adress from your domain. Something like [email protected] as a affiliate manager. So, when there will be support issues like
aaaaa when there are affiliate inquiries. We will use that email as a one-stop support,
we will communicate with all the affiliates. We will build a relation with them, we will
support them all the way to grow. And, we will also manage your payroll, Every
month we will audit your payments. We will check refunds and everything, We will
give you a list of affiliates with the due payment. So, you can simply use any mass payout software
to pay. And, One thing we know which is very important
and most of the people misses like other agencies i would say That like branding guide and the
fraud management. We know you are here for the long run right? So, if maybe for example, you are making a
tutorial on how to make money online or maybe like a health, you are health professional,
Or maybe you have a software. So, when affiliates will go out and make false
promises for example: If you buy this software you are gonna be rich or if you buy this tutorial
you will lose 10 kg for sure. Or if you buy this software this will happen. So, there are so many false claims, So, We
actively monitor all the contents of all the affiliates and make sure those contents are
aligned to your branding guideline like no one is making false claims. So, you are not facing any problem on a later
day. We know the FTC regulations, we know the GDPR
compliance, and we are very well aware about the affiliate policy and everything. So we will keep an eye and also not all the
affiliates are good there are some frauds, Some affiliates can do things like stolen
credit card, they can use stolen credit card to purchase your software, Right? or your
service, then you can be in trouble. So, we need to place proper precaution in
that place. We are very good at managing fruads, finding
them and banning them So, we will actively manage that also. So, You can see this service will actually
be fully managed from strategy session to setup to sourcing to recruitment, to management
to payroll. Everything is managed, We have a full team
set up for that and we have specific people for specific tasks. We do the thing together as a team and we
can assure you we have seen very good growth for the companies we work for. And welcome you to try our service, Our prices
are very affordable and very affordable i would say. And we also work on revenue share model. So, If you are interested to know more like
if you want to know how much it will cost or things like that. Just simple click on the Contact button right
there and get in touch. I would love to know a little bit about your
business and your advertisement budget if you have. What is your expectations like cost of customer
acquisition and things like that. So, If you contact me with those good informations
then i can come back to you in a day or two with a good quotation. Then we can see if we can work together Take care.Thank You, Bye.

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