Galaxy Note 9 Ringke Cases- Onyx / Fusion-X / Clear

what’s up everybody today we’re gonna check out the Ringke cases for the Galaxy Note 9 now these cases are gonna be more simple slim design at a great price let’s go check em out welcome back to this channel if you’re new we usually make videos on the Galaxy Note 4 not 5 not 8 and now the Galaxy Note 9 so if you have one of those phones make sure you subscribe to this channel this first case is air clear a pretty well made TPU material pretty flexible it feels good it doesn’t feel like kind of fluency get the Galaxy Note 9 in there and see how all the girls in there because in there real easily fits right in there like a glove only thing is you gotta clean your phone pretty good if not you can notice all the fingerprints when it comes to the buttons but this works pretty well I actually tried this case for a couple of days and it was pretty responsive in the back on the sides the clear the clear plastic looks good no issues there no yellowing one thing to mention is in the front if you notice when you look at it to an angle you will see some yellowing just through through the edges as you see the word this is a little bit thicker but other than that this clear case looks good cutouts in the back toward the right on point for the camera the fingerprint sensor it will actually even guide you to to the fingerprint sensor cutouts on the bottom everything looks good no issues there trying to get the stylus pen in and out I don’t remember having any issues it’s pretty user friendly if there is a big factor on a case for the Galaxy Note 9 on the side you got your cutouts if you want to have a linear like a wrist strap linear you can actually do that which some of the cases come with this and if you want to show your Galaxy Note 9 this product something to consider again this is not gonna be a case that you’re gonna have forever but just temporarily might be a good case to have this next case that we’re gonna look at actually came with the linear wrist strap that goes on the side in all the cases that I got they’re all gonna have the same cutout so if you want to put it in there it just adds another feature you just wonder this in your wrist when you walk around with the phone probably one of my favorite cases I always use this kind of case on all the phones phone goes right in there phone comes up very easily very user-friendly very similar cutouts in the back for the fingerprint sensor everything is just right on point you get this metal brushed finish which looks pretty cool I kinda it even looks like aluminum but it’s just plastic TPU on the top and the bottom you get this cool design ring key on the side with the brand and when it comes to the buttons power button very clickable no issues on the left hand side you got volume rockers again very clickable and you big three button it’s gonna have a different pattern right on the side just to let you know don’t touch me you won’t use me lip in the front again all the cases they’re same with the other clear one the lip is pretty pretty good you not gonna have a lot of extra lip protection but this is what I like is it’s a minimum protection it’s still gonna protect your phone if you put it against the table if you just like the curls you still kind of have some protection it just doesn’t stand out too much and it doesn’t get on your way when you’re actually trying to use the phone side bar notifications on the top on the bottom let’s test out the stylus fan goes all the way to the edge no issues with that when it comes to the stylus pen stylus sprinkle scene style spring goes out in and out very easily no issues here it has a good grip feels good on the hand again this is probably my favorite favorite case my go-to cases the type of cases I always go to this is probably my go-to cases for the Galaxy Note 9 you’re not gonna have a lot of protection I don’t recommend you get this case go out and about if you drop your phone on this case it doesn’t guarantee that it’s always gonna protect it this is the kind of case you just wanna have with you when you go to the movies or watch dinner you know or you just don’t want to have that bulky case that stands out that gets on the way this is more of a sleek design that adds some protection to your phone now this is my favorite type of case I used to have something similar with the Galaxy Note 7 the SI plus the node 8 and now with the note 9 the reason is because this is one of those slim cases that is gonna add some protection it’s gonna give some grip to the phone and it’s not gonna look so bulky in the pocket this case is called fusion X take off the plastic real quick again this is gonna be your clear plastic case that is going to add additional protection you got some extra bumps in the back extra protection in the corner it looks very cool very nice very transparent no yellowing at all on this one it is supposed to be a scratch resistant so you’re supposed to add additional protection to keep it from getting scratch let’s try out the phone phone goes in no issues cutouts in the bottom here let’s try the stylus pen now this is probably the one that is not my favorite when it comes to the stylus pen and that is because of the designs I wish they just probably had I kind of made this nice low point it where it gets on the way we finger but you can still get the penny and get the pin out it’s just not as user friendly as their other two cases cutouts on the rest right on point no issues there when it comes to the buttons buttons are pretty responsive very clickable power button volume rockers on the side got your big speed button now fingerprint sensor again is very similar you will guide you to the fingerprint sensor it does have a pretty good grip the design is gonna be a little bit different it has just towards the corners this is going to add additional protection on the corners as you can see it kind of has a little bit bump compared to the other cases and on the end again on the back you’re gonna have these bumps on the back on the bottom and on the metal to help add additional protection since all you’re gonna have is this clear plastic screen on the back and you get your cutouts for the linear right on the bottom and you get some lip on the top and bottom for that protection when you put on the table all this case they’re going to be compatible with wireless charging if you still want to showcase the back of your Galaxy Note 9 and at the same time add some additional protection what you definitely want to probably check this one out if you have any questions let me know in the comment section below I would love to hear which one of the three cases was your favorite one make sure you smash the like button view this content thank you for watching and I’ll see you on the next one


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