Game Changing Value! – TaoTronics TT-BH046 ( Soundsurge 46 ) ANC Wireless Headphones Review (2019)

(hip hop with heavy bass) – What’s up fam? This is your boy El Jefe. And I’m here to talk to you guys about some headphones that are highly requested by a lot of my viewers. So I recently did a review
of the Tao Tronics BH060. I kinda wasn’t feeling those
headphones, they kinda had some quirks that I really didn’t like. So, you know, but I still reviewed them and you know you guys did like that review but in the comment section of that video I got some requests for a brand new one from them called the BH046. I hadn’t heard of those. Reached out to Tao Tronics,
they sent them over, so now we’re making the video. So just to be clear for full disclosure before we go any further
Tao Tronics did send out these headphones free of charge for the purposes of this review. Now if this is your first time here, you’re not familiar with
the way that I do things. Whether the company sends out the product or if I go out and buy it myself I’m always gonna keep it
100% real with you guys. And let you know whether or not it’s worth your hard earned money. So with that said let’s get right into it. Alright so just some quick details about the Tao Tronics BH046,
so you can find these on Amazon right now for 99.99. I’ll leave a link to that in
the description box down below. But there’s also a 20 dollar off coupon. So all you gotta do is
click that little box that’s right under the price and they’ll be 80 bucks for you. So, not bad. Now just to be clear that
is an Amazon affiliate link. So if you guys buy those products I do get a small percentage of that sale at no additional cost to you. I just wanted to make that clear
and get that outta the way. Now these headphones are
featuring bluetooth 5.0, they’ve got 30 hours of playback time. But more on that in the review. They also have a rapid
charge feature, pretty dope. We’ll talk about that in a sec. 40 mm drivers and they also
include a really nice case, the aux cable, micro USB charging cable and that airline adaptor thing that they include with a lot
of different headphones. Never used one but they do
include it so it’s a nice touch. So now that’s outta the
way let’s talk about some of things that I don’t like and we’ll get into the things that I do like. So first, and it’s gonna
seem a little bit nit-picky is the fact that they’re still
using micro USB for charging. 2019, I mean they even have
them in the description as a 2019 headphone yet
we’re still using micro USB. And I know there’s a
ton of people out there, ton of products, ton of phones
that still run micro USB but still, 2019 I was
hoping that we’d be kind of moving forward, start putting
more products, you know, using type C as a standard. But maybe that’ll happen
next year, I don’t know. But that’s sort of a little gripe for me. I like to not have to
carry a micro USB cable, if I have the option. But it is what it is. Secondly, the battery life. So the battery life
was a little bit weird. So they’re talking about 30
hours worth of playback time. Fresh out of the box I was able to pull 14 hours at 80% volume
with the ANC turned on. Now that’s just fresh out of the box. That’s without, you know taking them out and givin’ ’em a full charge. So I’m a assuming they had maybe a half charge, something like that. So giving the benefit of the doubt, went ahead and recharged them and fully charged I managed
to pull 21 hours out of these with the ANC
turned on and at 80% volume. ANC turned off I got closer to 24 hours. Still not bad but
definitely not the 30 hours that they are claiming. Now I’m sure if you know I turned the volume all they way down or something maybe I could squeeze
out more battery life out of them, I don’t know. But the 30 hours, not really it. So that being said those are things that I kinda don’t like about ’em. But let’s get into the things I do like. And we’ll start off in the same area, in the same topic, the battery life. So they do feature a
rapid re-charge feature. This I do like. So what that means is
if they’re totally dead you can charge them for five minutes and it’ll give you two hours
worth of playback time. That’s legit. And if you wanna fully
recharge ’em from dead only takes 45 minutes,
that’s pretty sweet. That’s something that I wanna start seeing in more headphones movin’ in. You know to 2019 and 2020 that rapid recharge feature, that’s clutch. If your headphones
happen to die out on you and you could just,
you know, charge ’em up in under and hour, that’s what’s up. That’s a major plus for me. And then you’ve got the connectivity. So bluetooth 5.0, no lag, no
latency when watching videos. You know, both on my iphone
10s the galaxy S8 plus and OnePlus 6T, no lag whatsoever with the only exception
is being, the Youtube app. With the only exception being
the Youtube app for IOS. For whatever reason with that app on IOS I still get some video lag despite which headphones I use, it still happens. But beyond that, I mean any other app for both android and IOS, no
lag or latency whatsoever. And then there’s no connection issues. I don’t have it dropping
out, I don’t have, you know, where it’s stuttering or disconnecting or anything like that. Pairing is super quick and easy. You know you turn ’em on,
they automatically get into auto pairing mode. And you know if you’re one of those people that leave your bluetooth
on, on your phone, you know, it’ll basically auto pair as soon as you power ’em up. So as long as it’s a trusted
and remembered device it will auto pair to your device. I think that’s pretty dope. And then as far as range goes, you know, I managed to get right around 30-35 feet. You know, walk around the backyard, walk around my apartment, at work. The only time I started
having any kind of stuttering or any kind of lag or delay
is when I start pushing, you know, putting walls between my device and the headphones, you start
having some issues then. But that’s to be expected. And then next up we have the call quality. So these do feature that CVC 6.0 which is clear voice capture, you know, using the mics to get, you
know, higher call quality. As far as the calls comin’ in
it sounds really really good. I can hear people they can hear me. But I did record a
sound clip for you guys, I’ll let you guys hear that now. Alright so I’m just calling you to do a quick sound test on the
microphones built into the Tao Tronic’s
headphones, how do I sound? – [Male] You sound alright man. I can hear you. – [El Jefe] Alright cool man. Just wanna make sure I’m
coming through clear. – [Male] Yep. – [El Jefe] Alright thanks man. – [Male] No problem. – So what do you guys
think of that call quality? Is it something you could work with? Let me know down in the comment section. Next up let’s talk about
the comfort and easily one of my favorite things
about these headphones. So these have to be one of the most comfortable headphones
that I’ve tried in a long time. So they are very
generously padded as far as the head band goes and
on the ear cushions. And I mean this is like leading comfort, like you know I have
the bald head so I get, you know I’m sensitive to them not having enough padding on the headband. These not an issue whatsoever. I can wear these for
extended periods of time and without ant fatigue, either
on my ears or on the head. So that’s a major win for these. Not only that ,they’re
also very light weight which really caught me by surprise but they don’t feel cheap they have
a good build quality to ’em. But you know nice and light weight, combine that with all the extra
padding on the ear cushions and the headband and like I
said these are easily some of the best and most
comfortable headphones that I’ve worn in a good long time. So if comfort is key, which it is to me, which it should be to you, these are a definite win in that department. And then last but not
least let’s talk about the sound quality and the
active noise canceling. So first let’s talk about the volume. These, plenty of volume. Now anything above 90
gets a bit to loud for me. You shouldn’t be listening
to your headphones at max volume anyway to
be completely honest. Because all you’re doing
is damaging your hearing. So when I see people doing that stuff and listening to them at
max, max volume and stuff, man that’s just not good for you man. You know I wanna be able to hear stuff, I wanna be able to enjoy
my music until my old age. So I’m not gonna be listening
to the stuff at max volume. So to me anything above 90% on these, it just gets way to loud. So normally for me
comfortable anywhere from like 65-70 to about
80-85 is perfect for me. So as far as the volume goes you know, whether you’re watching like
a video that has some speech or some you know, people are
talking and it’s very low, you’ve got some good head room so you can turn it up and you can hear ’em. So there’s plenty of volume it’ll have you covered for whatever you need. And then as far as the sound quality. So to me these seem like they’re more of a I would say maybe like a V shaped sound. So you got really good bass,
you got some nice highs, mid range a little bit reduced. So if you’re gonna be listening to hip-hop or trap or EDM, things like that, these are really gonna shine. But it’s not limited to that. So I tested these with a
ton of different genres, you know classical, reggae, latin music, rock, hip-hop, EDM, trap stuff like that. So I tested it with all types of genres. If you’re interested in
the playlist that I use, I’ll leave a link to
my Spotify playlist in the video description if
you wanna check that out. But across all genres everything
sounded really really good. Trebles nice and clear,
bass is nice and deep and nothing is overpowering,
nothing is over blown. And the only time that it gets slightly, slightly muddy is in the mid range but it’s really not bad especially considering the price that you’re paying for these. And then active noise canceling. So your active noise canceling on these does not hurt the sound quality. That’s a major win Tao Tronics. Considering that was a major
gripe I hade with the BH060s. On the BH046, not an issue. Now the noise canceling
itself so it works very well. It eliminates a ton of
low frequency noise. So you know I’m not talking about speech, I’m not talking about kids crying or high pitched noises
and things like that, it’s not for that, it’s for low end noise. So like engine noise or like if you have equipment in your office
or wherever you might be or even if you’re gonna take a flight and you wanna knock down
some of that engine roaring, this is where these shine. Knocking it down that low frequency sound, very good for that sorta thing. So as far noise canceling
goes I would pit these against something like the soundforce space MCs, you know something like that
or soundcore live two’s, as far as you know budget
noise cancellation goes. So would I recommend you
guys go out and pick up the Tao Tronics BH046, absolutely. Especially right now that you can get ’em for 20 dollars off at 80 bucks. These are a great deal. Sound quality, ANC and that comfort, dude, take it from your boy El Jefe the Tao Tronics BH046 are legit. It’s a good total package
headphone for under a 100 bucks. I’m really glad, I’m really happy to see the Tao Tronics really
stepped up with these and not only in the
styling, which I do like the way that they’re styled but comfort, sound, everything, just
the complete package. It’s a win. So for your boy El Jefe, man
I highly recommend these. But let me know what you guys think. Do you guys see yourselves
picking up a set of these. let me know down in the comment section. Do you guys have a recommendation on a different headphone
something similar to this, maybe under a 100 bucks, let me know. You guys know I love
hearing your suggestions. And if you guys like this video go ahead and smash that like button and if you guys didn’t like this video go ahead and hit the dislike button. There’s always one or two of you out there and I don’t want you feeling left out. And if you haven’t done so
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some good value today. I hope all of you have a great week and I will see you in the next video.


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