gamescom 2019 … ESPIRE 1 VR operative … developer interview / english / deutsche untertitel

I showed more fun via – moon Tenzin on NASA’s intensity an SPI one moment we are operative our button justice since why and witness some studio but yeah say it says some well something about your studio this year so the studio is called digital load from Australia so it’s a small indie studio and this is our first our first game if the studio has been around for probably over the last ten months or so so it’s been pretty recent it was started by Michael went with Bell who’s not here unfortunately he’s still in Australia finishing the game but he’s been working on this project for two years on his own basically and in the last 10 months we were lucky enough to sign a publishing deal with tripwire and and grow the team to about nine people I think it was at max 13 but there’s nine poor people that have been there developing the game so yeah it’s a small studio and is their first project but we’re lucky enough to be working with tripwire to to help release it yeah it’s great and can I ask what would ends and you use in this game yeah it’s unreal engine all right all right there because the game is for a PC or Playstation we are over the squares so though you’re is this everything running cool on every system yeah so for full disclosure we started the game originally on PC as a PC game in working with tripwire and signing a publishing deal where we agreed to make sure that there was a quest version as well and they’re also helping by porting the game to the psvr so there’s a spanish company called star loop who are doing the PSP airport so from the pc version or and so a digital load we’ve been developing the pc and the quest version in-house so yeah all right then and latest one as our cost okay cool cool I hope I get the chance to out a few minutes they have a stationary and and yeah it’s great I played right now it’s a versus cottage beautiful 450 Newton own it’s been my honest is fantastic if you had such parents and we Brutus gamers and yes it’s it’s cruel yeah I think do you do a idea when will this day is so ocular tripwire is going to do an announcement very soon in the next few days alright and they’ll they’ll announce released I think so we say any more than not just yeah but we know it’s it’s the smart maybe yeah that’s it’s gonna be a very very great I hope I can play it on PC unquestioned so how long is the game always people ask yeah that yeah yeah the campaign is a four to six hours in total it’s made up of six storage driven campaign missions and there’s also 25 small virtual challenges alright so they’re about two to eight minutes in length and there they test out stealth mechanics or combat mechanics and their time limits so they’re like smaller challenges and global leaderboards and leaderboards so you could people have tried to get better score every day yes it’s always told to you know to buy a stuff like this but my question is because I play the now feud so cool everything especially a holding weapon and shooting something field so cool I I would like to have this multiplayer yeah yeah like just should will other people yeah is there anything in the background in mind for promote the player stuff with a co-op or something yeah absolutely look we’ve spoken a lot about how we would do that in VR and with the mechanics that we’ve got and we love the idea of having maybe like a cooperative type version of the game the reality is we’ve got to get this one out first and staff people like it and if there’s enough sales and we were able to keep working on it we would love to hopefully bring a co-op or some version of multiplayer in the future it just depends on how much interest there is and if people like what we’re doing before we can invest in in a multiplayer version the concept wins itself well to it but it’s just something oh especially on the PlayStation we didn’t have much multiplayer sugar yeah yeah and but on the PlayStation with this and control it’s very great to place yeah yes and and so please think about and if it’s just for a Playstation yeah yeah about a respawn shooter in this universe yet this graphics yeah and his mechanics and please give us a multiplier so that you yeah yeah the the the whole world is cool I like it a lot and and imagine a multiplayer shooter where you can grab the ball and then shooting them we haven’t done the aim control support just because of the fact that there is climbing the climbing there and you’re shooting down there yeah we thought about maybe some sort of grappling type mechanic or something to be able to achieve that but there we cook we couldn’t do everything at once a multi-platform it was we had to just do it with for example that there is one game for the places we are where you can use the controller you together with the moves multiplayer one person can use the aim and can’t climb and the other one can anyway absolute hype now I can’t wait maybe I sleep here thank you very very much yeah especially a two to bring us such a great title Noah thank you for trying it out and and you were great fun to watch you play it you were lucky that you were pro and you’ve never tried it before so it was it was good fun to work yeah it’s pure all things feel very natural and very right and it’s it’s a pleasure to play it and to feel really like this robot yeah it’s cool it’s good yeah right thank you very much yeah thank you and I hope I wish you very luck for what those sales yeah but I think and it’s these little suckers so good


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