Gardener in the summer, associate in the winter

My name is John, I am a self-employed gardener. I enjoy gardening, because you meet some lovely people, and it’s a great job in that you work outdoors,
it really can be the best job in the world. The worst thing about being a gardener: you
can have a lovely full diary, and then Mother Nature lets you down, and all of a sudden all that work you had has
to wait until next week. I first started with Amazon seven years ago,
I was first looking for some winter work. Interested in a new building that had
just opened, I came and had a look. The first year was fantastic. It really fitted
in well with my gardening business. As I was looking for work, Amazon was taking people
on, which was fantastic for me, it worked really well. Then, come the spring, I left
and then came back the following year. And I have done that for the last seven years. I work for PMP as a Health and Safety Manager inside Amazon. In the past, I have been a
packer, I also drove the ridge trucks, I have been on the receive line, I have pretty much
done most processes in this building. I have started running about two years back,
just to start getting fit. I started off at 5k course, I started doing 10ks, half-marathons,
and this year I did a full marathon. It fits in beautifully, because it’s a four-day week, so there’s three days a week when I can run. My wish for the future would be to become
a permanent Amazon employee, because gardening has been very successful for the last 12 years, but this year, in particular, because the weather ironically has been so good, the grass has
stopped growing and the job has become really hard.


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