GearBest Affiliate Program 2019: All You Need To Know

Most likely, you already know about GearBest
online store. Our channel Tech Brothers is cooperating
with GearBest for about 2 years. This is our regular partner, which offers
products for review and allows to earn money through a referral program. In this video, I want to tell you about GearBest
referral program, or how to make money at home. This is a guide about GearBest Affiliate Program:
how to register, create referral links and withdraw money to PayPal, Bank Card, etc. Who can join GearBest Affiliate Program? Let’s start from the very beginning: what
do you need to earn on GearBest Affiliate Program? In fact, you can earn on any platforms with
active people. It can be YouTube channel, like me, Facebook,
Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, as well as websites and blogs. For example, if you watch a new video about
Xiaomi smartphone, and there is a link to Gearbest in description or comments under
the video, then this is definitely a referral link, and the author gets a percentage from
the sales. We are working the same way. It’s not a secret. Buying through our links in description under
the videos, you help us to earn money, so we can buy new gadgets to make reviews, and
create interesting content. So, if you have website, YouTube channel,
Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram or any other page in social media with active
people, then you can join GearBest Affiliate Program. How to register in GearBest Affiliate Program? 1. First, you need to visit GearBeat affiliate
program page. I will leave the link in description. 2. If you already have account on GearBest online
store, then just click on – Login – and select GB login with GearBest. 3. If you don’t have account, it’s time to
create it. Click on – Join free now. 4. Enter your email and password. 5. Now you have to enter your First Name, Last
Name, and other information about you and your platform. By the way, here you can see the full list
of platforms that you can use to share referrals links, such as blog, forum, youtube, Instagram,
twitter, and many other. 6. After you have filled out everything, click
on this button and wait until GearBest confirm your account. Usually it takes no more than 1 day. You will receive the email with confirmation
of your account, and then you can start earning. How to use GearBest affiliate program? So, this is how GearBest affiliate program
looks like in 2019. Here you can see your sale amount for the
last month, as well as commission, available balance, etc. The first thing you should do is to add your
payment information. For that, you should click on Payment center
and then – Add new account. You have to choose account Type – PayPay,
Webmoney, Bank or GearBest account. Then enter information about your account. You can click on “View example” to see
an example how to enter information. This is especially useful for a bank account,
because there are many details. Click on Submit, and that’s all! Let’s take a look at all tabs in order. We have already seen the main tab. The next one is – Ad Center. This panel is designed to create referral
links, as well as search for new products, discounts, sales, etc. There are featured promotions, ongoing promotions,
top brands, Hottest deals, new arrivals, high commission products, coupons. If you have a website or blog, and you don’t
want to change a banner every week, then you can create Dynamic Ads. The banner will change automatically, depending
on sales or discounts on GearBest. Perhaps, the most important page on GearBest
affiliate program is Custom Link Generator. It allows you to make referral link to any
product on GearBest. You just need to enter the link and give it
the name. You can create text link or image link. After you have created referral links, and
started sharing them, you need to track conversions and sale. The next tab – Reports – is for that. Click on Reports and Performance to see clicks,
sale amount, order count, and other information. Also, you can click on – Ad report – and
see details about each link, how many people followed on it, and how many orders did they
do. Order report page allows tracking the orders,
which one are confirmed and which one are canceled. If you have already earned at least $60, then
you can withdraw them. For that, you need to select Payment Center
and withdrawals. As you can see, the minimum withdrawal amount
for paypal is $100, webmoney is also $100, but bank transfer is $1000. You can also withdrawal your earnings in coupon,
and buy something on GearBest. The last page is – Product Review. You can get the product on review for free. Unfortunately, the quantity of products is
limited, but they change every week. This is a good bonus to make money at home. That’s all! Perhaps, this is all you need to know about
GearBest affiliate program. If you have any questions, then read Help
Center, or you can write comments under this video. We will try to answer all your questions. Also, I will leave the text tutorials about
GearBest affiliate program in description under the video. Thanks for watching this video! I hope it was helpful for you. Hit the like button and subscribe to our channel
– Tech Brothers.


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