Geld verdienen mit Affiliate Marketing 2019 – Das zeigt dir so niemand!

not only when you really have it on Leave facebook until it’s up to you if you still have it where you go wild make at least two to three four affected per week and writes her before write to me and do it do not make the mistake and always do one quote from somewhere shepherd book where I am already every second citizen has given because yes it’s really like that what something brings to the people I always say it has to do two things for it either by the way the people really par value so that’s his book that’s a goal he really did bring something yes or you do it so you are allowed to the people to Thinking brings yes I do that example like that goalkeeper post the committee meets once her lollipop yes if you read each other then stand up and face your career says energy sourcing then happens yes no wine can bring anything new yes, that’s very important too then really bring the people the skin type out even if you look up the seminar or something in the book have read okay says this seminar I spent 2000 euro I need a forest in the time run the book that people are there Frank has no idea where from hardware correct yes that’s that’s what else I am see often there are many who do not know who you are do or whenever that should be I see you picture pictures here I’m shitting some more christi ascend one resolution where you think it is not in abroad from the webcam from the first generation we have 240 pixels because I said to myself when going out now I want to sell again and that 200 I am online marketer yes and what a real picture it may be looks like lego technic yes it has worked well so a little bit please on the outside then sometimes you do not know if not already shown on djerba chrome come for example me I see I am online marketing and i gave him the company and then somehow they have as coverfoto the capsules the cat pictures yes I have even two cats away are a weird lot but rather please take a photo of you or invest because 50 euro and take some nice pictures of him by the professional photographer but not in the morning do not not work like this typical hey I am now 78 I have to produce after that I do it but the forces you know that I come mine now I should not pretend yes he also has life is one cap even if he is now in grows only as I grow currently in can and he is here with tie has no one buys you and still remains to me yes that’s the most important thing because the foot then when the people are with you then we will see that the because that’s just the bubble bursts the euro it is played you know what to say and there’s nothing to so at least do not argue with me if you would become one with me there really I was born invited to a meeting for so also the stage and are likely to speak
then I was actually asked if one can discuss with it or with it that was such a supposed business of real 1 if I can not get on stage like this then I will speak and I will speak want to have something to me and the first sat down is that she should be human like you want to be and be allowed to join today’s time and from the moment you have we are so celebrated yes all business people have looked after undressed that again the car got his käppis tuned to everything Wanted to wear yes have their requests the sibling that was really heard So it was worth it So I would not say that follows follow the action plan if yes show facebook so 126 can you can beckmann will do that a bit action plan yes exactly So always take pictures of you no matter what post does he do when he says I do not want to be in front of the cameras short also every time but I know that it works and that’s exactly what it is but the point must be the fish Taste and not the angler yes Mandatory takes pictures of you and when it’s only 111 ii if you’re not in 240 either pixel the camera from one cell phone yes but that’s that’s the one you just have to see that I have from my first guru doing action marketing planned ahead before dawn also in 2010 2011 this was the first time and I did not understand why he will always be there every day shows and not really like that he has published helpful tips said pass on stefan actually not that much What I would like to get out of my house would be meanwhile deny it because it’s easy too much yes the attraction magic make the that’s why everyone from you have the chance to do it well to get his share of the cake and he says the people with is it again Recognition value ever at McDonald’s we all know that too with me but it still depends to every poster on the highway and over that’s not all it’s your industry since the or hewing yes a company yes like me ag and of course it’s about you Separate as well as we came up do whatever I do on facebook serial error is more than makes so many Pros then I say yes and what do I want no idea I’ll take a look at it me also his facebook profile how many contacts it has to last week me write this to my partners who has one hand 157 and next week 158 that means something like this has the last ones seven days yes if you are so stupid Do not be surprised then you can 700 get rid of in the year but to 156 people of which 80 cats videos on facebook I look at it with cats it’s clear what nobody wants you also have to know your contact circle expand yes at least ten fifteen every day new contacts simply add men We even know each other first have now been 15 times proposed to hang up nothing gun friend must add something quite 1 all clear at now finished so long in a cut off place is sold yes everything just ok so and or in the make a challenge Anyone who ever got a mail from the he has got what I’m talking about So those are those things like that another three to four post plans the always take a day or two half day time at the beginning costs is one a little more time over plan by the before 10 am to 12 am on monday do not even plan my attraction Morgenpost what would I write once a comfort where a little bit thoughtful is a post maybe call summarized the chapter from the book what I have to read at the moment has to be mine too always like to do it once work is easy in the photo or results show that you can but I would say that two must hold always give 8% something yes and then 20 percent can also be used Look what’s coming up now or if you were with me also have picture that can be with me report but if you only do that and I post every degree this forms the switch and nordic great team then you always have the ask what is he thinking who is raising now is ok said a cool community but if only that every month sees dhave a post then he will not join me there must be something between happen tips exactly there had to then then something would need so we can also do that with alternatives because he will finish second we can also do tasks with youtube do all youtube it was interesting at that time too really make such deep workshops We need to earn this interest Grow a bit more as a community I would say so what do we have for each with glass or how to get that person there will we get 10 15 participants together that I really worth it then if we take the time of course then he should also invest briefly especially then you should do it also implement that means it sounds like maybe now a little stupid, but we’ll leave too like homework because we do not do homework then make the people do not say yes we always experienced synonymous with the pictures where lately have lectured me already talked through and we have is deliberately not provoked hey says 95 percent of you say sit at youtube is pure but I do not want it either of you or maybe one of one hundred will come first and will do the first videos and especially by the ball shortly what say what about facebook too Most say I want to flatten cost between you contact Track workers I would do it it all work yes it is the extra some have to go but we want here can also achieve something extraordinary can you hear me extraordinary do we should hear really well yes and by ok ok ok not touch confirm what stefan just said because I have quite a few bosses made two new registrations on I believe 67 times where I text so have written in the groups and I just got this morning believe three and a half minutes video personally in my profile made short explained a bit why I put this in my profile and I have had six new people tonight of which five unknown grass and that must you first dare but in end effect is just a feeling of fear fear is what happened up here and the So you can step away from fear what you do to me right now yes before I take over everything completely is my fear to ask me so radically frontline in when you do that word will tell you so may everything what but that’s actually all shop why how did the fear come from where does the fear come true and something like that and so rich me to hire and I come you massive forward I have one last one connection I should believe him think that’s not so much the Fear is practically there now to be in front of the camera now but me believe most are in the head about what they now know more about have to give themselves to somehow reasonable and accurate error perfectionism is that namely as of this morning in principle Not much is said about that but just briefly hinted that this a great story is with the this app just please get in touch and so on so I think I still have not even that said yes so it’s the people simply carried on and then then and you’re done that really works by itself So I do not have that at all professional spoken or about the app talked or how it works or about android and ios and so on not at all but just in front of me tell what I do I even have talked about another business and neverthelessis all that happened I think that’s because that’s the Most actually as much too much stiffen that he think so have to do something wrong safest just do not give content I have to do it myself Just sell as you are god Just tell me you have pleasure do not prepare me when I am make video yes you have to, this is a real one approach especially at the beginning that’s it what we pay for now That’s why I wanted to thank you for the invitation that’s as point as you say this perfectionism really needs it not be yes of course it must be possible not quite professional what I said so much exaggerated with the bad resolution from the camera because you want you have to then look who will wear but you can not pretend and it it’s your way too, it’s your way and the more you like you have to start if i think the first videos will deliver does that show in my catastrophe talks there I have it looks but we started and then you start and you always get if someone asks me what was yours best video then i always show that last one yes, because I’m always one step better would be exactly what I do with that me big then what was your best breast probably the last shit no matter how much easier you got first reached there are the important the people you reach want and that is how we are no shimmer at the beginning on the pages of the people and I also connect with people facebook is already successful or just she is okay they not only have the resonance of the comments here yes we do here bild what might we write what emotion about emotions yes the others simply use too little you have to watch a bit and I see that he too his motto what works with what’s already there you do not have to do everything he wants out of his long-term everyone has to testify then here activity price reductions have so it is as already said a lot much already there where you can not retrieve copy but okay for it I am already here again covered thank you for listening told you stefan for the great introduction to the theme of traction marketing will be we definitely expand their who works with us will be in the much more about next week
learned online marketing and go now we want to start practice so nice again at zero so nice also to all nine who have joined we already have the last nine weeks worked hard 21 into life called so time works system launched today and today Let’s start from scratch again means we build a normal nik page possibly with a car and at an e-mail that will be the goal we will be a barlows of the product on the guests choose and become a so-called bridgeport just take a look how fast can something go like you can do something like that quickly copy and what is always missing Of course the right traffic but the hopefully you get from the Add a store partner Product also wants to sell pure white okay, who cares, that we have that give it together short times in the chat rhein waal am and for those who do not have a camera I’m so sorry I can somehow do not influence it even if I train but I do not have your camera can be switched off and switched on Strangely I do not that’s why we have to stay that way itself it will look like this later but that does not matter for all those up in photoshop or paint or have something that can so okay then we will right now do the same next with the camera there is amazon 20 euros the left earns the money so ok so I guess my screen where are because the screen has been transferred also already done well there is Can you see my screen you mean the backoffice perfect for So what we do will become us Give us a look at the store zoom out I’ll explain you Why We Do It How We Do It this gate 24 we are looking for the smallest account out where we already have not done anything for a long time and right here but already settled in the that fits too yes so if we are in on you they are but open yes then can here so-called eleven become your partner and other products tumor okay because what’s here times have to create is the following that we achieve in result whether to make it out with the web app Four or with digital products etc we have to produce results and if we produce results then we will be the tool that’s right have used and again the tools do not have the product but have the tools and we want to meet you because she has the moment of the guru is this has successfully marketed and if we us here on the marketplace move yes then we all see the store products the digi store or where others have quasi set partners and where we can promote and get promoted a provision but if we now give it to a niche for example dating relationships and love then we see a very strong one here niche yes so dating is a great one niche where you make a lot of money and can earn then we have the topic money he deserves the topic niche and we have the niche fitness and sport yes there is really much coal if you do it right but what I would do it now in the case so I will not get another product now banned because we stand it ourselves just in my own case but me Just wanna show you when we already today, however, Let’s just build a prepaid and we choose then enter a bridge page is I will show you the following when here when we go out also explain it briefly so always has Actually following we bring the user on our landing page where we all cut short which topic is ex-girlfriend regain or seduce papa pipapo me with your personality yes so the people on the landing page on our website yes, if he signs up he still gets a little information and then comes the bridge to guide him far from the actual product So you press a bridge beat well and that’s why bridge page so one one side the quasi the quasi to continue and if now go on sale and we’ll just say hello then we for example okay that’s also sale to four yes from the market lambertz this is a very good product sold here would be a total of 55 percent commission get 22 euro per Sold then we have for example once a debitor product that is called ex regain gmbh strategy plus bonuses here we get 41 euros per sale and what I would like is here an update that is if the interested in you on the page old later wears the product buy back the ex strategies and the next product then do you get then you are apsel with 79 euro means that means give again another product on top with that just kind of help it so to recover his ex-girlfriend like that if i google that for a woman now I get a pc at home probably a bell because the then hi what the man wants the export but I find it interesting so let’s just leave the pages just exactly is busy so video what I would do now is following me look at the sales page once in I also sell it clique us leave nobody open and I’ll take a look at it once continues to support so that’s her lot time in that means here you get all materials available put yours for your business can use once how should delays book show look like should above all the text look out and how should pictures look like yes on facebook also google and co how’s yours promotion so we look what we do can and will use it now own bridge page born like me to introduce myself and as it should be according to the banner Now let’s see somebody in and you can always be there you are okay perfect so who else let that go open Well, what we do is when you you are in your picture account Let’s go here also new website then he loads then we go left here on sale judge so if you see it goes slowly and everything will be in german and we take the bridge page once so well a bitch page is available with every page but there is a banner that already 12 pages contained the bridge baby bridges funnel so and now Can we look at the page once look up by going to Himself and but nothing came of it now but I’ll see you soon page form where i am here click on Edit and then name we save video page once and then I’ll show you how to complete that How to make other food products for marketed profitably So the e-mail addresses should always with you that you really later too Promote more affiliate products So he wants the logo we do not want that much advertising make the part go up once that means you can use every module here click to move the work For this you will again extra workshop but I’ll show you the we will edit this bridge page like this first step I take is once also press save we call the page ex back Do you write that back because it came in yes do not read the http formula you have not right but clicks on even then this is once please save completely on mute switch on otherwise I’ll be fine all on storm you are welcome to use the chat otherwise we later have difficulties in you want to look at it then just too long and now it starts so we need a headline yes a heading to the actual product fits and that is about you can win your ex back still see screen yes here is the anonymous ex girlfriend back test shortly the bushel so hello are you still there perfect okay says so this is about regain ex-friends and we look here for support page and I roll through and would be now I’m really extremely fast while reading and look what I’m here can use so it goes here to for example, a headline could use on our landing page that would be video shows in shows you in five now like the little extreme Well, I would like that one heading the sometimes away the Two years have been today what would I build then I would open separately again an editor notepad So to say where I put the text in copy and then that will be sort of neutralisbecause sometimes when you Copy texts from other pages then at the same time takes over the writings and I do not want to break it here make that means video shows here once here in five minutes but what else I had my ex-girlfriend winning back in 17 days or in 17 days I’ve won that bet know exactly the reason for your separation So I really like it do not write anything that means we copy the page once give in to the crawler so and take again editor neutralize the whole thing once and now we have this in here yes you see what’s going on we’ll do it a bit so and center that also means heading video shows the in five minutes my ex girlfriend melanie in 17 have recovered on days we will do it in 17 days china down in 17 days and I’ll bet the Reason for your separation know is hard if you would call the page now and I would ask you for three seconds what did you see then would you say as shown in five minutes and then you might come still up to ex-girlfriend in 17 days back this is the message we also want to reach and click save once yes save the whole thing once so is now want to do is please just write down with the writing in the psychologically important points we delete the entry here once form out because it’s never like seen her with the door or or with the Turkish selection of the door ins house falls but we delete it out we go gently means we do not want his e-mail address immediately but in the second step this is called you definitely have to stop in heard and for that we need one so called button yes and we take one button round reason is not only our head but also we see that that’s a bit more enjoyable yes and such a button is the reason is according to a meeting quotas more effective than one of the only quadrangular ones is so and that’s why we leave it that way stand and we’ll see something of love experienced partner written on it there is a connection here in vienna call to action is something we give him say what come on now to act ie we do a call to action right-click on text we for example send a jammer to me the video okay that will be the case for example really cool yes, there is not much on it landing page but it says everything he really wants to know wants to regain his ex-girlfriend okay that says it all out so that’s us just make it a little bit bigger pull down yes and that is still up a bit and amazon drives for years the strategy less is more So you do not need that much design on it because that says really everything from what I do now would like to be interested in our side comes through like this and click on it to pop up I’ll show you okay how to create this is this so-called pop up always here once then create popup and now we’ll pop up and do it here for example here on the left side was there we can do another picture with just a headline and we call the pop-up ex back ok ex back this is our program name that we will find everything again later and now we will pop up once edit with information that is he wants to do that after technical video we have something look here we can still use this maybe I like my ex with the no contactzone strategy recovered have ex back video ok then write it down turn or your video is ready to start yes then videos already strong that would be the next step, so to speak yes says for videos ready to start [Music] just for short or switch now the next step is free german exclamation mark okay that would be an information raging a bit too small so okay we already we got out of that so sounded your video now free So you can when you become the house could usually be up here again bring it back I hope it is locked here I completely broke we will follow this we’ll do it again here in the text embed one in which we here on the plus sign the text i want me write something else again psychological effect a bit less easy daniel yes but on because if you go back to he will come back again yes that does not make it funny that’s the thing I just got him Did you show yourself the video so this year the collider evening yes is recorded so and if he is now the element that is the text yes now back on the landing page but landed on the pop-up front you like the field worth of orange and dania gets her some more information that means it’s almost in a new one field landed where it finally rhine should and here I just want to go write down so hey takes care of us do not know how long the video is still stays online is okay just one little shortage we do not know how long the rhoder how long the video still online is everything can you use for you not everyone can own something write and every one today before all the whole thing synonymous split test okay so and this is another player now as you can see this is now a optimized player if we go on the new style we can also change the font size we’ll do that now and we will put this on me a bit that means we do not know how long that will be video is still online is a great information so we save the portal is still not finished because we are missing now finally the picture yes the picture and that picture we would be in the case well go back to having the ex back there Watch video up here yes it sounds again we look something what happens I do is I do a screenshot of this tender here So from the part of this video and simulated is simulating quasi with that he was able to unlock the video for us which is not really the case but that too is like psychology and helps us to build our e-mail so yes we save this once selection under screenshot 2 on the desktop then is already an information come now if we left the page on we can do it somehow Offer made but need that we do not now because we go back would you have made the screenshot again please screenshot I use for it tool that means let me take a look Painting is called ballast, yes I put you in again or the turkey or frank if you have the short on google search in would and would here in downtown invite me that still on screen according to schott, the tool is called night shot Kronberg in for example or windows plugin like that and exactly after we have that click here on the right mouse key who want yes simulate hey there’s a video that waiting for you to go to the picture change then go when he has finished loading and I mean swallowed water then took from it So let’s upload the video also upload screenshot two choose thatand when he is highly charged is the son hagen and after that do you have to put your own hook yes again and then click on confirm but now is the video so to speak in it would be me motivate if I want to know now how to get my extra I just want to watch the video that’s why I would sign up here yes last will be here then that we have so-called cars in front attach well we save some page make the pop art way so good end effect is the landing page with the we partner with customers want to generate defined for this product is already finished is not now witchcraft and if we look at it it is almost like a facebook landing page for messenger one easy only it says very briefly but why headline yes in five minutes do you know how to get an ex win back girlfriend chic me the video heat that I will with you have the biggest entry quotas as one side somehow Has 150000 words with 20,000 images with you win okay and that’s what we want to show you so means he contributes So he comes to the side pushes the button then the paper opens one and now the bridge face com So the so-called bridge in that we used a bridge patch panel we have several pages here that means we have once discus page they will now rename the once on side against once on the page banner then we go here too squeeze page this is this page here but I want a bit to structure that means we call the high page and the address will be called home but written in lower case that you reach the page later for example, if you have your own name he has come to promise him the main point com / rom and so on it’s okay this page arrived please very short feedback in chat if that’s understandable so in the soup in the second page we will a so-called thank you page install that is, after he signs up we would like a verified e mail address that means up here is already a whole page with added and what we do the following we will also rename the page again in the I go here on plus sign pages then we go here on bridge petzschner on the send you patch on thank you and go up and write thanks thank you then reach us with / dante so go then confirm and save that is the side became departures on / thank you we would like Thank you for signing up it has a bit to the bottom above and think about it once which we write here [Music] thank you for your entry please please follow now the two steps to unlock your video or so many thanks for your entry please now follow now follow the two step to unlock your video So you can also change that is now really in the fast format what I here you do but you know I believe what I want out of that means that we will wipe out the video here yes, we would do it here too raus and we already have bass here out because we want to say okay now what are the next two steps if you take the next steps we are making two boxes ok once this box here here we will copy this once box and this box here element center then you are always in the middle and important for all new use the grid here is the grid always show you that you are in the frame all website options is located so if someone comes to the side everything should be in the new one and not outside the laptop yes That’s why it’s important to go now he uses and if you want that too you can do that lineal help lines put here on the right side you can with the left off that click on it with the right one again move away with the left mouse button activate again active high or distinguished our first quasi certain elements then when you back and forth shoves okay that’s whole important but now we say whole short okay what is actually step 1 Step one would be that he’s his e-mail address confirmed okay we load once a headline with a pure one text on it I want to have that is step 1 Please confirm colon your e-mail address 21 o’clock then a bit of gas give now please confirm an e-mail address would be step 1 I will do not look so much at beauty because you can optimize that later yes that’s very important is important always maybe additionally writing but he also does not ask for spam folder exactly how that can be the mail on the basis of any words and print in spam ends up like this also ask the spam folder to do that we’ll be right here Let’s do it all over again centered and will now be among the make parties a little smaller because you have to be too big represent you have to do it again mark yes okay he does now all in that case he could be in this but could animal fall again use a separate text Vladimir is flown out you want it is done again then you mark it again maybe step one here too in a different color where you have thank you, that should stay quiet so spam folder yes you can do that later adjust and step 2 what was step 2 what ever make step 2 step two bakeries folder Step 2 is waiting for your video messages after confirming an e-mail on ok you confirm your e-mail on you were the next ones steps which he has to fulfill so that he get his video so now it goes on we’re called once you have the homepage you can finished the landing page then the thank you and now we come to actual bridge I’ll show you too just how to connect and explain Also means you again Reason to go back up what you want we reach now we want now after the interesting on our homepage has registered for more information yes how to get his ex-girlfriend he wants to win back watch the video, so to speak we then bring them to the so-called thank you page with the aim that he confirms his e-mail address We’ll ask him more later for the products more business opportunities and so can imagine further after he has confirmed his e-mail-address do we want him on the so-called bridge bring yes where we the bridge to to the other how does one say experiences brand defines marketer where to hit the bridge now So from the time takes over then quasi the other received brand gives over there is, so to speak, an interest in the Recover philipp market ex ok so the product has stopped and now it is important an important bridge and we look ourselves Just tell me what you can do give us the page big look again at the standard website and look what can we pull ourselves out of here So what I can clearly see is that here in the first step first around a test goes there you can apparently few questions we answer and answers second step then only the video yes that means if you are here now isLooked then you get that video issued or spied out and then the so-called product so what I would now do around the bridge find I would like to test this test hold on okay that I tell him what one step is still missing and we have something good prepared for you namely a test and this is the bridge the to the actual four product beat ie follow now step 1 of this test will make you even faster so me find that you wait even faster bringing back your ex is okay now got a bit big that means we pull the pages here a little bit bigger and do it all delete it with me so well times the small title raise us yet also who ever got the video out because we will take a picture now namely the picture here from the site this is about the test that is we look at the picture you get out of this so poor ones make me many partner certainly does not mind if you use the product and or the pictures used around his product support definitely not yes that means if we go back then we will now here on the left side on the plus sign upload a picture yes and that we now have a standard picture that a picture with high effect if you that’s where the information comes from animal would be a 3d image that i would that is, if he scrolls over it come a bit more animation I do not like it very much a lot to play yes scares the one to or have I already done that down and what about it again still a bit high that too a bit high all this up a side is and he knows about what’s up now follow step 1 yes that’s the title of the make me a little fatter not okay this test will make you faster let’s mark the word faster return to your ex faster think slowly then right change mouse button image Now we upload the picture and that that here so now the hook is here and now can we put our own hook confirm us so now gomez pushes you do it a bit more above yes is not too much straw and must then we have a bit driver in it and now is important now comes the bridge and then you have your homework already done and can actually out there the promotion it lacks the button yes the button to test sign we delete the now out of here is at the bridge even a button with it then we use the look he comes back here yes and I’m still down here I would like information now enroll the test is free strategy the test is free that’s the right mouse button element center and now do the following Now we write up here in the text of the yes I want to come now start with the test ok so that’s the message debates calmly pull wide you have enough square element center so that a little bit upwards slide preview store now comes down a bit So you can see in pictures role Build any website friends in record time I recently made a website built the cost 5000 euro I have half an hour reconstructed there I have a call get if I would not work for them and of course I refused because we make our own things and my goal is it with you big community to build up and now he makes latin he is pure me still at home I have actually admitted that I’m in there I’m in [Music] so exactly Now let’s have a look again yes, the bridge page that will be we also attach to ribbons bottom bridge flag then bridge page we call the easy bridge that sounds little bit you know funny about third 36 36 when the brother is cheap the bridge expats click again save now he gets more information about us have bridge page in bridge ex converted save all the time should we give it all again psychologically good for her really understands interesting comes up the landing page we outward promote with the information facebook so you win your ex back we only talk to people now single are my partnership lived have separated and just like yes their want to go back ex ok now you come on it and let the side video shows in five minutes my ex girlfriend melanie won back in 17 days I will that I have the reason for your separation knows exactly yes so sees the page out now comes to the page do not click on paper yet connected that means right mouse button on the click button we have to connect something if he clicks on it and he comes to nothing then nothing will mean that’s us then click on ex back popup save now also told times represents someone victim and connects the education system shows us everything that he the cool go ahead preview Now it’s time for the prob and he says a video is ready to start here’s the video made so more now we have the next step free do not know how long the video will be online in that case it would be too come in we do not do it today anymore we do not do it today anymore not bad I think I have time means we have each other for the next time yes, but then to the second step he would also sign up so-called thank you there he sees Okay, thanks for ask your entry for your video unlock So if you are still a bit then make the following here is also the plus sign goes here very good on bottom of no division watch out then we choose down here one day best one of the here he is really massive and tall now become go to edit select evergreen out ie when he first came to the side then counts the time down and always from five minutes is always counted under page five minutes is counting down now we say after five minutes one another page is coming up or I will be on another entry page so that you are not so much because you want now what can you say at learn next time after five minutes or after five minutes you will not find this video anymore and then among those also a dead one page where is johnny cash okay you can do that with another e-mail address that means you already have a second one E-mail address collected the probably possible works because the video calls yes that means you will do that later reach better so we’ll do it fear we run the countern and would be below again write a video it will be in five Do not give me more minutes that makes me not now but this is what can see to do everything after he he has entered very quickly give e-mail-postfach because he wants yes that videos then comes after damage on the brijeg side so that finalist in sight we go up prev now here is from me now step one this test really still return her to your ex faster look here it’s a bit overlapped but I like itt is these are movement here and if we came after us now would just stand here yes I want start the test now so now he tells her what’s going on he lands right here on this page on this page modine effie trinket stretches word is with a so-called cookies goes to it the interested by starting the test start on now fulfills these things also bought at the end and where does he buy bought the product add that’s how cool it is awesome what we now have built with 45 minutes it is cool that’s an effect start Well, I’ll take short pieces water we will never be with us where above all, not for low budget what I show you is 100% for free yes or do you pay somewhere really fat coal we will sooner or later sometimes he takes money for that or others but that’s the way things are like shopping or something like that where we have to stay in the bag too long and I told you so when we were the right right source tapped then we will get you involved that means you can talk about us cheap traffic shopping for pictures rolf seligmann swallow water too my keyboard that I am also very cool was and has understood each one of you the five minutes take us yet arrived cardiologically white me too why I’m with dick on 24 so claudia you have it is complicated made but so what of you have there probably ten cases are considered something for a year and look hardware the one who gives you the product on the it was there for example provided has the shows you still with which facebook show he has understood success you win back wdcs and what I know what’s in there show you that in short, we can do that So make it easy and I’ll show you I like to come up here facebook purely because the chips are rolling they’re worth gold app creates it on 25 55 men german separated complicated online dating service partner gmp so that’s allegedly the information with which clearing up properly then you will get a text for one advertising report that is a brand new business if you can not makes complicated and we have that stefan and me proved that we have successfully built up several times this area because we just hold and we will show you this learn and the only thing you have to do is just the 44 eur 90 version to use and that we have everything right with you allowed to share yes and for free and you can So we have money now today a remove 447 euros sold since one or the other partner has her money is earned with the falling we so Congress has come congratulations that works frank yes, I also have one more small tip you have now seen there are the pistor the various products and some have asked me now do you want the all e mail stories I wanted me exactly from where the things there sell because that’s always the signing da cloud writes to you in your texts to finish a playboy mailing stock exchanges had finished million So start sausage so really go and the e-mail campaigns the s7 e-mails take out no matter what products it is you can always use the whole sequences in the end effect on you tecan no matter what a product you marketed and now Pictures or or or something else you can always change the e-mail in your new segment yes and it is quite do not hesitate to wait long just clown out very much horny and what I will show you is we want to earn all money yes we want all our product for free at den store a so-called two levels structure not every product means if you want to do something like this you want to achieve a result external product and probably show with which product you have achieved namely with pictures Do you have two business in one chris evert product earns money and once pictures and the third will be we will simply become your teampartner send your siegestor link for the second level ie you deserve in usually in the first level of yours direct partner and in the second level of their third partner means get my direct from me partner my thing is owling and from you get your direct partners your way is owling yes for the future Just know that you know here our structure remains the hierarchy always the same I do not want to see you against then somehow from the factory or something what us if I am very good for it personally take care of the one or others fly out as teamplayer for all and everything will be alright we will japan grow up can still do do not imagine what happens here will join the next facebook switch ads if you do not Alone then we do too such an advertisement yes how to get his ex win back I need you I hope you know what I mean yes we arrived at the end the delight also to be honest so not with you can talk to it for hours but we are sexism here on the rhine bring we will prove to you what we on the have box and there will be a question I have yes at register how are you at this templates times come hannah marktplatz is then seen you see every product and below right always a fair sport is coming up this product and then you will find yes, but we’ll just go next Let’s go on because the bridge is not finished yet we need the right one foto from that means it is only after that really going on yes and then next week monday I share with you the pans and then you are welcome to try it out for the gurus here the facebook now you can already go out and can do promotion for the google adwords have switched the there probably still another Giving a little more gas I know that about 1000 to 1500 searches for such keywords are there for such phrases there are 1500 people after looking like your ex I recover think it’s nice so I find it really nice if something harmonic has arisen why not always become one bad the other one does not know the circle and what but me Do not talk too much about ex girlfriend but now end the recording


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