Generational Hot Buttons – How to Work for Millenials with Elena Ledoux

What do you need to know about cleaning for
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to All right, onto today’s show. We have an attorney-turned-house cleaner. I know, it’s really amazing. She’s from the USSR, and as she came to America
she decided to live the American dream. So she built a house cleaning company and
founded it in 2015, so it’s only a couple of years old. It grossed over a million dollars in the first
two years alone. Then she went on to become the entrepreneur
of the year for 2019 from the Small Business Administration, and from Women in Distinction. So she’s winning awards like crazy. She has over 4,500 clients. I know. Poof. Mind blown, right? So she’s here today to share with us some
information on what we need to know to work and clean for millennials. Please help me welcome Elena LeDoux. Elena LeDoux: I feel like millennials are
all about fairness. It could be like global fairness and truth
and justice, universal justice, or localizing your transaction with them. And my experience been they’re really fair. I mean, I’ve never had a negative experience
where there’s been some sort of somebody trying to take advantage of our company, when it
comes to millennial clients in particular. So I enjoy working with them. In general, they tend to have smaller homes
because they’re younger, so they would have a condo or townhouse, as opposed to like a
big 5,000-square-foot home. In general they don’t have lots of kids and
lots of pets, and they probably have like a one pet and maybe one kid. And they treat the pet as well as they would
treat a kid, sometimes better. Angela Brown: Are there certain things as
a house cleaner that you have to do to work around the pet, as well as the kids? Whereas sometimes you might just crate a pet
and you’re done, is it different with a millennial? Elena LeDoux: Well, I think with millennials
it’s very important to have a great communication down. So in our company, we have procedures, and
we make sure that they get communicated, and a lot of the procedures are based on safety, especially safety of the kids and safety of the pets. So we do put the burden of securing the pet
on the owner himself or herself, because they’re the ones who know better what’s appropriate, how the dog or cat is going to feel. We have a client who, also millennial, has
three raccoons. So I wouldn’t have any idea how to deal with
that in terms of like to keep them safe or how they going to react. I know they bite. So our client basically locks them up in a
separate room. We don’t even touch that room. That’s ideal situation for us. And we communicate that very clearly. Safety of our staff is very, very important
to us obviously. As long as you communicate your procedure
clearly, they agree to it, remember about fairness and justice, they feel like it’s
fair that we hold them by our conditions and our terms, and everything is fine. I do find that if we come to the home for
the first time and there’s, let’s say, a fish or hedgehog or something unusual, and we’re
not sure what to do with it, we will actually like quickly Google it to look it up, to see
what’s safe, what’s not safe, just kind of be careful. Because you never know, they could be very
fragile. Thankfully we didn’t have any incidents, but
I’m always very, very mindful, because specifically for millennials, they do treat their pets
like their best friends, more so than other generations. Angela Brown: That is fascinating because
I’ve never gone to a house with a hedgehog, and I’m not sure what I would know what to
do either. So that’s a great tip, and I think that would
apply to all ages. But that’s fascinating. I know that a lot of millennials are focused
on what is convenient for them, and sometimes they’ll call a maid service and they need
their house cleaned today, even though they don’t have an appointment. Have you had any experience, and how do you
deal with someone that calls and says, “I need your service today,” even though you
may not have an opening or they may not be on the schedule? Elena LeDoux: Well what we do is we have online
booking form, and it’s mobile- friendly. So I find that that goes a long way with millennials,
and actually with all clients, because it’s so much easier for them to just book online
on their phone, in their bed. So they really have no excuse why they didn’t
think of it sooner. And they also appreciate human compassion. Just like any other client, we just tell them,
“Look, I wish we could help you, and this is what we can do for you.” We can refer them to one of our competitors
actually. And we are friends with a lot of our competitors. So that way we’re helping the client out and
helping our competitors out, which they appreciate. Actually millennials, they like the sense
of community, collaboration, fair treatment of employees, contribution to community. They like all these great things. And so if you emphasize that in your business,
you’re going to do well with them. Angela Brown: I’ve noticed that a lot of millennials
are quick to make decisions. They think on their feet, they’re very quick. They will assess your business very quickly
and make a decision to hire you immediately. Do you find that sometimes do they fire you
as quickly as they hire you, or is there a long loyalty to your business, or how does
that work? Elena LeDoux: Well, I find that it’s probably
not that much different from regular clients. The only thing is they may not have as many
resources, like financially. So they may not sign up for long-term, recurring
cleanings. But they will definitely be there, and when
there’s a big event, or like a wedding. We actually helped one of our clients with
the wedding. And coincidentally same client had raccoons,
and now they’re about to have a baby. And so we cleaned their home before the baby
arrived. So they definitely are very loyal, but they
may not be able to afford ongoing house cleaning services. Angela Brown: Having won awards all over the
city and state, I’m curious, are there anything that you would recommend specifically to working
with millennials that maybe, working with a different generation, we have not considered? Elena LeDoux: Definitely support your local
nonprofits. I mean, all clients appreciate it, but millennials
appreciate it more than everybody else. So we support Nevada Public Radio for example. Just think about what media, or what causes
they care about. Animal Foundation, that’s another cause we
support. And we don’t just support organizations that
millennials care about, but specifically I noticed that it resonates with them so much
more than with any other generation. They really do care. They also do care about fair wages. If you are paying your employees livable wages,
if you provide home-buying assistance, if you provide benefits, if you provide flexible
schedule. Because a lot of millennials, they’re a younger
generation, so a lot of them are employees themselves. So if they see that you treat your employees
well, they like you a lot more than they would otherwise. They do care about that. Angela Brown: All right. Isn’t she amazing? And now you can see why she’s so successful. Elena LeDoux, thank you so much for joining
us today and for sharing your information on how to clean for millennials. These are super helpful tips, and these are
things that we need to be aware of, as we are able to service all of our customers. So thank you so much. All right, if you found this helpful, please
pass it onto a friend. And if we’ve earned your subscription, please
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cleaner place than when you found it.


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