Genius needs to be stopped!

I be flossin’ (x4) (Dentists love this boy) Genius needs to be stopped (and T-Series) (In the [copyrighted] pewdiepie voice) It’s time to stop. Everyone. Genius was just a site that, as far as I’m concerned, used to break down rap lyrics. Explaining the meaning behind the song Giving more depth to the artist. But now Genius have taken on new ventures (in the [copyrighted] pewdiepie voice) Hit or miss, I guess they never miss, huh? The hit is the slang, for having… *flabbergasted* What!? You got a boyfriend, I bet he doesn’t kiss ya Mwah! Well what does that mean, then? “The joke here is that Robert is not wanting to kiss” *Shook to the core* What!? I don’t want to know the meaning behind this That’s disgusting Well now instead with the genius or rap
genius or whatever you want to call it Instead of having respectable artists that
deserve recognition they decided Let’s add Viners! *claps* Like Lele Pons and Gabi
Hanna and of course the backpack kid. So essentially going from (Joey BadA$$ rapping) “Not many times I got to tell you I’m a man in the mission Many times I got to tell you I don’t
need no permission. A human with supervision. Ain’t no living condition. I’m
reaching out to my children just hoping that they would listen. Start a new
coalition. Against corrupt politicians Is not enough pots to piss in too many murder convictions. Another family evicted another black man a victim. That’s as
real as it’s getting you should take recognition.” To… I be flossin’ (x4) I’d be flossin’ I’ll be flossin’ I’ll be
flossing I’ll be flossing what does he mean by that
finally I can understand what he means with I be flossing
this is a ton of great memes from this now they clearly just given up. “hey I got
a cheeseburger vegans I don’t hate vegans I just don’t give a
**** that you’re vegan stop shoving it down my throat
I don’t care…great what you doing thank you for helping the cows and the stuff
and the ants and the fruit flies and shit that’s great do that and I’m really
happy for you keep doing it because I like animals but I also eat them so I’m
kind of conflicted. There’s a ton of stuff to go through but why don’t we start with the I be flossin’ song? Just because we already brought it up for
convenience’s sake. “I be flossing”, what does he mean by that?
Flossing is the dance that took the world by a storm on the internet. *Ninja epic moments* (Pewds imitating) Flossing. The dance that took the world by storm. It just really came to mind like I was
just like playing around in the mirror Playing music and I started dancing and
then I started doing it and I was like… Whoa this has a cool rhythm to it so I just moved it to Instagram. ‘the dance? It just really came to mind’, you mean
when you were browsing YouTube, don’t lie to me, Floss Kid. Everyone knows the
original was from 2014. Huh? (Switches to 2014 video) “you want me to do it again? Okay” The dance just really it just came to
mind. I don’t know it’s just so random I don’t understand. I’m joking obviously.
I’m not saying he actually plagiarized it. A lot of people are saying that he
did, but obviously it is possible for two people to come up with the same dance move. I know crazy to think about, right? I think that’s why it’s so funny to me
that he, actually, or his parents, or management, try to copyright this dance
move. That it’s not even original. Everywhere you go you will see that Flossin Dance. (Pewds imitates) everywhere you go you will see the Flossin dance (cuts to video) “No Ally come on it’s
hard isn’t it I’m kinda gettin it now… just keep keep on doing that.” so the
craziest place I’ve seen the Floss Dance probably like in New York there is a
little Guinness Book of World Record thing that they were doing for the
amount of people flossing at one time and it was like 700 something people and
they didn’t invite me but it’s okay wait wait a minute wait a minute sorry but
did he just say that 700,000 people try to do flossing in New York City and this
was recorded before ninjas now it all makes sense doesn’t it didn’t they just
say that they were trying to get a million people to do the floss in New
York City so we’re gonna try to get a million people right now to dance in
time so they were trying to beat the floss record but no one did it imagine
trying to break a world record to get a million people to do something this just
brings a whole new meaning to this whole thing that’s amazing but no one does! Now, now I get it. This is how bad ideas come to mind when
you try and steal some other person’s idea. *cough*LWIAY*cough* That doesn’t make any sense, just
like you’re trying to steal the dance. I’m just kidding. I’m being too harsh on
this kid. I mean like it’s a cool dance. I am NOT saying he didn’t come up with it. It be international. You will see it in France. I want to go to Paris honestly the Eiffel
Tower. that’s great content perfect example of
why I love right genius love genius it’d be international
you will see it in France see the Eiffel Tower
why did you write this very what was the deeper meaning behind it I want to
French that’s great content left to right left to right left to right okay
left right left right left right right all right so the first thing you want to
do is spread your legs and then you want to put your arms out and go left right
go left right to right left to right incredible everyone what it motivated
you and your mom to sue for tonight um it was really my mom and my management
that did the lawsuit I’m kind of just a kid having fun in life I’m just letting
the adults to all the busy work I don’t really know the law like that so I can’t
really say if they’re like taking advantage of me or anything like that
but like from a mom standpoint like a manager standpoint they think that
they’re taking advantage of me how come well you can sue everyone just go ahead
just go ahead please don’t sue me though hey this is the real reason no one
flostor and ninjas they just didn’t want to get copyright strike I’m not falling
for that I’m not doing the flux as copyright I know this is a kind of a
dead meme it’s so goddamn good literally sounds like the beginning of American it’s funny cause it’s true really they
don’t know what I made really they don’t know what made of maybe I don’t know
really they don’t know what I’m made of so that line people want to talk when
I’m not around here means a few things one is obviously like gossip and rumors
but a lot of just you out people want to talk when I’m not around
to hear really they don’t know what I mean how much meaning can you fit into
this I’m tougher than you think but it also was supposed to be a deeper meaning
on DNA what DNA are you talking about I don’t want to be too harsh on Gaby I
mean everyone’s being really mean in the comments going like oh she can’t sing
blah blah blah I mean let’s be real here so many artists can’t sing and I hasn’t
stopped anyone so keep doing what you’re doing Gaby because the memes are great
hey listen to music that I feel is vulnerable really really jacob satorious
has a genius why stop oh my god look at this like they’ve just given up things
just completely given up haven’t they these are all this is four days before
the flossing wine all right let’s see what he has to say yo you actually have
saved me with this song there’s nothing that beats that god this argument oh
yeah yeah yeah like if at least one person got this song and said it saved
their life then that has brought meaning to my work like imagine being 50 or
being an adult in the future going like I’m a survivor
oh you survived the camps no but Jacob Satori or saved me Thank You Jacob
you’re musically Benny I was really inspired later with my cook who doesn’t
care about my health like you do baby yeah I’m saying this me and my managers
are in LA we go eat food every day and I’m so used to the same thing where like
the waiters are okay what can I get you they’re not happy with their job there I
mean it’s a job and you know like people got to work but at the same time like
you should be happy with what you do it’s nice to know that people care about
you but sometimes their waiters you can be okay if they don’t what are you
saying I’m more confused now when he explained
it there’s must be some really advanced lyrics for the record though you don’t
have to have advanced nerves but if you go and genius and maybe you want
something to say at least but what is this he ordered a coke waiter with my
coke who doesn’t care about my health like you do baby all I’m saying
you order the free first of all you order the coat is that what you mean can
you be and what’s the thing about you should love your job like why ever what
every waiter is supposed to be happy Dappy serving you coke not everyone can
make a living making from musically videos and horny tweens like Jesus
Christ II if you want someone to worry about your health mitt then maybe your
management that you go eat lunch with every day like I don’t get it maybe I
don’t get it maybe his stuff is too advanced for me oh I wouldn’t mind if
you wanna be together get back together yeah I I’m alright but I’d rather be
alright with you just give up alright oh be together my job is to be a singer if
you don’t like your job then you have a better problem
I can’t keep your ripping into these kids alright I get I don’t want to be
bullied alright Jacob do whatever you want
alright I’m trying to stop you live your life be free man order Amy as many cokes
as you want don’t let anyone hold you back maybe
consider a Coke Zero now you look like you’re skinny boy you could probably
drink regular coke lily ponds when lovely pause was on genius I knew it was
over and I get you have to understand that
this video comes from a place of disappointment I mean I really like this
series I really like genius I really enjoy watching different artists and
rappers explain their lyrics I don’t like lily ponds Hey look there’s
my comment large dykes how did we get here me hi lemon
did you know I’m latina just letting y’all know she’s latina legend has hit lil is doing you know clearly you don’t
have to have just the series art is on here I wouldn’t like that either that
would just be annoying you need a bit of contrast in there and I respect genius
for doing that but Viners please for the love of God stop gaping buying ursa
platforms not not saying there’s a ton of great Viners on this time
like drew Gordon has great videos danny gonzalez all I’m saying here is there is
actually talented funny smart people that came from vine but it’s a
desperation that really gets me it’s that clawing for relevancy that it’s
just so gross to me they always seem to crawl their way into the corporate world
somewhere even little extinct like I Even Lilly Singhs, I don’t generally hate her
but the desperation and it’s so transparent with these
miners it’s just sickening I don’t like it I don’t want to see it as I mean I
hate them personally or whatever they’re doing I just don’t want to see them and
I can’t avoid them they’re crawling their way into my territory my genius
reviews okay just stop so let me just end up by reviewing some of my favorite
genius reviews that are actually funny we have big Shaq for example
ah boom
now that’s genius and you don’t wanna f*** with a chigga like
me when I pull up in that Maserati
I had a minivan it’s great, my absolute favorite one has to be the Lil Yachty – peek a boo Chill on the 6 when I’m f*ing on pucchi, that bitch was ugly but pussy on smoothie Face wasn’t 10, but the pussy was wet. (mumbling) YEhnMsayn Like, uhh, (Bruh sound effect #2) *different low pitched sounds* {Crab rave starts playing} the man did not just make that
sound (yes he did) *drilling machine* / *gunshots* Yanahzayn you take a step back, yunzne, mella-m mellastep back *UH (yahty style)*
*the dude hits a triple pointer what an absolute madlad* if anyone can transcribe that for me
please do because I have no idea what he just said you need to really pay attention which is why it’s so important to listen to this now the best breakdown
alerts of old timers coming right up oh she blow that dick like a tchello
okay let’s stop for a sec before you come at me i’ma let you know okay i’ma blame my A&R because he listened to that cwhong many times and he allowed me to say that
okay I guess for a second I thought a cello was oh a woodwind instrument and
it is not
*looks up to ask the lord for forgiveness* I guess for a second, that’s why you wrote -#, that’s why you wrote a whole song about it that’s why it’s in a song just for a second though
you thought a cello was a blowing instrument I’m so happy
that’s in a song just for a second I just it just happened for a second guys
it was an honest mistake and instead of saying I made a mistake
I’m just gonna go ahead and blame my manager or whoever produced this song
because they didn’t know either okay uknowimsaying I f*ed up I thought squidward played the cello
(THATSAFRICKING C:LARINET YOU UNCULTURED SWINE) he thought squidward played the cello Squidward played the CLARINET you’re a
musician, okay hope you guys enjoyed this genius ra- why I keep calling it rap genius?
it’s clearly not what it is. Viner genius that’s right that’s the thing apparently
if you guys enjoyed smash like if you did I would really appreciate it
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CJ Plays okay this guy makes incredible videos where’s my head? now I reviewed one of his videos
before apparently he’s been a little scared of making more videos so I just
wanted to hope that CJ gets encouraged to make more videos I genuinely think if
they bring a lot of joy to people so shout out to my man CJ and I hope he
keeps uploading that’s it for me for now see you guys next time bye bye lil asmr you want pyramids we got them oh you’re into castles huh we got you
covered baby you want some pets easy we got it all, this game is still
relevant goddammit what if I want an n-word pass?


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