GEOCACHING HOW TO – Geocache Finds in Palm Desert | Vlog 195

Let’s go on a treasure hunt! Tom. Heather… Tom, what is geocaching? Geocaching is… Wait. Geocaching is a global scavenger hunt kind of thing. You get to involve technology and also your brain and being outside and puzzle solving. Basically, there’s these little, they’re called caches They vary in size but they’re hidden all over the world and people have logged them into this app or on this website and you just find them and when you find them, you sign the log you record it on the website and you find another one. Here we go! See all those caches? My turn. What’s up? First I gotta load up the app on my phone. If you want to download the geoaching app, you can check it out. Links in the description below. For the geocache, you actually do have to do some like treasure hunting because they’ll give you the coordinates but you don’t know where on the coordinates the cache is and you don’t know what it looks like either so Sometimes it’s camouflaged, sometimes it’s disguised. Sometimes, well every time, it’s hidden. Ok can we talk about how proud I am of him? Look at him. Look at this rig. Look at that for real rig. Legit vlogger in the house. Hi. Hi, what’s your YouTube channel? It’s called The Enthusiasm Project. Like, comment, subscribe and things… hahah. 46 feet In which direction? That way. 36, 33, 29 He’s got the muscles Aw I can’t get it. It’s really not gonna open. Yeah so this one. It was called “Well Water.” There’s a thing, there’s a water thing and you’ve got the cache right there. So there’s a log inside that. In here. You should be able to unscrew this and there’s paper in there and you sign that but can’t get it open so let’s go find one that we can actually open Tom. Yeah let’s go find one that we can actually open. Alright so Tom and I are at a coffee shop and we’ve got our geocaches, oh see now you can see it. These are all the caches in the area. We’re trying to plan our attack here. Here. “Cocky Cactus,” 51. Let’s go. Ok we just parked at this other geocache. It’s called “The Cocky Cactus” and I see it. 40 feet. 30 feet. Ta-da! This is what it looks like. We can’t show you exactly where it is because we don’t want to kill it for anyone trying to find it. Off to find another one. What’s next? This one is called “Don’t Smother Me.” It has 57 favorites. That means it’s a good one. Yeah but the difficulty is also a 3. That means it’s a little hard. But everybody loves it so Alright, let’s do this. Ok we tried looking for it We couldn’t find it You win some, you lose some, you know? Wait, what? So I talked to one of the fire fighters who put it there. It’s outside a fire station. He gave me a hint but he didn’t tell me exactly where it was. But he said it’s still there. He said it’s still there. They’re the ones that put it there. We have to go back because now they’re looking at us to see if we got it. I’m thinking it’s here No What! Shut up! Ok so we found it. It’s still here and it’s really, really cool. We don’t want to include the footage because we don’t want to give it away in case you’re in La Quinta. So you can get souvenirs which are kind of like badges and I try to get one in every state and every country that I visit. Arizona State, Utah, Iceland, Nevada, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Texas, Oregon, New York, Washington, and California. I’ve gotten 84, well 85 actually, as of right now. Ok so we’re actually get one more though right? Ok so this is what an inside of a geocache kinda looks like. This is a medium size so this is typically bigger than normal but there’s a log that you sign so here, you can see someone found this in 2005. 2005? yeah. I gotta find the most recent page. Here’s 2012. Yeah and you can just put other stuff in here. There’s a pencil. which is nice, and yeah. When you’re going geocaching, you need to bring 4 things. A pen or a pencil. Your phone with service. Water because hydration. And hand sanitizer because you’re like digging and touching things and stuff like that. It’s just you know, you want to be sanitized. Alright, we’re home. We made it. I’m so hungry. I’m so hungry. How many geocaches did we find? 3 or 4? 3 or 4. We did good. We did work. If you haven’t checked out geocaching, definitely check it out. I’ll leave links to the website and the apps in the description underneath this video. Also make sure to check out Tom’s version of this vlog. It’ll be really fun to see our two different vlogs. Yeah on The Enthusiasm Project. Anyway, give this video a thumbs up if you liked it. Let us know what you think in the comments and and we’ll catch you guys later. Bye!


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