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FB Product Domination Review
Amazon Affiliate Pages On Facebook Frequently Asked Questions 1. Do I get lifetime updates? Yes. We will support FB Product Domination and
all existing customers get free lifetime updates. We always stand by our products and give you
full support. 2. How easy is it to install? We provide PDF user manuals and video training
in the members area. In our beta testing we have found most people
are able to install and start using the plugin within 30 minutes. 3. Is there a one-time-offer? Yes. The one-time-offer is the pro version of the
plugin which offers four additional features. 4. Does this work with all Amazon countries? This version of the plugin only works with
Amazon.com (the US market) 5. What if I purchased the personal license and
now I want to have the developer’s license? It is easy to upgrade.Contact us.. 6. What about duplicate content penalty? The “duplicate content” penalty is a non-issue. Duplicate content is only content that is
duplicated on your own domain. The content that FB Product Domination gathers
is high quality content from Amazon.com and therefore is not duplicate content. 7. What about recent Google updates on autoblogging? FB Product Domination is NOT an auto blogging
plugin. We do not believe in auto-blogging or spamming. We believe in legitimate Internet marketing
techniques and FB Product Domination is just that. 8. What will the pages look like? We have a 60 second video that shows you the
results as well as screenshots on our sales page. In our opinion, they are the best looking
Amazon affiliate pages for Facebook. FB Product Domination Review
9. Can I use this on existing websites and Facebook
pages? Yes. However, we do recommend using fresh Facebook
pages for each niche that you want to target. 10. What are the rights with this plugin? The rights are explained above for each individual
license. None of these licenses give you the right
to sell the plugin by itself and you do not have resell rights or giveaway rights. 11. Will I earn $XXXX with this plugin? FB Product Domination is a tool to allow you
to create great looking Amazon affiliate pages on both Facebook and your blog. We cannot and do not promise you will make
any money with this plugin — that is because we don’t know how you will use this plugin. 12. What are the requirements to use FB Product
Domination? You will need to have a self-hosted WordPress
blog updated to the latest version. You will also need a validated Facebook account. You also need to be an Amazon affiliate. 13. What about customer support? We understand that not everyone will get to
grips with FB Product Domination straight away and that is why we have a support desk
🙂 We will want to help you enjoy our products and will do everything we can to solve your
issues as quickly as possible. FB Product Domination Review

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