Did you always want to become an
entrepreneur growing up? it wasn’t my goal to be an entrepreneur, my goal was
to be Stevie Wonder and I’m still waiting. Like it’s I think it still,
anything’s possible right. Hi I’m Tracy and I’m Jessica this is she’s on top the
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Thanks for watching. On my website there’s a shop tab and people can shop
every room of my house and purchase as they as they like. And all of that, most
of that is affiliate links. There’s value to the audience they can find out where
the pillow that they like in my video is from. So that’s value to them and I get a
little kickback if they click the link and end up buying the pillow. So it’s
mutually beneficial.l If someone’s interested in affiliate links, for Amazon
affiliate links you just apply. Reward style is another one that people use a
lot of and that you just apply. They have certain thresholds need to have a
certain number of followers or monthly unique views to to get into those
programs. But the threshold is lower than people think it would be. The payout is
not tons but all these little bits help and if you’re gonna have an online
digital platform diversifying your income and monetizing in various forms
is is really how you make your money. And so yeah you just you apply and they give
you an internal widget that you can then use. The ebooks are incredibly lucrative.
the first one that I conceptualized was I had done a video about sleep training
my my first son and then I had broken it down into various age groups. And again
not from the perspective of I’m some guru who has everything figured out; of
just like I’m a mom this is what I found worked for
me and then when it’s online I have it as a pinned comment on that sleep
training video. So that sleep training video still gets great views.
The first comment they see is saying hey if you want to step-by-step guide in how
to put this into practice here’s the link to the resource. And so that’s
residual income that content is what we call evergreen content. So it’s content
that people are constantly searching on YouTube. Oh I’m sure there’s websites and
apps and all sorts of fancy stuff but again despite my life being online, I’m
not super techy, so I wrote it in a Word document;
I added my own pictures and when it looked how I wanted it to look I just
saved it as a PDF and then I use a third-party plug-in that handles all the
transactions through PayPal and stuff on my website. And it’s like super click and
drop stuff because homegirls not going to do any kind of internet coding. And uh
and and that’s it and then I point the the website to be the download once
they’ve purchased the program and it’s an instant PDF download. Super easy.
initially yes you’re gonna have to reach out to brands first and I found
something that was super helpful, because I am a talker, but the shorter the better
you’ll be much more successful with, hey I’m really passionate about your brand,
my audience is as well I have some great ideas for a collaboration opportunity.
Let me know if you’re interested. Just a little hook, two sentences. And then when
they reach back then you can start to get into, well I’ve attached my one pager
for your review. it’s really just giving brands an idea of who you are, so who’s
your audience who are you what what do you offer what’s what kind of engagement
and reach do you have so how many subscribers do you have how many views
do you have how many followers do you have
and then who is your audience because ultimately what brands are paying for is
eyeballs right they want access to your audience and so breaking down your age
demographic your whether you’re male to female ratio your geographic location
and all of that is in your analytics on YouTube anyways initially when I would
have brands come to me and I’m like you’re offering me you know six thousand
dollars to talk about something I love anyway like start
like initially it’s I felt like I was getting off like a bandit but then that
wasn’t really understanding my worth right and I also don’t ever want to lose
the trust that I’ve built with my audience so I will for no amount of
money endorse anything that I don’t actually use and love I have a clause
and all of my contracts that I’m allowed to try products for a period of time
without committing to any kind of video because what I don’t want is to receive
a product sign a contract to endorse it and then I try the product I don’t love
it but now I’m locked into a contract at this point in my career anywhere between
two to fifteen thousand dollars a day of revenue that I could be earning but I’m
very picky about what I take in what I don’t take and I know that if I’m
turning down the ten thousand dollar deal because it’s not on brand it’s not
something that’s gonna add value to my audience it’s not something I would
actually use I trust that the next deal that’s coming down the pipeline that’s a
better fit will will build more trust with my audience and it’ll get better
engagement it’ll get better reach which will also get better brand deals down
the road as well you need to ask yourself how comfortable you are talking
about money and how come to you comfortable you are negotiating money if
you’re super comfortable navigating in that space initially to start you
probably don’t need an agent I was not comfortable in that space so and I also
didn’t know my worth I didn’t know what I should be charging right so I think
for me it was really helpful I do think there is an element of professionality
Center word that comes across when you’re pitching something if it’s not
coming from you I think if I’m reaching out to a brand that I really want to
work with if it’s coming from me there’s a little bit less of a professional feel
than if it’s coming from a third-party agent saying I’m representing X I am a
huge advocate for seeking professional so like whether it’s like a business
coach or I see a therapist I see a therapist once a month and then Dan and
I both see the same therapist as a couple once a month as well and that is
non-negotiable in my budget that is something I am I am making that
appointment in the same way that I would make a doctor’s appointment like I’m not
missing that and I think that comes down to self-care to of just taking care of a
part of being online is giving giving giving a lot and pouring out your energy
a lot and so I think it’s really important to be careful that you’re also
filling the well and not driving yourself because burnout can happen
really easily in this industry to manage your time you have to be really diligent
so I have a Google Calendar that I use and I have like several Google calendars
that I have they’re all color-coded and I have things that I’m filming the title
of the video or what my intention is for that vlog and then I have a separate
calendar of when it goes live and I make sure that I give myself enough time to
edit between the two I plan out all my blog posts in its own calendar and so
that I can really see what’s happening across the entire brand in a month I use
plan ‘le for Instagram posts and it helps me plan out my grid to make sure
that it has a good visual appeal to it I like plan aliy because you can
schedule posts you can pre write your captions you can bulk save hashtag
groups that you like to use if it’s like a fitness post or a food post or a dog
post or whatever and so I use that for Instagram I just started using tailwind
which is really great for if you see an article when you’re on Facebook or
Pinterest or whatever you think well that would be something that my audience
would really like it’s a widget that you can then it’ll automatically save all of
those things for you and then you can schedule them as Pinterest post there’s
a workaround so you can have it scheduled as a Facebook post as well
people can smell when you’re just out to get followers and so you can’t expect
people to want to follow your Instagram for example and leave comments and like
your posts if you’re not engaging back with them right like what is what is
their value what are they getting from your your Instagram and so the age-old
proverb of like engage engage engage with your audience and so
commenting back when they’re commenting to you is really important
liking their photos getting to know who your audience is which is also valuable
for your brand because you have a better understanding of who your target
audience is who are the who are the eyeballs consuming your content and you
can curate your content to them so I think it’s got engagement is is really
key and consistency is key to for the algorithm right like if you’re on
Instagram if you’re taking three weeks off your next post on Instagram isn’t
going to hit as well as if you’re consistently posting on Instagram now I
will say though I’m a big proponent of quality over quantity so don’t just put
any old photo up because you need a photo up today quality is gonna always
be key over quantity but that comes into scheduling right like sometimes I’ll
take a day and I’ll take you photos of the kids and feel those photos of the
dogs and whatever and so I have you know a bit of a pot of content that I can
then put on Instagram when I have a day when I’m like oh you know it’s 2 o’clock
my audience is online and I don’t have anything to show another great piece of
advice I got from listening to Jenna Kutcher’s podcast of is what do you want
your audience to do you should always be asking your audience to do something in
every post are you wanting them to like the photo how are you gonna get them to
like the photo what do you need to say on the caption that makes it likeable
right are you wanting comments well you’re not gonna get a lot of comments
if you’re just putting like a piece emoji and the heart eyes emoji right
like you’re not Kim Kardashian you need to put something there that makes people
want to comment ask them a question even if it’s a hypothetical question of like
tell me I’m not the only one who you know had a crying kid today there’s two
types of people online who are creating digital media those who want to be
famous and those who want to add value and those who have a story to tell and I
think if you’re after the fame and the money it’s a slippery slope it’s you’ll
you’ll get there but it’s a slippery slope and it’s at what cost if your if
your heart behind it is wanting to help others adding value sharing your story
understood and creating and having and living in the in a community it will
always be worth it you


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