Getting an Oil Change for the Van | Camper Van Life S1:E27

This week join us for free camping in
the National Forest and the campe rvan gets an oil change. There’s the road we pulled in from. We
have this whole campsite to ourselves. I love the site yeah we can have a
impromptu campe rvan meet-up here we can everyone in flagstaff can come hang out
with us you could easily fit at least 10 maybe even 15 camper vans you wanna sit
outside Leo likes the shade we’ve gotten a lot of questions from
people asking why we don’t let Leo off the leash to just run around well
Huskies are notorious for once they start moving and going they don’t stop
and they could be 20 miles away before they realize they’re 20 miles away and
they have no idea how to get back and recall commands at least with this husky
don’t work whatsoever he only listens when he wants to
every husky owner knows there’s always that 1% chance your husky’s not coming
back uh-huh well actually with this husky it’s a lot more than 1% great leo
this husky it’s higher I would say 5050 yeah 50-50 chance so that’s why we
always have to keep them tethered enjoy your snooze bud I’ll get the awning put
up wait for the shade to come over I’m gonna wait for a little bit more shade Cheers hey weave getting my Friday morning coffee going
ready to see the town today I am we’ve been working hard last few days we have
we came into town or mine a or Sunday Monday I can’t remember we start we left
on Saturday we had that overnight at the rest area and then Sunday we made it out
here okay yeah we’ve been working every day since we got out here yeah and just
bouncing between free camping spots the whole time the best campsites are free
right they are yeah it is really quiet out here I mean I haven’t heard I
haven’t heard anyone aside from the people driving down that main road we
did hear coyotes that one night uh-huh if we come out to a BLM dispersed
camping spot like this one how do you save your spot and the answer is we
don’t we asked a ranger one time you know if there’s a good way to save your
spot now he goes well you could leave your stuff out but anything you leave
expect that it’s not going to be there when you get back if we leave we just
plan to find another spot we’ve been lucky and we’ve been able to come back
to this particular spot a couple nights in a row now
we’ll probably try again tonight but there are so many other spots we can go
and camp in we’re not really worried plus it’s a nice change of scenery we’re
going to get our oil change today but since we’re taking our home in we want
to pack up all of our essential belongings and take those with us when
we leave this with the dealer I mean the chances are that they’re gonna take
something is very slim but we don’t want to take that risk yeah you’re gonna hang
out with us we’re not leaving you in the car but don’t worry Oh does that feel
good does that feel good it’s hard to believe that we washed him
five days ago and he was pure white and now he is gray with a slight reddish
tint I’m driving then a while since I’ve been behind the steering wheel got my
tea thank you and you get to do a little off-roading today yes I’ll try not to
bottom out going out of here you’ll have to guide me I saw you punch it got a little wheel
spin and then you took off Leo and I we’re gonna do so LARPing see what I have to deal with this this
road has been pretty good – that little bit of washboard right there we did
bring our class a down here and have parked in some these spots around here
so it’s pretty accessible yeah you know one of the things that people don’t
consider between two wheel drive and four wheel drive yeah it’s not just
having the four-wheel drive but it’s having the clearance yes the extra
clearance if we had an extra two inches I don’t think I would have had to be as
careful that’s what she said
but I I’m hoping we’ll see a cougar again
remember that last time we camped out here we saw the Cougar right at dusk all right do I go on the freeway or just
go across it hit up route 66 yep just go across just go straight yeah service is right
over there oh I see it expressly that’s us and it is really windy no how are we
gonna get in I don’t know if we’re gonna fit let’s go
find out so we’re all set the thing is this used to be a Mazda dealer so they
don’t really have the bay doors or vans like this what they do is I’ll actually
do the oil change out here but I wonder if they have coffee inside got my coffee
right here I’ve never seen this before but the guy came out with like a little
dongle plugged it into the van and all my information popped up on there and
I’ve seen them pull things up on a computer before but this was like really
quick he just plugged it in it popped up on his tablet
he just selected oil change and all done it’s kind of nice we get to hang out in
the band work and they’re changing the oil ports total was 37 dollars and 85 cents and I
got a dog biscuit for Leo how did they know they had a big basket of him so he
described all all right off to the gym off to the gym let’s go get gym and
shower work out Leo I’ve got a treat for you bud Leo has high standards for a dark truth
apparently man we’ve spoiled you well he knows we have a bully stick for him yep I’m sure by the time we got out of the
gym he will have eaten all right all right let’s get going driving you’re
driving your driver today you’re my chauffeur we always get asked about the Mercedes
Sprinter diesels and comparison to the RAM Promaster that we have that’s gas as
I was working out I was thinking about that today so I decided to give the
mercedes-benz dealer a call to find out how much an oil change on the Sprinter
would cost they quoted me three hundred and forty dollars now it costs us
thirty-eight dollars for the RAM the Mercedes does go longer between oil
change intervals I read online that it’s anywhere between ten to fifteen thousand
miles as opposed to the seven to eight for a Promaster but it’s still much more
expensive and that’s something to consider if you’re trying to decide
between a Mercedes Sprinter and a ram promaster chassis for your van but if
you’re handy you can do the oil change on the Sprint to yourself I was reading
with filter and oil it should cost you around a hundred and twenty dollars
still a little pricey though yes I think the extra money that you’re spending at
the dealership is all gonna be for their labor costs if we ever get a sprinter
promise you’ll do all the oil changes I will a hundred percent thank you sir
well I did all the oil changes on our Class A you did the only reason I didn’t
do this is it’s harder to get under and I don’t have a jack with us or a drip
pan but I figure if I’m gonna do it myself I can buy a $20 drip pan and to
give it to someone after we’re done and we’ve still saved a lot of money
correct no would not be worth it to do it on this it’s cheaper just to take it
in and let them do it and call it a day next time we explore Flagstaff Arizona
and see arctic wolves and bears up close and personal


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