Getting Started with Amazon Associates

>>Mike: So, I heard I can make major bank
with Amazon Affiliates?>>Carol: Let me guess, you read something
from Darren Rowse written in 2011 on about how he has made hundreds of thousands
of dollars on Amazon Associates, and that all you need to do to learn how to do it yourself
is to buy his secret which he sells for only $29.99. Well let me tell you right now you
may be in for a major surprise. The number one reason why Amazon Affiliates doesn’t work
very well is that the commissions suck. Amazon pays 4 to 8% commission on most of their products
with a growing list of non-eligible products.>>Mike: So you’re saying Amazon Associates
sucks balls?>>Carol: No don’t get me wrong, Amazon Associates
is a good program that can earn you some decent side money if you’re able to deliver several
hundred targeted clicks per day.>>Mike: What’s a targeted click?>>Carol: A targeted click is a click to Amazon
from your site by a customer interested in the product you’re promoting. Basically it’s
a person with a strong possibility of buying something particular to your site. On the
contrary a non-targeted click would be somebody just stumbling around without the intention
to buy what you’re promoting but could still ultimately buy something on Amazon which you
can earn a commission on.>>Mike: Well how do I get hundreds of targeted
clicks then?>>Carol: Well if you’re promoting a product
on a new website or a low Google Page Rank site, than you can pretty much forget about
getting that much targeted traffic anytime soon.
>>Mike: Why is that?>>Carol: Well one of Google’s number one
ways of fighting spam is to throttle the amount of traffic a new site can receive. Approximately
7 million websites were added to the web in 2013 alone, and some approximations estimate
50% of those sites are spam or thin content sites. Basically Google will not allow you
to have that much traffic coming to your niche blog. Especially a blog about a product Amazon
has more information than you could provide.>>Mike: Is there anything I can do to get
that much targeted traffic?>>Carol: Well you could spend a lot of money
trying to advertise your site, but keep in mind you are not allowed to advertise the
products you plan to promote via the Amazon Affiliates. In short, if you’re selling Amazon
Fishing Gear, you cannot pay Google Ad Words to promote fishing products. But don’t be
upset by that little fact, no budget makes sense to pay $4.00 to Google Ad Sense to promote
a $50.00 product on Amazon which will only earn you 4% commission.>>Mike: Well I think I will try to promote
Amazon anyways>>Carol: I figured that’s what you would
do anyways. Hell most people should play their hand if they’re given it, just don’t spend
the money in your bank account thinking the cash will just start rolling in any day.

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