Getting to Know Antigua, Guatemala // Walking Tour with Hopscotch the Globe & Vivid Roots

Hello. I am now sitting
in the courtyard of the hotel where I am staying
in Guatemala City, in Guatemala and I’m about to have some breakfast before the group
heads out to Antigua, I’m here with Hopscotch The Globe
and Vivid Roots and we’re here
for a volunteer project. So there’s gonna be a lot of Guatemala videos
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that notification button. My name is Diego,
I have been guiding people since 2009, Antigua is my hometown. For me it’s going to be a pleasure
to show you around. What is happening? We just got
to our hotel here in Antigua. We’re gonna drop off our stuff and then we’re gonna go
do a little walking tour and get to know the city. Closer to me
but I want that car gone. I want that car gone,
can you exit that car please? Can somebody please remove the car? There are 332 steps that we are going to take,
these are steps that we are taking right now
to go up to the lookout. What are we going
to be looking at there? I’m not sure, we’ll see. Apparently it’s worth it. We made it to the top. The real name of Antigua
is Santiago de Guatemala, was the second official town
founded by the Spanish people We are doing a group shot right now. Trying to get this group organized. One, two, three, Cheddar I’m vegan. Vegan Cheddar. We’re like a show
for all these people. We are on our way back down
and into the town where we’re gonna walk a little bit more and learn about the history of Antigua. And then we’re gonna have some free time
so we can chill, and hopefully
we’re gonna have lunch soon. Where are we now? Santo Domingo. -Santo Domingo.
-Santo Domingo. It was a monastery The monastery was from 1726. The monastery, it has changed now. What you see inside
is a hotel and restaurant. The hotel and restaurant,
it is open since 1922. These two skeletons were found
by the wedding chapel . Wow. So, there is a man
and there is a woman. This place is really beautiful
and peaceful I love how its mix of the greenery
and the ruins. So we’re about to have lunch
at La Fonda de la Calle Real. Whoo. This is traveling in 2018. I just bought a bunch of gifts
for all the people who contributed. Because I bought so many things
and we are volunteers here, the guy who sold
me all of the gifts, he actually gave me a bracelet, the blue jade stone,
so that’s pretty cool. And that is it
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