Gila GX Gaming Mouse 🖱 Review Genius

Welcome everyone. Today we’re doing an unboxing and review of
the Gila GX Gaming Mouse. The Gila features 8200 dpi, 72 Macro key combinations,
Onboard Memory, Angel Snapping, 4.5 grams of weights including a storage case, a gold
plate USB Connector and 1.8 meter cable. The packing has an unfolding magnetic flap,
which provides a nice presentation of the mouse that comprised in soft shell plastic. Contained within the mouse packaging section
you’ll find the installing guide, manual and Drivers. Along with the printed media you’ll get replaceable
Teflon feet. Once the mouse has been removed from the packaging
it will be accompanied by the weight storage case. Within the storage case you’ll have six individual
weights. To access the triangular weight settings holder
you simply flip the mouse upside down, then press the open button on the back of the mouse. Once opened you’ll see the position which
the holder fits within the mouse. It’s important that you keep the weights in
a position that allows for proper balance. I personally like a heavy fill to my mice
so I’m using all the weights and to clarify, each individual weight is 4.5 grams. You may want to make adjustments to your weights
to fit your particular comfort level. Once the weight holder is positioned you simply
close the weight holder door. On the left side of the Gila we see it compared
to the Razer Mamba and Taipan. On the right side of the Gila we see alongside
the Steelseries Sensei, the Logitech G700 and G500. From above we can get a better idea of the
Gila’s size. It is one of the smallest gaming mice I’ve
used. The size itself didn’t detract from its comfort,
however if you have large hand or are a palm user this may present some issues for you. The height of the mouse is comparable to both
the Mamba and the Taipan. The height does provide a nice level of comfort
for both the claw grip user as well as the claw/palm user. Despite its size the mouse still provides
a nice perches for your hand. Here it is alongside the Razer Taipan. The Taipan is probably my favorite FPS gaming
mouse. Often times I find myself inadvertently hitting
the back key on the Taipan on the occasions that I have to lift it, this didn’t seem to
be a problem with the wider profile that the Gila offers as I’m able to grip it with a
little more ease. You’ll find the left and right of the Gila
has a rubberized surface allowing for great control and handling of the mouse. The forward and back buttons are positioned
for easy access regardless of your grip. The top surface of the mouse has a slightly
course mat finish that allows for secure control, yet providing a surface that allows for easy
button access. Along the left side above the forward and
back buttons you have the DPI indicator. You’ll also notice that the right top side
has two buttons, although there are no forward and back buttons on the right side of the
mouse allowing for ambidextrous use. Once you connect your mouse your Operating
System should find it. You can load the drivers from the CD, however
I’d recommend you get the latest drivers from the Gila Gaming Web Site. Software setup is pretty straight forward
with various Setting Tabs. First you have Assign Buttons where you can
configure your buttons usage. Manage Macro, where you can create and setup
various macros. Advanced settings allows you to adjust the
Mouse Speed, Sensitivity, along with your most common settings. The max DPI setting is going to be 8200 with
max polling at 1000hz. Lastly you have your light settings. The Line indicators in this diagram shows
you where the various light sources are located and the Gila has the most array of light sources
I’ve seen on any mouse. Now to the Pros and Cons. The Pros of this mouse is first the price
point it really packs a great deal of features for the price. I like that it has an array of programmable
buttons, particularly where these buttons are positioned. The weights options is another nice feature
allowing the user additional options when it comes to customizing their mouse. For its size the mouse is actually very comfortable. It will probably favor people with smaller
to medium hands, especially users who are claw grip or claw/palm grip users. The Cons. The small size may not be ideal for people
with large hands or palm grip users, that’s not to suggest that people with large hands
or are palm grip users wouldn’t like this mouse if they were looking for smaller style
gaming mouse. The button configuration and dpi settings
can be a little challenging to navigate. For some reason I couldn’t set the DPI to
1900, which is my preferred setting and I’m still working on figuring out how to setup
a Keystroke for the buttons. Overall the Gila mouse introduces a lot of
options for gamers who may be on a budget, although the mouse provides a nice array of
options Left Handed users may feel a little left out, no pun intended. I hope you guys have enjoyed this review of
the Gila GX Gaming mouse you comments and opinion are always welcome in the about section
below. If you’d like to see more reviews on products
be sure to hit the subscribe button, thanks for watching!


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