Giveaway Winners Announced & Live Cruise Q&A

hey cruisers happy giveaway day I’m so
glad that all of you are here we’re having a blast in the pre-chat tonight
huge thanks to those of you who showed up early and who are welcoming all of
the newbies to our Channel speaking of newbies if you are new to cruisetipstv
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to live on the website right guys oh gee cruisers in the house would you agree we
all love Cruise Line comm and ship make up so tonight’s a big night guys we are
announcing all of the giveaway winners from our Thank You giveaway and then we
are going to be doing a fun livestream Q&A until about 6:45 this evening it is
hot hot hot in California today this is our second day of like almost like a
heat wave after very unseasonable cool weather so I’m feeling it right now I
got the hot lights on me here in the studio and it’s warm but we’re excited
to see everyone and we’re not gonna keep you waiting we’re gonna announce the
giveaway winners immediately I want to restore the chat make sure I keep you
guys kind of keep the chat here so that I can see a little bit to those of you
that I didn’t get to say hello to in the chat yet please know that I appreciate
you being here these chats tend to be very very busy
but I love to watch them on replay if I missed anything I always go back after
the livestream and when I have some time and I watch the live chat it’s a ton of
fun when Lynn thank you very much for the super chat much appreciate it I see
that let’s talk about giveaway winners this giveaway was designed as a thank
you to all of you for helping us grow our channel and to grow our Instagram
presence and you all were extremely helpful to us
and we just want to say thank you so much for helping us to grow
mister cruisetipstv is telling me that one of our old friends is back in
the house is Miss Mary ms Marie she’s back hello glad to see you we’ve missed
you where have you been all right let’s do
this talk about some giveaway winners okay so we had about oh gosh well we’re
probably over 15 to 20 different prizes and we have some winners from all over
the world today I see some familiar faces that were selected through
Rafflecopter as winners of the prizes and a few people that seem like they may
be new to our channel without further ado let’s get into the first one
so the first winner drumroll first prize I should say is the tessellate sand free
beach towel it’s a company that was based in Australia they make these
gorgeous very high-end sand repelling quick dry beach towels they’re gorgeous
and the winner is Joe wait I do believe that Joe is also from Australia
interestingly enough what a awesome coincidence congratulations Joe for the
record guys the winners do not need to do anything
at all you will be notified by email by me tomorrow and I will tell you what I
need from you don’t do anything tonight just know that you’re going to get an
email from me tomorrow congratulations Joe if Joe is in the house be sure to
leave us a comment thank you Scott Weber very much for the
for the super chat yes I know coastal California today is very cool it’s
interesting and we’re a little bit removed from the coast so we get the
warmer Valley kind of weather it’s interesting but yeah crazy stuff but
thank you for the super chat we appreciate it
next giveaway winner tonight number two is the winner of the beguile ultralight
compression packing cubes and the winner is Amy gugak I’m not sure if I’m saying
your last name right Amy but I will email you tomorrow
and I love to Amy’s answer this is so funny one of the things that we put on
the giveaway for this one was do you use packing cubes and Amy’s like of course
I’m a cruise nerd of course I use packing cubes so congratulations Amy our
next giveaway item was a band a bow towel tamer and the winner of the band a
bow towel tamer is penny brits penny I will send you
email thank you for entering the next prize in our giveaway list was a 31
cinch sack from our very own Natasha who’s here in the the chat who has a 31
store this cinch sack is wonderful for laundry or shoes or anything that you’d
like to put it in when you’re on a cruise and the winner of the 31 cinch
sack is Lynette Attanasio de Tata I have no idea if I said that correctly Lynette
please forgive me if I did not but congratulations to you our next prize
was from our friends at Cruise Line comm it is a mystery swag pack from our
buddies over there and the winner of the cruise line comm mystery swag pack is
Donna Colburn Kelly congratulations Donna I will email you very good
our next prize was one of the most popular prizes in this giveaway and that
was a Mia to e travel bag Mia to e is an awesome uk-based travel company they
make beautiful bags for travel and I think it’s possible that our winner
might be in the chat tonight the winner is Stephen from Australia I don’t know
Stephens last name but I know Stephen if your email starts with surety and you’re
in the house you are the winner of the Mia 2e travel bag I will email you and
help you select the travel bag and the color of your choice how’s everybody
doing in the chat mr. Kristoff’s TV good I want to pop out the chat so I can see
how everyone’s doing thank you very much to our classy community for
congratulating everyone congratulating all the winners I see that going on
right now and I really appreciate it you guys are super awesome that’s all I see
right now is everyone congratulating the winners that’s that’s the best thing
ever all right ravpower donated not one but
three file hubs one of mr. cruisetipstv favorite travel items right three file
hubs can you believe that they gave those to our community the winners of
the three file hubs our first winner is Kyle brewer congratulations Kyle I will
email you for your information also winner number two
Kassie Fraga Stouffer congratulations and the third winner of the ravpower
file hub is David pace jr. way to go guys those are really cool prizes super
awesome Stephen Ames I thought it might be you I wasn’t a hundred percent sure
but I’m super stoked for you congratulations and I’m so glad that
you’re in the chat Ruth you’re short does that count I hope it counts because
I’m short – Ruth if you see any other winners in the chat mr. cruise tips TV
do let me know I know that Stephen one of our winners is here and we’re very
happy for Stephen okay next prize tonight was five ravpower
adapters for from again from ravpower so these are these little tiny adapters
they’re power adapters they’re kind of miniature they’re very cool and they
gave us five of them to give away to all of you so I’m going to list all five
winners and again for all the winners I will email you do not leave your contact
information in the chat crystal rose McHarg your winner number one brad chef
you are winner number two dawn Kirk your winner number three Kate
wheeler you are winner number four and Emily Schlegel you are winner number
five all right congratulations to all of the power hub winners the next prize
tonight was one set of Shaq initial luggage tags these are really really
cool they are basically you customize the
letter so if you want to use your first name or your last name it’s a giant
luggage tag with a letter on it and it’s really cool so the winner of the Shaq
luggage tags tonight is Kristina I believe it’s my deal o or Mello
congratulations Christina I will email you next prize tonight is a set of
packing cubes from our friends at eBags eBags makes really amazing packing cubes
guys and the winner of the packing cubes from eBags
is Linda Hampton congratulations Linda is Linda in the house let me know if you
are next up the travel on backpack winner and these
were the two most popular items that everyone entered to win so the travel on
backpack and the travel on crossbody bag were by far the most popular things the
travel on backpack winner is Jennifer Roberts and the travel on crossbody
winner is Jeannie Mitchell so congratulations to Jennifer and Jeannie
the next gift in our giveaway is from your friends at cruisetipstv that would
be us mr. cruisetipstv $50 Amazon gift card we want to know who the winner of
the $50 Amazon gift card from mr. cruisetipstv
right you’re buying right hi bye it’s rose Davis congratulations rose next we
have to $75 gift cards from Montebello dream vacations
Montebello dream vacations is a travel agency that we have partnered with
because the probably one of the top five questions we get @cruisetipstv is do you
have a good travel agent recommendation we needed an agency that could support
our community and Wendy and her team are doing just that
the first $75 gift card from Montebello during vacations goes to Nancy bolt
Robinson and the second gift card goes to Heather Coolidge I will email you for
your info again don’t leave it in the chat congratulations Nancy and Heather
alright the men’s level three skin care system
from teach Hanley which is an awesome skin care system that mr. cruisetipstv
is now officially addicted to I would say you use it every day twice a day
right like you morning and night full skin care system the coolest thing ever
I was a little worried that when I did the random drawing on this that a girl
was gonna pop up which would also have been okay because I’m sure that whoever
it was could give it to their significant other or a friend or
whatever but the winner was actually a gentleman and that gentleman who won the
level 3 skin care system from teach Hanley is Chris Whipple congratulations
Chris all right next up our last prize tonight I feel like I’m going really
fast and I’m sorry guys the last prize tonight is a beautiful
wander wet bag which is a swimsuit bag we have had a wonderful relationship
with wander wet bags for years and we are totally addicted to their wet
swimsuit bags in all sizes and the winner of the wet swimsuit bag is kim
Arcos so congratulations to all of the winners tonight we’re so happy for you
Katy Chicka reloj thank you so much for the super chat that was super generous
and thank you for being a wonderful part of our community so now we’re gonna turn
our attention to the chat and some crews QA I’m gonna take a little hydration
moment for a second here and see how everybody’s doing in the chat do we have
any winners in the chat tonight mr. Christopher yeah I know Stephen is here
anybody else that you noticed hmm it’s a busy chat tonight you guys alright thank
you to those of you who are oh gee cruisers in the house answering
questions and helping out the newbies tonight it does get a little bit busy in
the chat if I ever miss your question I know that I say this a lot but I’d like
to invite you to send me a direct message on Facebook I’m happy to answer
cruise questions and believe it or not I usually get to all of them within 48
hours I’m here for you so for any reason we miss you you got it Jim ring says
let’s do these giveaways every Saturday giveaway fest Jim I know was so fun I
love it John yes we’ll start talking about a
group Cruise when we hit hundred thousand subscribers so help us out and
let’s get there we’re over 70,000 right now so all I can see because this chat
is moving so fast is that everyone is congratulating everyone else because you
guys are all such just a wonderful classy group of people so let’s answer
some questions I collected a few questions from our Facebook supporters
early this week our Facebook supporter program is really cool it’s a way to get
access to a little bit of exclusive content on Facebook if you want to check
it out all you have to do is go to our Facebook page click on become a
supporter and a video pops up and explains it to you so I’m not going to
go into it here but I am going to answer those questions first here in the live
chat the first one came from our supporter Melissa Sparrow Krim she said
it’s my first time cruising and CL breakaway in July and
I’d love to know more about how anytime dining works on Norwegian also any NCL
must dues so melissa my understanding is that any time dining is basically the
only dining option for main dining room folks on Norwegian because obviously
it’s freestyle cruising so you have any time dining or freestyle dining and then
you have specialty dining my understanding to Melissa is that I think
you can make a reservation but when you do make a reservation you’re not
guaranteed to get a seat so what I’d love to ask is that if anyone has been
on breakaway and has some tips for Melissa on how the anytime dining
concept works on Norwegian please leave it in the chat I’m sure that there are
other people who are very curious about this as well and we’d love to help you
out Melissa our next question comes from Sheldon Griffith this is actually just a
random question that I got in a direct message this week but I really felt like
this question belonged on the live stream because it’s a very very popular
kind of question and it Sheldon said another question that’s been asked do
you use the ship’s Wi-Fi or just wait until you get into port or does it
depend on the cruise so what’s going on is that Sheldon he’s going on a cruise
and he’s considering not getting an Internet package on this cruise so we
kind of we had a little direct message chat about it and this is what I wanted
to say about the internet package guys and to Sheldon and to everyone generally
speaking we do invest in an internet package because it’s important for me to
remain somewhat plugged in to my corporate day job I just really like the
feeling of being able to check in so that when I get back there’s no big
surprises for me I like to just know what’s going on and stay tuned in and
I’m in a management role so it’s kind of important that I stay at least aware of
what’s happening right so a professional responsibility
second thing is I like to post to social media when I’m on a cruise
I like to do Instagram stories live from the ship these days so I usually buy the
internet packages the quality varies drastically from ship to ship I was
telling Sheldon we have had cruises on Carnival where we had screaming fast
internet we’ve had slow ones on the same cruise line we’ve had experiences with
MSC where we were doing a facebook live in the middle of the ocean off the coast
of Genoa and it was perfect and that we couldn’t get a live stream up and
running in Miami it’s hit and miss man I gotta tell ya I just I I generally
invest in them if I didn’t have to I probably wouldn’t
I probably wait until I got to land I would ask the crew hey where do you go
for free internet I would go to that place I would do it and then I would not
worry about it so I thought I had more questions from our supporter group
tonight but it was just Melissa and then Sheldon’s direct message so let’s get
into the Q&A from the chat and see how everybody’s doing okay I saw that Rose
was maybe in the chat tonight some some winners mmm cool all right
hey it’s me just says any tips for renting a car in Bonaire hey it’s me
Jess I’ve never been to bon-aire let’s see if our community can help you Gloria
said how do you get in these raffles Gloria we have been advertising the
raffle for about two weeks and so we we did it for a long time we advertised it
on the community tab here on YouTube we announced it in a video and we announced
it on Facebook Instagram and in our email list so the best thing you could
do is follow us on social media make sure that you are following the
community tab on on YouTube really all that means is that you launch YouTube
and then those community posts that I post should come right up so you just
need to keep a close eye on us and we try to stay in good communication
Tabitha wants to know if I’m rocking some cute pj pants and the answer is yes
Tabitha I am they have flamingos on them I don’t believe you can see them my
flexibility isn’t the same as it used to be or I would do a cute little ballet
move but yeah I’m totally wearing jammy pants and I’m wishing that I wasn’t
because I boiling hot ah boy when it’s hot in
California it’s hot in California I’m telling you guys it’s 80 in our house
right now and the air-conditioner not so effective Laura says so excited for our
first cruise to Alaska on Holland America’s oyster dam Iran in Neptune
sweet and have priority boarding and disembarkation at ports thoughts on
Holland and help Laura Holland America is a wonderful cruise line they’re going
to take excellent care of you my thoughts are I want you to just relax
and enjoy and know that you’re going to be really taking care of especially with
that escalated type of cabin that you have if you’d like to talk a little bit
more about specific questions just shoot me a DM on Facebook and I’ll help you
but I can assure you you’re gonna have a wonderful time just relax and enjoy and
let them care for you Jennifer middle stats said I’m going on
a cruise in the fall and our last stop in Barbados has been extended to 9:00
p.m. any suggestions on what we can do in the afternoon on an adults-only trip
how fun Jennifer I’ve never been to bon-aire
so let’s ask our community help you with evening activities in Bonaire Tiffany
Beck’s and what cup are you using Tiffany I love this cup so much isn’t
this adorable this came in my fabfitfun it was an
add-on item I on our crews gear channel we review fabfitfun subscription boxes
so go to forward slash cruise gear look for our fabfitfun
reviews and get yourself a subscription to the box it’s amazing I don’t know
what the brand is but I’ll try to find out if you’d like me to try to find the
brand for you just DM me and I’ll look into it
NP r– says first cruise coming up love following you guys thanks for all the
tips if I buy the internet package does my roommate also have to buy the
internet package depends on the cruise line and Pierce on some cruise lines you
can share back and forth on princess mr. Krebs TV you and I shared the internet
package on princess right you can log in from different devices yeah we did it
just depends on the line just feel free to ask the internet cafe manager if
you’re not sure and they’ll help you but usually you can share it Shelley Walters
says I’m going on my first cruise to Alaska in July 2020
can you move that up for me sweetheart thank you okay
sorry Shelly I’m waiting for the question to appear all right
going to my first cruise to Alaska is July 2020 can I select a set time for
dinner and not go without notice and go to any time diner dining usually Shelly
it depends on the cruise line usually if you have set dining you can show up to
any time dining but you can’t do vice-versa so if you have elected
anytime dining you can’t go to set dining but you should be able to do the
reverse but again it depends on the line Amy Kathryn said going on my first Royal
Caribbean cruise in August for hubby’s 40th birthday usually NCL cruisers water
must use that are different with royal ami um I’ll give you my opinion and
let’s let our community talk about the things you must do with royal with royal
I think one of the things you have to be careful about is not over scheduling
yourself depending on what ship you’re going on which I’m not sure which one
you’re going on I think I would caution you to not try to fill your days with
stuff because there’s usually on most Royal Caribbean ships especially the
newer ones you could do activity after activity after activity and just wear
yourself out my advice for you is to pick the top 5 or 10 things you know
that Royal Caribbean offers that you really want to experience and then try
to incorporate those things throughout the week but otherwise rest relax and
enjoy your vacation I’m trying to think of specific things on Royal Caribbean
but again I don’t know the ship so I can’t quite narrow it down I would try
specialty dining most likely I would recommend that regardless of the ship ok
we have a tip from Connie saying when you’re going to Alaska don’t worry if
your port or starboard on the ship they’re equally fantastic
Thank You Connie I love tips like that Connie that make people feel like it’s
all gonna be alright like don’t worry don’t over plan planning is important
but sometimes the over planning can drive you crazy and yeah there’s an ant
crawling on my arm mister Kristoff’s TV we have a little ant infestation in the
set wait – and there’s like a bunny hopping around and I’m joking we do have
bunnies in our backyards guys okay all right here we go with Cuba Julie says I
was hoping to get to Cuba then the u.s. travel ban deterred the ships given the
size of the US market are there any other cruise options now I’m not sure
what the question is Julie do you mean other cruise options to Cuba no Julie
you know all we know as of this afternoon is that Carnival has
officially said we’re done we’re not going to Cuba I’m pretty sure
the other cruise lines excuse me I’ve got a little something I my throat are
going to follow suit so I’m going to say most likely for now cross Cuba off your
list that would be the safest answer I’m sorry I would have loved to a visited
Cuba too but we didn’t make it okay all right
Tiffany said I’m wait-listed for six o’clock dining on Carnival ecstasy in
August how likely are we to get to early dining having been wait-listed you’re
less likely to get early dining than late dining wait-listed but don’t give
up hope it could happen KS TJ mom said how much does it cost for
the kids to play arcade games depends on the ship most ships about a dollar 25
per game huge variance there so I’m just giving you the first thing that came to
mind and I look down at that little price thing and I see a dollar 25 quite
often just drea said are there any food options on embarkation day on caribbean
princess besides the buffet you’ll be cruising next weekend yep lucky you gist
drea princess opens their main dining rooms on most sailings for lunch
yay do it it’s relaxing we did it we went to the main dining room on lunch
on Caribbean princess so yes oh say say say someone said what happened to your
finger paper cut no oh I had a I got a new veggie spiralizer mr. crew sips tea
bought me a fancy veggie spiralizer with seven attachments and you guys know I’m
a hot mess in the kitchen I love to if you follow my Instagram stories you
know jr. and I get down with our bad selves in the kitchen and we have a
blast every weekend but something happened when I was spiralizing some
cabbage last night and I don’t even know what happened I don’t even know what cut
me but I cut my finger and then tonight I did it again you guys I’m a klutz it’s
bad Robert are are you doing a realm vlog well Robert
guess who got real real sick in Rome me we’re not but we are reviewing our
beautiful hotel or the gorgeous room tour that’s all I could do once I was
the day we got off the ship I was done I was toast I had the flu and we didn’t do
a Rome vlog we saw zero sights in Rome it was heartbreaking for us but when
you’re traveling I guess if you don’t just roll with it and know that
something could happen you just you know it can happen and that’s what happened
to us so beautiful hotel we got upgraded to a suite we actually paid to upgrade
to a suite we’ll tell the story in the video review that’s coming next week
right mr. Christian City probably next Thursday Tuesday something like that the
room tour for Rome yeah next week okay sorry Robert okay let’s see here Robert
said say you booked a cruise paid the deposit only in the price dropped how
much of a drop would cause you to ask your travel agent to rebook I wouldn’t
ask him to rebook I’d ask them to call the cruise line and see if they could
get me onboard credit or a room upgrade I would do that for as little as $100
per person anything less than that I might not bother
Marissa Foley said I’ve been on over 10 cruises and I love it I’d love to go on
a cruise for my honeymoon but my fiance is worried he might be feel
claustrophobic has anyone ever felt that way before yeah Marissa it’s a very
common thing for people not to want to go on a cruise because they feel that
they may be a little bit trapped you know on a ship I would pick a ship that
doesn’t have a lot of indoor spaces but more focused on the outdoor spaces and
that might help Lynn needs excursion suggestions for the Honduras I’ve never
been to Honduras so you’re gonna have to help her out team what do you think
travel with tests says can we bring a diffuser on a cruise yes
travel with tests you should able to bring a small travel sized
diffuser diffuser as long as it doesn’t have a heating element and most
diffusers do not they’re mostly cool water diffusers so you should be able to
but please stick with the travel size Lindsay wise said going on Carnival
Splendor in a couple of weeks you got late dining because of port days but
wondering if for any reason you want to dine earlier could you do any time
Lindsay you should be able to yes or you could just go to the buffet but late
dining is really great for that itinerary so I think stick with it
you’re probably gonna be fun crazy cat traveler did you get any of
the target boxes for April of May you weren’t impressed yep I did get the
April box I didn’t see wait I got the May box
I skipped April because I didn’t it didn’t look interesting to me we’re
gonna unbox it soon but I haven’t looked at it so I don’t know Pascal said
shouldn’t the June target beauty box be yes I don’t know where it is James see
James said new here going to carnival magic over New Year’s what do they do
for New Year’s usually on Carnival they have really
cool parties in the atrium and they do all kinds of they do like a you know
like a countdown and a balloon drop and all kinds of fun things like that you’ll
be you’ll love it and what kind of fit okay oh how do you find out what kind of
fitness classes are offered before boarding oh that’s a great question see
James well you could try to go on to one of the message boards that are available
to you and see if you can find the recent newsletters that have the fitness
classes in them for that ship so if I were you I would just Google the name of
your ship and then the name of the newsletter and see if the fitness
classes show up there alright I’m gonna sneeze I think yes I hope never sneezed
oh there was no stopping me ah okay captain’s table MD are said what
is mr. Curtiss tipsy me think about the new Apple desktop computer just released
looks impressive for me I can’t believe that someone asked you this question
yeah I was just ranting about this in a nutshell it’s it’s just too expensive I
mean I’ve been waiting for quite a while now for something new to come out but
this is just out of my league I just can’t do it it’s too
so I get home from work today and mr. Christmas TV is like yeah I know you
need to get ready for the live stream but I just have to tell you about the
prices of the new Apple desktop computer because of course we were considering
upgrading he was excited you know we he does edit on Mac okay
so base price for the computer $5,900 six thousand dollars okay
the monitor a five thousand for the monitor and a thousand for the stand so
you’re looking once you start adding things up I know that sounds like twelve
thousand dollars but really once you started really adding the functionality
you would need it was twenty grand his computer he has now the Mackie has now
has more power than that’s that new computer so we will not be upgrading we
can’t afford that that would be our whole entire that’d be like a year and a
half or two years of a cruise budget hick no Stephen Robert says can we see
mister cruisetipstv Stephen he makes cameos in our vlogs not
all the time but if you watch our travel vlogs you will see him let me give you a
hint go watch the Jamaica vlog from M SC
seaside and you can see him jumping off of waterfalls in all his glory he’s a
handsome guy too he’s looking at he’s like over there
like all seriously your work I’m working over here nurse Nancy said do you think
you would buy the key on Royal Caribbean sherry Nancy I probably would because I
don’t have any loyalty on Royal Caribbean so yeah I think I would
probably do it it sounds great to me it sounds like it’s a perk tastic and I
love perks so I probably would Katelyn houses planning my first Mexican Riviera
cruise do I go for a sailing excursion in Cabo or head to Medano Beach do the
sailing excursion you can do Medano beach anytime right Kim Natasha said I’m
is interested in cruising the Mexican Riviera and usually cruising the
Caribbean is the Pacific rough waters in comparison to the Atlantic and Caribbean
yeah came in the winter time the return passage from
Sokoto Los Angeles can be relatively rocky we’ve had cruises where we’ve
experienced pretty extreme conditions where our water bottles were rolling off
the table and on one occasion we had quite a few people on the ship who were
seasick most of the time it’s noticeable but not horrific don’t let it stop you
from going to the mexican riviera rosario diaz gonzalez how safe is it to
cruise by yourself Rosario I think is probably one of the most safe forms of
travel but you should observe all of the common safety practices when in port
that you would observe in any big city or at any other place but on the ship
itself you should be extremely safe so I would go for it
Christina says Christina Wallace says my sister and I love your videos can you
adopt us of course we can Christina there’s plenty of room in our suitcases
come along Diane Sanders says hi from Indiana was
late taking an online seee dental dental hygiene course and passed the test
congratulations diane madison long said going on msec said in december any
recommendations for specialty dining yeah oh I love it
teppanyaki is great ocean K is great and I only had breakfast and butchers cut
but I heard dinners great too so teppanyaki for sure oh also is the
gelato included with the alcoholic drink package I think so but I understand that
the drink packages can be a little confusing on MSC so just consult with
them when you get on board and you should be fine how you doing you just
making sure the cameras not timing out so I would like to just pop into the
chat and see how everybody’s doing for a moment here I see a question from Don
York leaving Saturday and Carnival Vista wondering whether to bring a small
umbrella Don I wouldn’t bother with the umbrella because it’s a warm weather
cruise I would leave at home to be honest with you I would only pack it to
a cold weather destination and maybe even then I wouldn’t
um oh my tabatha said she when she saw your profile honey for the first time
she thought you look like a Richard Gere back in the pretty woman days he has a
little bit of that look yeah a little bit a look I can see it I can see it
tabatha okay let’s see mm-hmm yeah watch out for that
single supplement hey it’s miss Jess wants to know what is the best beach on
Aruba friends can you guys let let them know because I’ve never been to Aruba
Isabel said why does MSC charge so much for specialty dining Isabel the secret
is to buy the package so just buy a three-night package and then it’s not
really that expensive anymore that’s what we did and it was great I
think it was 80 or 90 dollars per person and it was well worth it
Karin Griffin said I have a cruise booked for March 2020 from Nassau and
Freeport both have dolphin encounters which is best Karen I haven’t done
either of them but I’m hearing rave reviews about Bahamas dolphin encounters
and I can tell you that would be on our list if we were to return there because
junior never got his wish and we need to make that wish come through that’s what
I would do okey-dokey Christine said Cherie we have
tenders on our next cruise where do you get your tickets for tender boats
Christine unfortunately this is a moving target kind of question and the cruise
lines change it up at their leisure sometimes they’ll have you collect
tender tickets in the main show theater sometimes on the pool deck just wait for
their instruction they will tell you Lindsay said do you know the approximate
price of pressing a shirt on splendor I don’t know Lindsay I can’t remember
I’m so sorry Maureen said what do you recommend to eat at Sabatini’s on
Princess Maureen I would do I would take it as a three course approach I believe
that they have oh my goodness I can’t remember if it’s an oxtail pasta or
something like that but if you see something like that I’ve heard it’s
excellent I really have to tell you that the deserts and Sabatini’s are
phenomenal I personally didn’t love the lobster in Sabatini’s I would steer
clear of that and go more stick with Italian traditional dishes the pastas
are beautiful Stevie moon said did you see the video of the MSC accident Stevie
I’m assuming that you mean when the MSC opera had a mechanical failure and
into the riverboat I sure did and oh my goodness how scary what a miracle that
no one was seriously injured I know some of the passengers on the little
riverboat were they had some minor injuries but it is a miracle a miracle
that nothing worse happened so yes I’m so glad everyone’s alright Ellis said
when is the best time to purchase spa treatments pre cruise day 1 or port day
specials Alec you’re already so smart you already know what I’m gonna say you
know it I’m gonna say port day specials because me I’m a cheapskate and I don’t
pay full price for spa stuff I just don’t to me it’s not worth it
I just don’t spend that kind of money on the ship so I’m port day girl all the
way all the way okay Christina yes we’re planning on going on Carnival panorama
foreshore that’s gonna happen Danielle gay heart said does NCL do
tender tickets I didn’t remember needing tickets on Majesty of the Seas wait NCLR
Royal Caribbean because you’re saying oh dear you’re talking about Royal
Caribbean no you’re talking about two different it’s two things here okay um
most cruise lines do ten do make sure that you do tender tickets so it’s hard
to say Danielle I can’t guarantee it but probably yeah yeah I would think so most
likely all right Wendy said has anyone done a renewal of vows on a cruise in
border and port thought about it on an upcoming cruise but carnival charges
over a thousand dollars thinking something small Wendy I think you can
find something cheaper I wouldn’t spend a thousand on it but I’ve heard of some
people doing it and they say it’s lovely okay how we doing miss crew subs to be
good I see some questions coming in here ah yeah nari King said picture packages
on Carnival do I have to purchase two packages for two rooms since kids will
be in separate cabin for your family you shouldn’t have to as long as the
purchasing parties face is in that picture you should be able to get all
the pictures so they could argue with you on this on caribbean princess the
way that it was explained to us is that the person who buys the package needs to
be in the photos for unlimited package but
they did not enforce it just saying I what’s that just saying just saying
Brenda ball says I love love love the podcast Brenda thank you we’re having so
much fun with that and isn’t mr. cursive Stevie a delight on the podcast he’s
he’s so hard on himself but don’t you guys think that it’s a nice what do you
call it yin and yang I’m married yes so someone who’s good and someone who’s no
good someone who is like you measured thoughtful what I’m waiting you are very
calm reassuring personality I’m a spaz me I’m like ah right I think the balance
is actually quite nice and I have it on good authority that our subscribers are
great you should ask him how they like the shorter one we did oh yeah so did
you guys notice that that today’s pod was only 25 minutes long and it was a
cruise line profile on Royal Caribbean did you like just want the 25 minutes
shorter version or do you like the ones that are more like 40 minutes Chloe
Nicole oh my gosh yes you can listen anywhere you can
listen on pod mean you can listen on oh dear I’m terrible with this mister oh
you can listen on our website libsyn isn’t it isn’t there like oh shoot help
me here honey you know you know what it is okay cruisetipstv dot
Li b sy n dot com you can listen to the pod there I’ll just put in the chat yeah
put it in the chat we’re gonna put it in the chat okay there it is there’s the
pod in the chat Thank You simple char yes you can listen to it by clicking the
link in on Facebook absolutely Connie said mister Kristoff’s TV has a
fantastic voice for podcasts and he is so smart
Connie thank you help me out here guys i I just I don’t need to be the one
talking all the time right like they’ve been asking for you give
the people what they want he’s over there going on let’s move on all right
back to questions we have a good five minutes we can do this Tracy Smith hi
sherry I have a question about ocean ready medallions if I don’t get pictures
at the time of installation will princess do that on arrival I think so
Tracy haven’t done it yet I think it’d be better to do it at
installation if you could do if you could download the app and get your
photos in there if that’s what you’re asking you to do just snap a cellphone
picture I would prefer that you do that but I don’t see why they can’t do it on
arrival and you’ve got a figure they’re probably helping people out with all
kinds of things like that on arrival that just maybe aren’t tech savvy and
didn’t do it Yichang said my American Express card
has points that can be used to purchase for Carnival Corporation gift cards
carnival princess haul in America has anyone used these are they easy to use
on board yes they’re easy to use the a chain you just take them to the front
desk and they’ll help you to apply them Karen n said do you ever get photo
packages for yourself only once Karen we did it on caribbean princess when we
would cruise with my mom to Panama Canal I’m really glad we did it I don’t want
to do it on every cruise because to me it’s 200 or so dollars that I can spend
on other things and I don’t frame things much so I’m more of a digital picture
girl so I probably wouldn’t do it all the time
Shannon Lou Grant said my friend is cruising on Disney to Alaska for the
first time and is worried about not being able to relax due to so many kids
any tips Shanna I gotta tell ya Disney probably does one of the absolute best
jobs of separating children from adults of any of the lines I know it seems
ironic but they do they have adults on the area’s adults only restaurants I
really don’t believe that’s going to be an issue for her Stephen Ames said when
we come to Australia cruisetipstv well Stephen not soon enough is what mister
cruisetipstv wanted me to say that’s true we’ve got to figure it out we’ve
got just a bucket list that’s ever-growing and ever-expanding Sharon
Griffin can you prepare gratuities on MSC Oprah pay
Sharon I’m not sure if you can prepay gratuities on MSE I’ve never done it but
if it’s not something you can do on the website then it probably is if it’s not
obvious on the website then you probably can’t that’s what my answer would be to
that Jennifer’s saying Jennifer McClintock said that all of those Amex
gift cards are definitely easy very lazy travelers that have a PSA they said can
you please let your military veterans know they can get up to $200 shipboard
credit by submitting their separation paperwork dd-214 just a few weeks before
the cruise that is awesome I did not know that the very lazy travelers what
cruise lines does that apply to carnival carnival has a really good military one
okay thank you for that excellent awesome you guys Heather said the 25
minutes was too short for her just saying Heather likes the longer pods Oh
Benjamin said I prefer the longer pods he said it exactly how I just said it oh
dear okay good to know guys it was actually a bit of a mistake that that
one was short to help me to tell them it’s kind of funny mr. cruise tips TV
gave me a wrap it up what I thought was a wrap it up signal but it wasn’t it was
like a total of misinterpretation of the wrap it up so I thought I needed to like
wrap it up I was like oh my gosh I’ve been talking for 45 minutes we’ve gotta
cut it short oops it was totally hilarious we laughed
about it afterwards so we’ll keep that in mind and we’ll try to keep him 3045
something like that okay Marley said greetings you’ve stated that you all
would love to try Disney Cruise but it’s too expensive but then you tried the MSC
yacht club I would like to try try both what was that cheaper than going on
Disney you bet it was Marley an MSc Yacht Club cabin on the Mara Vilia for
three people was only forty four hundred dollars compared to a lot more that you
would pay and that was inclusive of alcohol and butler service and a lot of
other things so I’m sorry it’s still cheaper I would love to cruise on Disney
but it’s just not a priority right now so everybody wants longer podcast pal
sorry some char we announced the winners the very
beginning of the pod and I’m going to be emailing everybody tomorrow Natalie as
burst said sorry I’m beating this question I’m a bit panicked
who knows what’s the best way to get to an airport in Montreal I can do the ship
transfer because I’m staying over to torte let’s help Natalie guys in
Montreal can she take a cab can she take an uber let’s help her out in the chat
keep an eye on the chat Holly said have you been to st. Kitts or Nevis trying to
decide which one to visit oh they’re both great but everybody raves about st.
Kitts Holly Elizabeth Klein said which Cruise Line is best for a family of five
I would say probably Elizabeth probably Royal Caribbean or Carnival maybe
Norwegian for you I think those might be nice places to start if you need a
little more help instant message me through Facebook and we’ll try to help
you I’m telling you mr. Chris which TV they want longer podcasts okay Amanda we
hope to meet you too hopefully I’ll be on Carnival panorama before you are in
March that is the goal but if we can’t we’ll let you know Mike and Cheryl I
kind of had a feeling you guys were gonna come to our rescue on the Montreal
mulrow question they said from the via Port of Montreal you’re about 25 minutes
to the airport suggest you take an uber wherever you are so go ahead and
download that uber app and know that Mike and Cheryl know their stuff they’re
from Canada they know what they’re talking about Jeanne said sherry I’m
really keen to hear your thoughts on princess getting caught dumping trash in
the ocean again do you have any thoughts on environmentally-friendly cruising
Jeannie this is a really tough thing because in the beginning with princess
we all thought that this was the actions of one person making a bad judgment call
on one ship and now it has been uncovered that it may have been more of
a fleet-wide issue on princess and it does make us really sad I’m still
gathering information I’m withholding judgment you know they’ve obviously paid
a giant fine and are being held accountable to very strict standards
moving forward on a you know daily fine basis so
confident that the cruise line will clean up their act and I hope that this
has rattled their cage and captured their attention and that everything
cleans I hope they clean up their act I will say that
Yichang yeah I have a pa box where you can send things to us each egg just
shoot me a DM on Facebook and I’ll share it with you
I don’t usually share it on YouTube it’s you know these days it’s not really
something that’s recommended that we do but happy to send send you that in a DM
Psalm 27 I’ve never been on Ruby but I’ve heard great things about it I think
you’re gonna have an awesome time yeah hey it’s miss Jess I cut I pretty much
just answered the question I think it’s I think it’s it’s very very what’s the
word it’s but it’s disheartening and concerning and I think we need to being
a little more time to see how the story develops and how the whole story
impacted the fleet I don’t really have all the facts yet all right purple ryuko
said I saw a video where you referenced a cruise binder video where can I find
it let me see if I can get it for you the cruise finder video was very popular
we filmed it on msec side and I’m gonna give it to you in the chat it’s actually
very easy to do the video itself is called my secret weapon and I’m gonna
pop that link in the chat for you right now aren’t I fast mr. gruesome Stevie
boom okay purple ryuko huh oh you want the binder the binder the link to the
contents of the binder so how you can bind the binder stuff is in the
description of the video and it’s the comment that I just put yes Marv ferret
was princess it was princess ships only part of Carnival Corp I don’t know John
if there are cruise lines that run excursions to Oak Island in Canada I’ve
never heard of Oak Island yes Marv fair any other method of contact absolutely
you may email me at sherry SH er I at please feel free people
do it all the time Tony said planning on cruising allure of
the Seas next year do we have to pre booked your entertainment
activities online I don’t think you have to pre book all of it with Royal
Caribbean but I think if there’s anything you’re really dead set on
seeing and the opportunity presents itself to you in that cruise personalise
er I would book a few things but don’t over book yourself you’ll get exhausted
okay Christie no we don’t do meet and greets yet but I’ve been thinking about
that and someday I think we could do some major city meet-and-greets I think
that could be a ton of fun alright alright everybody it’s time for us to go
feed our family Cristen Lube yes I would absolutely recommend renting golf carts
on Catalina Island so for those of you all that didn’t get your questions
answered tonight don’t thumbs down this video we love you
and we will help you just send me a DM on Facebook or send me an email it’s not
a problem I’m here to help you really truly I am and if you’re new to our
channel please subscribe come on guys let’s do this right you want to be a
part of the CT TV family congratulations to those of you who won the raffle you
will be getting an email from me tomorrow by 2:00 p.m. Pacific time in
the afternoon is probably reasonable to say we will keep you posted on our next
live stream we do not have one scheduled yet there is no live stream this
Saturday cuz mama needs to get her hair did but will probably go back to a
Saturday noon format soon as soon as life settles down you know how the kids
start they start transitioning out of school and it’s summertime and the
schedule just kind of changes that’s where we are right now but thank you all
so much for being here thank you for all the love and thank you everyone for
congratulating all of our winners tonight until next time we’ll see you on
the high seas good night Hey click me to subscribe


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