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Hello friends Welcome to the study corner And the topic that is before you is for some important facts related to the human body There is not a single question that has not been asked by competitive examination like ssc, railway etc Well, my target is for SSC exam but I am talking about all the exams So everyone has the advantage of exam Please do not ignore this video Watch the full video And if you like it, do not forget to click like button at all And the first thing is that if you do not subscribe, please subscribe By clicking the button below the red color Subscribing is absolutely free And you will be in all good gains By subscribing you get notifications in an email or whatever must watch till end enjoy In this case, there is no point in making a trick but even then the confusion will be removed But who is simple and you already know, that has nothing to think of and There is something in it that you know about already, you will say ohhhh but can not be left out A total of 29 bones in the human skull (a minor mistake is written as 8) A heart of a healthy man beats 72 times in a minute the breathe rate of healthy man is 16 to 18 times per minute


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