Gotzha inside out. Growing 200% this year, generating up to 100 000 conversions a day.

>>ROMAN: Let’s say that I have $200,000 now
>>FABI:That’s a good question>>ROMAN: What watch in that?>>FABI: Hublot
>>ROMAN: Do you have any non-disclosure acts for your employees?>>FABI: We work a lot with referrals
everybody here knew each other>>ROMAN: Well, Amsterdam is beautiful from
here>>FABI: that’s just what I like>>ROMAN:
Fabi, let’s give a bonus for everyone Cheers!>>ROMAN:
Hi I’m Roman from Zorbas media and today we’re filming Gotzha an affiliate network that has shown tremendous growth
over past three years and we are in Amsterdam to meet Fabi it’s managing partner. Hi, Fabi!>>FABI: Hi! nice to meet you.>>R:
How’re you doing?>>F: All good then.>>R:
First things first. Have been always curious about what Gotzha exactly means.>>F:
That’s a very good strange story actually. So, It was supposed to be with the CH
but we got some copyright infringement when we started the company. So we had to change it to Z which is yeah kind of hard to pronounce and it’s a very funny name actually but everybody remembers it because of that and also what’s also funny than in Thailand where we also started the company they don’t know how to pronounce the Z so we have to change it back to C again. So, we have Gotcha Thailand with the C and with the Z here.>>R: So, is it like “Gotcha”? Yeah, so it actually comes>>F:
Gotcha, you know, “I got you”. Okay. But then in a different way. It’s a.. It’s a funny story.>>R: And what does Godzha do?>>F:
So, we’re in affiliate Network, as people may know. We’re kind of a mediator between advertisers and affiliates and we operate in a lot of different verticals have within the company within the sister companies we have some of our own products So think about sweepstakes, casino, apps, ecommerce. So there’s a lot of different verticals that we do.>>R: And what are your responsibilities within
Basically, everything from from strategic planning to
managing the sales people, to think of new opportunities. literally, everything from day-to-day business.>>R: And your another office is located in
Bangkok, am I correct?>>F:
Yes. So we have the sales equally split between Bangkok and Amsterdam, sales as. Well, and then we have some extra finance people in Thailand. Yeah, We wanted to be in two cities.>>R: Does it mean that you have to travel
a lot?>>F:
Yeah, so I’m travelling here to Amsterdam every couple of months to
meet with the team go over reviews go over all, everything that happened, talked to the other partners because they’re based here. Some of the partners. Yeah, so every three months I go back and
forth.>>R: Okay, now we were finally here. Here’s your office.>>F: Nice church?>>R:
Yes, nice church. So let’s get inside and check in out.>>F: Cool! So, let’s get in!>>R: Let’s do it, man!>>R:
Ok, Fabi let’s talk business first. Can you tell me how many people created Gotzha
Network?>>F: Yeah, so we’re with five shareholders,
actually. Which is Sven, James they both started in mobile content a couple of years back. And we have someone on the technical side
which is Petr. And then we have me as well. and I came in as less part of the group.>>R: Alright. Are you all managing partners now? Is anyone involved, actually?>>F:
So, basically how it goes on a day-to-day business. I manage most of it. And Sven is also partly involved in bigger
deals if we’re talking about either
looking at new companies to buy, bigger strategy deals, targets forecasting. That’s something we do together. But on a day-to-day business it’s just me. Of course, the team.>>R: In terms of revenue, do you expect… What grows do you expect this year in percentage?>>F: So, for 18 are we growing around 150
to 200 percent. That’s, obviously, also
because we just started like two years ago. So the growth is still quite…
quite steep. So yes, 2018 has been the best year by far for us.>>R: Gotzha is growing tremendously fast,
as far as I know and, in your opinion,
what helps you to achieve that growth?>>F: There are a couple of things that, I
think, contributed to the success. And that’s we deliberately chose to be very onto the business, where you see
some networks, rather have multiple layers in the company. I really try to be close to everybody. So, I’m still on day-to-day business and I also started the business. So, I know the affiliates quite well, I know the industry quite. And the same strategy we have for all our
partners. Everybody’s really hands-on and you should be realistic about what the
network actually is. It comes down to just being a broker between advertisers and affiliates and a couple of things that you need to do should be managed really well. You know, it’s gonna sound like a cliche but, actually, on time payments and being there for your affiliate it’s, actually,
quite important. I should do see a lot of networks at the second they take a hit because, well, we’re in a risky
business. They try to get a short term solution and not pay the affiliates, for example. But in the long run that’s gonna cost you way more. So in the in the course of two years we lost we took big hits but we always, we always to affiliate, because we know in the end they will come and return to us. Because they knew we’re trustworthy. And these are the principles that you should
have and you should know all the ins and outs of the business. So, one strategy that we have, we try to know as much as we can about all
the verticals that we do. And, you see, that because we own our own products as well within the sister company… of the mother company, actually. So we did a mobile content. So we learn, we know how mobile content works
how mobile billing works. We’re gonna start on e-commerce products. So we know a lot about the processing, bank processing, flows, design, how to convert. We have some people in a company that know a lot of media… have a lot of have experience in media buying
itself. And these things all contribute to talking to the affiliate convincing them that we know what we’re doing. In the same to the advertiser helping them with, again, designs, processing, all kinds
of stuff. So, you, basically, work on both sides to improve the entire flow, actually.>>R: Fabi, let’s say that I have $200,000
now. On your opinion, would it be enough to launch an affiliate Network that is competitive nowadays.>>F: No. 100% no. I think that before we actually got the first
money in we were… cash flow wise it’s a very very difficult
market. It takes up two to three months before you
get your money. And I think before we got any money in we spent maybe more than a million already.>>R: They were initial investments, right? It’s all… it’s all private… private investment. So we didn’t have any loans. From the money we got from mobile content. They basically, the shareholders’ I just talked about. They wanted to start this. So we were always self-funded which really
helps. Actually, we just had a couple of cases where affiliate networks popped up and tried to do it with like you said 200-300
K initial investment. And you see, the first time you don’t get a payment from an advertiser,
you’re burnt.>>R: All right.>>F: So it seemed impossible.>>R: So, the minimum that you enter to this
market is 1 million?>>F:
Yeah, that’s why it’s quite It’s quite steep. I mean, you can do it with less but then
that means that you cannot take any risk. You cannot afford any risk. You cannot afford any mistakes. And the second, you’re going to lose the trust to your publishers to done. Right, I wanted to talk a little bit about your marketing and promotion activities.>>R: What part of your entire budget is allocated for promotion purposes? Well, actually we don’t really look at it
that way. We do it more from a media buying perspective where we say: “You don’t have any budget but test something if it works we allocate more”. And we do spend quite a lot on events. Bangkok that’s coming up. Of course, Affiliate World Asia. We always have a big party. We bring affiliates to villa.
and we don’t really have a budget for that. It’s a small investment in comparison to the entire yearly revenues
of course. But yeah we feel there should always be some branding in all the activities
that you have but not really a budget.>>R: All right, in terms of branding, through
what channels are you promoting your network? Have you tried so far?>>F: So we’re doing some Facebook. The thing is with affiliate marketing in general
and especially for us the growing marks always new affiliates, of course. It’s a very specific target group and it’s very difficult to target them on Facebook, for example. So we trying that but it’s always a bit hard. I think it’s just the face-to-face and a couple of meeting points that you do have doing throughout the year. Those are very important. It’s like the Affiliate World. Affiliate Summit these kind of of events. And we try some Google as well and that’s more interesting. Because people are looking for best offers here best offers there. So there you can target a bit more specific. And we just do a lot with the team. So the branding that we wanted to have is we’re fun, we’re trustworthy and we chill like at the same with this office.>>R: That’s also branding.>>F:
Exactly, yeah, that’s also certain positioning in the market where other networks want to be
a bit more professional almost in business kind of way. We try to be more a bit more down-to-earth a kind of way. That’s just a different positioning. But when we thought about the branding I was like: who’s our target group? Where’s our focus group? That’s affiliates. And to be honest they are all super young chill guys to party with. So I feel we should have the same to be equals and we hire people based on that as well. And you know, we all have the same… the same people also in management there are kind of that way.>>R: All right then, what marketing channel is the best
to attract affiliates?>>F: On marketing channel, to be honest,
the way we grew is mostly by referrals. So it goes super fast if someone knows you. Because it was hard for us because we were small. Well, we were new of course in a quite a developed
market. Because once you did what you have to do as a network, everybody starts talking to each other. And that’s where we get most of our new business from. Its just word of mouth, basically. But Google is quite big for us STM is quite big for us still. We just see if there are any treads that are relevant for us and try to explain
a bit more about certain issues that they have because we like I said before we know quite a lot about processing and that kind
of stuff. And Google still there’s some Facebook but mostly
Google referrals and forums.>>R: Do you sponsor any conferences?>>F:
Yes, a lot actually. Especially in this year. We actually sponsor almost everywhere where
we go. Affiliate World we also were the main sponsor. We went to Ibiza on a private plane with some of our partners which was a crazy experience, of course. What does it give you in return? A bond with your partners. We were not even per se the event itself but we were in a villa afterwards for a couple of days and then you start learning each other because you learn to know each other instead of just talking about certain products. Offers you, actually, get to know someone. You party together, you talk together, you have breakfast together and that’s very valuable.>>R:
And do you organise parties for your affiliates?>>F:
So I think we have some infamous parties that we had in Bangkok on the boat. Boat party where you could have all you can
drink. Thai cocktails you know. And this year we’re gonna have a nice party it’s a flow house which is a place where you can do some serving. Some recreational serving. And it’s a really relaxed beach atmosphere
and also there we would just have food and drinks
for everybody.>>R: Speaking of your affiliates, how many do you have at the moment, approximately?>>F:
In the system it’s around up to 5,000 I think and then usually
people are talking to is around 1000 and active partners is around 300-500. It seems there’s always a little bit of a
mix there. Also depending on the capacity you have of
course. But that’s usually a bit the numbers that
you see.>>R: Your website is only translated into Russian beside English and I just wanted to talk about Russian market for a bit. Do you see that market as an attractive piece of affiliate pie yeah?>>F: For sure, if you see also the amount
of partners from that region it grew quite a bit. And we have a Russian speaker affiliate manager as well and I think it’s just a very… the culture is quite a good fit for affiliate marketing. You just see a lot of people getting involved and of, course, it’s a huge huge country. So, you do see a lot of people signing up from Russia. What else you see big affiliate communities? So initially when I moved to Bangkok. Actually, to Thailand. There was a pretty big community there already. I think there are a couple of “Affiliates
Vanhallas” how we call them. And that’s Bangkok, Amsterdam here it’s super super big and
probably Toronto as well. And we initially had the idea as well to run, to have offices in all those countries. 2 out of 3 we succeeded. One we actually set up an office but it didn’t work out, unfortunately. yeah these are just very easy to go to countries I guess. Bangkok is quite lenient towards experts and digital nomads or it’s least easy to get there. Amsterdam was already a pretty big on a marketing hub with a lot of lead generation companies, a lot of affiliates
as well. But in general we see pubs from everywhere. There can be big companies someone in his basement coding a little bit. It can be anything that’s what makes it pretty cool as well.>>R: In terms of numbers, what was the biggest revenue brought by single affiliate within
the month?>>F:
Within a month… it’s a good question because
it’s good for affiliates to know as well. Because usually pretty big affiliates already think like: The biggest affiliates are doing at let’s
say 100-200 K a day. But in my experience
if you’re doing let’s say 300 to 500 to 600 K a month you’re definitely in the top top 10 to 15 top 20.>>R: Do you have such affiliates?>>F: Yes.>>R:
let’s imagine this situation an affiliate is doing like really really
well stuffs. Your pockets with money and you want him to scale, of course, and in order
to scale he needs more money to purchase the traffic. Do you see that possible that you lend some amount of money to the affiliate for scaling?>>F: So we did it in the past and unfortunately
a couple of times we did it we always lost the money. So and in that case, I would not be very …
I would be a bit reluctant to do that the reason is more because it means that their cash flow is not in order. And as well on advertiser’s side, affiliate side and network side cash flow
is so extremely important, people overlook that. So that means that, I would be reluctant but I would ask like what the reason is I don’t have the money?>>R: So, you would talk at least that person?>>F:
Yeah of course, of course. I mean if he’s happy we’re happy as well you know and
if I trust the person then why not. But if it’s just if it’s a cash flow issue yeah it can give problems later on. So I would then say like make sure your cash flow is in order and then we can we can
help you a little bit more.>>R: Well, do practice daily payouts time
to time in some cases?>>F:
We don’t, people don’t really ask for it either but also there if it’s
really necessary and I really think they should have it and they can bring in the volume. It’s a bit how
our company works. We are open to
everything as well as new project, as people,
going abroad, working here, working in Bangkok. And also with affiliates,
do whatever you think is best and we can always test it.>>R: Are you willing to talk to affiliate
yourself?>>F: Yeah!>>R: They have question, they can come to you and discuss business, right?>>F:
That’s the thing that I mentioned before is that… I really like
to be hands-on and I want to know what’s going on and I’m still managing accounts even though I have a lot of other stuff going on. I feel you should be able to talk to them
and also I have a lot of experience, so also on yeah more out-of-the-box ideas. I need to scale, to set up new stuff
or to help them with certain aspects of the media buying. I can always help and if you’re just busy with managing or other things that are outside of the business, you lose touch with what everybody is doing on a daily basis and therefore you cannot manage the people properly as well.>>R: Are you a hardworking person?>>F:
People say I am but I don’t feel like it’s that necessarily. I was always a lazy person but I do like this business so much and it drives me a lot. To a certain extent like I think I became really hard-working. It’s cool to see everything on a day-to-day
basis on a time frame of a couple seconds when we see a conversion coming in. it’s actually someone just applying and… That keeps you excited! Yeah it’s tastes cool and also to have new partners or to see, to bring new records or to have a better day than the previous one still gives you a kick. That’s just a sales mentality I guess.>>R: Fabi, we are actually in charge now..>>F: Yes.>>R:
literally, in Church. Why on earth have you decided to have
your office in here?>>F: Well, also part of what we do and the transparency that we have and openness
that we have because we have a couple of companies here. We have mobile content behind here
and then we have Gotzha here. Is that we always want to work together and we saw this open space like yeah for sure man that’s, that’s super super nice.>>R: Do you know history beside the church?>>F:
Little bit, so it became in the church in 1854, it was actually bought by a company
who wanted to make this church. They felt
there was not enough churches in this area. So in 1854 was I was transformed into a church and now we’re here.>>R: Ok, Fabi, should we tour this place?>>F: Let’s go!>>R: Can you show me around?>>F: Sure, of course!>>R: Let’s do it, man!>>R:
Nice big stairs. Should we walk up? That a kind of stairs you see everywhere in
Amsterdam, always like narrow.>>R: If you live in Amsterdam you should know how to walk stairs for sure.>>R: That’s right.>>R:
Wow, that’s look very beautiful! You know, looks like lead generation Factory!>>R: Can you tell me how many conversions do generate daily, proximately?>>F:
Good question, it depends a little bit on the vertical we’re doing. If we’re running apps, for example, it’s way higher. I think it’s around… It really depends from 2 000 to a 100 000
a day. It really varies on per month, basically.>>R: And how many people are you now?>>F: On a Gotzha side which you see here there are people
working on our own products like e-commerce and mobile content and some
design, for example. And on sales, so we divided the teams in two parts. We have Bangkok Sales and Amsterdam Sales. It’s around 14, so we have around seven and seven and we have a big finance team in Thailand as well.>>R: Alright, that’s like 30 people total?>>F:
It’s not that big and I really don’t think you need more than that in order to run up
one of the bigger networks.>>R:
How do you find right people to hire?>>F:
You know we never really work with recruiters. I just really feel you should
have a connection with the person and actually just like same with affiliates we just work a lot with referrals. So everybody
here knew each other in a way like we have someone one of our buddie’s boyfriend of someone I know really well. So this kind of things. I think you should just be very open, very social and
smart. and it can be hard to find but so far so good actually.>>R: Do you take only experienced people
or you can hire someone who isn’t that
experience but ambitious about the business?>>F: So yeah we did both actually. We have people already in the business for a couple of years and we had some people that were completely junior. But indeed really really happy and really eager to start working in this business. To be honest it’s not a very long trajectory, training trajectory, that you need in order to get them up to speed Of course, all the details and sales techniques might take while but to get the basics you can train that quite easily.>>R: And in order to pass their probation period what an affiliate manager has to do?>>F:
So there’s not a lot of qualitative stats that you can check. Of course we have some minor targets that we have when we give new accounts, for example but in the beginning it will be very slow because you need to know the affiliate and what not. It’s just, in general, like how is the feeling with that person, how fast is he picking up. Is he asking the right questions, is he is he eager, is he on time, is he a good part of the group, is he is he accepted by the group. Generally, it’s just a feeling because they’re
so little to know in the beginning but of course if you slack off in the beginning, if you don’t seem interested these are points that can cause for your probation.>>R: Al right, Let’s get up to see what you
have there.>>F: Hi peeps!>>R:
Fabi, beside the money how to motivate employees to stay with you in
that kind of business?>>F: Well, of course, a thing in this kind
of business it’s of course money and we always work with the percentage of your own profit so that means whatever you make or whatever the company makes you make a part of it. That’s of course a very big motivator. We try to invest in the atmosphere. When I hear, luckily I hear a lot of people saying like you know it’s like being with a group of friends and that’s the most important thing. You need to be… you need to feel good that you need to feel at home at your office and with the people you are. So for example like coming back to being very open and transparent like some of the guys in Bangkok in here they literally come to my place. We play games together, we go out together.>>F:
Sо you keep close the relationship with your employees, right, you hang out together?>>F: Yeah, and it can be yeah it can
be tricky but also the other hand like if something really is up and I might lose I might get a bit more frustrated than they know that something’s up because I’m usually a very transparent and relaxed guy so if something is up they will know and that’s a that’s a good way to separate personal and business. §§§ Let’s see the roof actually.>>F:
The best part of the building for sure.>>R: I think so. We have to be a bit careful
oh wow it’s good.>>F: Fabbi, in terms of sensitive information, do you have any
non-disclosure acts here for your employees?>>F: Well of course we rather not have that when you leave the company
that you take all the data with you so that’s something that we have of course
other than it’s also quite open. I don’t think there’s a lot you can do about protecting your data. it’s out there and if people want to use.>>R:
Well if someone leaves Gotzha and create their own Affiliate Network probably using some of
yours assets, what do you feel about that?>>F: I don’t think it will happen to be honest. Of course, they can approach certain partners
but I don’t think they
will switch that fast and if they do may the best man win, you know. Contract wise it’s not possible but in reality sometimes it can work of course. But you know may the best man win. If we have the best advertisers, if we have
the best conditions, if we have the best payouts we will win and if we have the best relationship, as well. So I’m not so afraid of competition, not at
all, actually.>>R:
Competition is a good thing Do you see it to be a good thing?>>F:
Yes, sure, why not? We have some close competitors of course and they see us as
competitors but it makes it fun, right? Let me open the door.>>R: So excited, actually.>>F:
So it’s hard to find something a bit more up in the sky in Amsterdam but this is one of the few places. We don’t have a high-rise of course but this is just as good as you can get.>>R:
Well Amsterdam is beautiful from here actually from everywhere where we are.>>F: And that is really really the city centre
of course. So you see all the big buildings, the museum next to this is a monument. I think it’s from one of the servants from from the Queen as well. It’s a big museum. There is no better or more beautiful place than this in city centre. that’s reachable like this.>>R: You know what I’ve noticed personally that lots of companies
involved in affiliate marketing are actually based, situated here in Amsterdam, do you probably know why?>>F: Well it’s kind of how it starts. If somebody has the idea to be one of the first, to give you an example, talk about lead generation started in Germany for example in Frankfurt you see a lot of lead generation companies in Frankfurt. And the same happens here with mobile content and lead generation later on. There were some people, some innovators that started it. And like you said before, what I think is some people leave, know how it works and started another company. Plus the Dutch culture fits affiliate sell very well. We’re all entrepreneurial, we’d like to take risks, we have some money to invest, we’re quite innovating with online marketing, anyways. I think it’s one plus one plus one is this outcome.>>R: Are you from Amsterdam yourself? I’m from… well I was born here yeah I grew
up in a little village and moved back when I was 17-18 to Amsterdam straight away and this has been my city for sure. Even though living in Bangkok this always be my home, of course.>>R: What does make this city so special
for you? For me it’s literally when
I bike here it’s still one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen,
being able to be in the capital and still be, just wander around without too much traffic if you compare it to Bangkok, for example. That’s something not a lot of cities have
and everybody is quite open and I think Dutch people are quite relaxed to begin with. yeah literally everything, the bars, the restaurant, the people, the canals, everybody’s on a bicycle every day.>>R: What are others cities that you like
to visit?>>F:
Well living in Bangkok now for example of course it has been an amazing experience so far and It’s completely different you know it’s chaotic but everybody’s doing their own thing and that’s what I like is well. If you want to sell something on the street go for it you know do it. The parties they’re crazy! You can do whatever you want there. What else do I like. I’ve travel around a lot anyways. Tokyo was amazing. I was there last year. Japan is super super cool. I think, when people have certain ways of
doing the thing in a certain culture that’s
what I like a lot. In Japan of course, has so many.>>R: It’s like a different planet!>>F: It’s such a weird place in certain ways but also
yeah really cool and people are also super nice. You see things you never see anywhere else and that’s that’s what
I like about travelling.>>R: Do you travel a lot in general? How many flies do you have annually?>>F: I come here every couple of months for a short period
of time, then travelling I would say 10-15 in a year for sure.>>R: Good!>>F: I should, right?>>R: Of course, you should. You never should stop traveling that know what I think.>>R:
let’s go back.>>R:
Wanted to ask you, Fabi, do you remember last time you were launching
any campaign yourself?>>R: I never did, unfortunately.>>F: You never did at all? I’ve never done any media buying actually. I mean I know a lot of the theory but I never
got to it. I think you’re busy enough when
you’re working on an affiliate network. but yeah it might be also a good thing like affiliates don’t really like it when you’re running campaigns yourself or if the company is running any campaigns, so I think it’s fine they don’t know too much about it but
it’s something I want to do in the future for sure.>>R: So you started it as a manager from the beginning, right?>>F: I was basically managing the affiliates mostly and I moved to
Chiangmai first. And after a while, when everything picked up we knew the community was in Bangkok so I went to Bangkok and basically last year I took over the entire
operation.>>R: Fabi, that is often underline that in here Gotzha you can always have a beer while discussing business does that often
it’s completely true of course. I think we have some in the fridge for sure. yes some local, not that’s not local but Dutch brand Hertog Jan>>R:
What is your favourite beer?>>F:
My favourite beer? Actually Hertog.>>R:
Let’s open it. Such a pleasant interview,>>R:
Fabi. You have lots here.>>F:
Let’s like this. Street opening. Cheers!>>R:
let’s go downstairs. I also heard that you have a garden here.>>F: We do I’m a very big ping-pong fan myself and we have a ping-pong table so the garden is it’s perfect. It’s so beautiful as well as you will see.>>R:
And you kind of I presume have barbecue and this kind of activities.>>R: You have a ping-pong table over there!>>F:
Yes, we do. That’s my best game. We used to play against each other. It’s quite quite fun to do.>>R:
Do you do any other sport?>>F: Yes play a lot football actually, an expert competition, tennis, squash.>>R:
Speaking of traffic What major sources you see in 2018?>>F: As for us it’s still a lot of Facebook, Google, native, pops, we get a lot actually. For us a big growth market it’s been SMS and email, never expected so
much have to come from there but it’s still working really well.>>R: In your opinion is it going to be any
changes in the next year?>>F: Well traffic source wise not yet, I
think but for sure the affiliate
marketing is a little bit under pressure. You see it with the GDPR, you see it
with regulation, to see it with Facebook. Everything is getting tighter to protect people’s privacy and to keep the content as high as possible for people. It’s definitely making things more difficult for the affiliates.>>R: And how do you see affiliate marketing
in three years let say?>>F: I think it will be a bit more advanced, it will be way more AI. Optimisation of course is getting more important. I think the product will still be the same. I think in general everything will be of higher quality. So e-commerce products need to be branded, needs to be high quality instead of the drop shipping, for example. People are used to online marketing and it just needs to be better for people to convert.>>R: How do you see Gotzha in the future?>>F:
so I think we’re going to focus a little bit more on expending other parts
of the business, I think the part we’re doing now is already very solid and I think we’re one of the major players there and of course we will be looking more on branded apps just more high-quality apps, for example.>>R: What is your best-developed skill? What helps you to achieve this results?>>F:
That’s a difficult question to answer, but I think it’s just bonding with people on
a personal level. You see, that this is a very face-to-face trust business so people need to trust you and need to know you’re a good guy basically And I think naturally I just can cope pretty well with people and they trust me and therefore also the company and I think that was the major reason why we grew quite
fast.>>R: Another question about the future of AM. What kind of offers, do you think might die soon?>>F:
Well, dying probably never but mobile content is under heavy pressure, of course, we have our own products and we are close to shutting it down because of the tensions with the regulators and carriers. You see there’s there are so many complaints from users and just flow changes so we’re first you had a couple of one click two clicks just went to pay a normal flow. Everything needs to be compliant and be checked on which makes sense of course because in the end the carrier’s will
get other complaints and I think it’s just a market that’s dying out there will be a couple of affiliates on Google for example can still run it a little bit but you see overall in the entire market that’s all the advertisers are going down and going to different verticals.>>R: And what kind of traffic is going to die soon?>>F:
I don’t think any of the traffic’s gonna die any anytime soon like pops will still be there also a bit more under pressure because our same reason, people want qualitative ads and with pops it can be a bit invasive
00:37:36,970 –>00:37:40,160 of course. I’m not sure what Facebook will do. I think we will stay for now but I foresee that in five to ten years maybe a new social platform will come up because it will be saturated and if you look at your own feet for example you just see a lot of unrelated ads and maybe a little bit too many ads. So I foresee something a bit more a bit less invasive as well. Maybe even a paid version,
you don’t know. I don’t think any of the sources will die anytime soon. The market is just the market just keeps growing. Mobile usage will be bigger.>>R: So you’re optimistic about the future? About what you do?>>F: Well yeah yeah for sure and not per
se in the verticals that we’re all in. I think the verticals will always change
and it will be new flows, it will be new kind of products. but as long as you can… you set your company in a way that you
can always go with the flow then you should be fine and of course something that I’m very interested in is smart home, VR, AR and all these kind of
new technologies that will open up way ways to esters ofcourse.>>R:
If not affiliate marketing what would you be doing?>>F:
I would like to build a brand and it can be anything. I would always be in sales and marketing because that’s just what I like, but maybe do something back for the community as well so let’s say at TOMS shoes, for example, where you buy a shoe someone in develop someone in a developing country gets a shoe for
example. WakaWaka, for example which has solar panels to charge your phone based on the Sun. You get one for free as well in the developing country so let’s say buy one here someone in Somalia for example, I think they had a campaign there, it gets a WakWaka where you can just charge your… That is fantastic thing, actually. That’s amazing and if you can build a really nice product around it have the right marketing because you know a lot about marketing then I think you can produce a super nice product.>>R: And are you thinking how to have business aside to start some new project?>>F: To busy, to busy. No, I would like that at one point but you know Gotzha it’s not even two
and a half years, we just at the beginning, so there’s not something that should be on your mind now, you know, that there’s something you can do later on when you’re a bit more, bit older.>>R:
What is your biggest motivator to perform? Is that money or something else?>>F: Well maybe, in the beginning… I’m not so… so old yet. In the beginning of course
it’s very interesting but not really to be honest. What I like most what I said
before as well as just the team and the people hat you work with and they can have a really cool life and do cool stuff and work in a nice environment by working at the company. That’s something that gives you way more energy for a way longer time. And new projects are of course super cool
and you know I like to be around people and that’s the main motivator for me for sure.>>R:
Are you a big spender yourself ?>>F:
Yes, I am, unfortunately. I got a I got the stop buying stuff from my girlfriend. She doesn’t want me to buy anything this month anymore.>>R: What was the biggest purchase of this
Has to be the watch.>>R:
That you’re wearing now? What watch is that?>>F: Hublot. I’ve been a fan of watches my entire life.>>R:
How many do you have? I’ve seen you very different kind of watches. No I have two different ones but
,410 when I was 10>>F: 12 already had watches in my entire life. and other than that I don’t do big
purchases and that’s what I told my girlfriend as well. I just buy things that I like and so for example I’m a big board game geek and we play board games together. I game quite a bit with friends like Mario Kart and whatnot. These are things I can spend often money on.>>R: It’s hard to spend a lot of money on
this kind of games.>>F: Idon’t know I don’t have a car so it’s yeah and I travel a lot that’s that’s what I spent what I
spend my money on and I don’t think that’s gonna change anytime soon. Is the little things. And that’s makes you happy. And again with friends, colleagues same thing, playing games, being around each other, having a good time. That’s what it is about, right?>>F: Great. And affiliate marketing gives you all the opportunities to leave.>>R: And that’s the nice thing about thing about affiliate marketing. You can do wherever you want and however you want. We have someone who wants to work in Bangkok for a month yeah You know, go and experienced Bangkok, experienced Asia for a month That’s all fine by us and if you want to work at home or work somewhere else…>>R: So you’re okay with people who
want to work remotely? Do you have any guys who work from their homes
or something?>>F: No, because I do think that you need
to have contact with your team but let’s say because we have a lot of expats in Bangkok as well, so if someone from China wants to go home for two weeks. We always say they just go and be with your family. But I do think it’s important that you stay and stick together although we’re always open for any remote positions if people are looking for it.>>R: Cheers! That’s is a great strategy!>>R:
Does this part of the office also belong to you, Fabi?>>F:
Yes, from the end of the month we will run this place as well. But for us
it’s too big. So we thought of something pretty cool where we just want to make like a big affiliate marketing hub. So we just signed with some affiliates and probably a tracker and three other
affiliates are gonna be here downstairs. Maybe a co-working space, so that means
basically everything and everyone in the company in Affiliate business will be here. So that’s gonna be pretty cool! So we can learn from each other, have drinks together and that kind of stuff.>>R: Well that’s a great idea to have a affiliates around here so you can work closly to each other.>>F:
Yes, and also a lot of affiliates came from affiliate networks as well, so we knew them already
and they’re good friends and it’s good to have your partner’s close.>>R: I wanted to talk a little bit about
the offers actually, that you have a Gozha. First of all, are crypto offers still doing okay or it’s like that completely?>>F: No, it’s still good and I think it will be better again. You see the crypto market picking up
again and I think especially last year of course when it was such a trend it was talked about everywhere in the news it was it was going way faster but it’s still good actually and people always looking for new opportunities to make money obviously. So it’s still good will be even better again and short in the near future.>>R: You’re particularly famous because of your lead gen and sweepstake kind of offers and I wanted to ask you if they are all made here in-house, your
offers?>>F: No,we have a lot of exclusive campaigns where we also help with processing and the flows and
that’s what we do. But Gotzha doesn’t
own any of these products. But we have really good relationship with companies that do that. We know we know a lot about lead degeneration and credit card submits which is banking and processing. So we have really good deals there and then, indeed, from all the networks we do
have a really big inventory in comparison to other networks.>>R: Regarding lead gen offers, I have always
been interested in what exactly happens after
user obtains all the information. How do you monetize users?>>F: There’s a lot of different ways to monetize
it. Obviously, you can… they resell the data. So that you can do it list-management
or do revshare deals on the data which is again is often being used for other
affiliate offers or they monetize the data themselves. So basically is just obtaining the data and reselling data.>>R: And about credit card submit offers. What is exactly a user charge for?>>F: So you get basically a chance to win
a certain product plus you get subscribe to
certain portal and depends per advertiser what kind of portal you have. You can have streaming portals, music portals
and that’s a rebuilding payment.>>R: You are using Cake tracking system. Correct?>>F: Yeah correct!>>R:
Why?>>F: Well we started with that in the beginning but I must say we’ve grown
so fast you have so many campaigns running now that the tracker is not where it should be. There are so many things you have to do in order to start a campaign. Manual labor that you have to do and I think in the year of 2018 we should be able to automate way more look at the data already give the account manager some suggestions based on the data what kind of products you could use as well. Auto-generating links, also the dashboard can be way more interactive for the affiliate. So I think we’re really looking proactively looking for a solution like that or building it in-house. It’s just a very long process you know. If you’re gonna go for that process it’s gonna take you 1 or 2 years and a pretty big investment. So, that’s something we’re still debating
I heard that Cake is like very expensive product. How much does an affiliate network is Gotzha pay monthly?>>F:
I think in general you can what it’s a volume-based package so basically you
make deals and based on volume you pay a certain amount. I think for the bigger networks you have to think of around 20 to 50 K a month or which is>>R: Quite huge money. If you invest them to developing your own tracking
system that’s probably going to save you a lot of money?>>F: Indeed the only thing that’s always a bit difficult is how
to do the transition from one tracker to the other and make sure that everything, works everything is going fast, the server setup is correct. You cannot lose any traffic. If campaign stop working or the redirects are not working that loss is gonna be very substantial. so you need to make sure everything is correct and it takes one to two years for sure and to be able to build that.>>R: Great, Fabi, let’s give a kind of bonus
for everyone who joins Gotzha Network after watching this video. Is there anything you can think?>>F: Yes, I would say to get off to a good start we would just run
without margin first two weeks if it works for you we can start different campaigns and we’ll just take
normal margin. I’m pretty sure that we will find something that works for everybody.>>R: And what an affiliate manager need to do in order to get this kind of
bonus? Just to contact a manager or …>>F: Yes, if you sign up just put in a referral that you watched an interview ZorbasMedia
>>R: Should they as a referral ZorbasMedia?>>F: Yes>>R: and they will get two first weeks without
any margin?>>F:
How much percentage?>>F:
I mean the standard payers that we have in our system is 20% our general margin is usually a bit lower than that so
see that’s a 20% discount!>>R: Great! So in order to get this bonus from Gotzha
all you need to do is just join their network and put ZorbasMedia as a referral. Also subscribe to our channel, turn all the notifications on because we’re going to have nice stuff coming out soon and see you next time! Thanks for watching!>>F: Thank you, Fabi
>>R: Thanks man>>F:
My pleaser!>>R:
That was tremendously interesting!


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