Great Small Tripod For YouTube: Kamisafe Octopus-Style Bendable Phone Tripod Review – It’s On Amazon

This is the Kamisafe…and I hope I’m
saying that right…Flexible Phone Tripod. And I’m going to give you my honest
review of what I think about this very affordable, three-legged, Gorillapod-like,
tripod. Stay tuned! It’s very similar in looks to the
well-known Gorillapod. A three-legged flexible tripod that you can wrap around
any surface basically, and hold your camera or phone securely while you use
it to take selfies or videos or pictures It can be purchased on Amazon for $12.99, so that’s very cheap! But I do want to tell you upfront that this tripod was
given to me free of charge by Kamisafe in return for my unbiased review. The
question is, is it going to be useful to you? So we’re gonna dig into that and
I’ll tell you what I think. And I’m doing the review from my vehicle because I’m out using it! I film some drivers safety and driving videos, and a lot of
times I’ll use a little small camera like this. An action camera similar to a
GoPro, but not quite as good. But it still does the job. So I think this is gonna be
very helpful to me in filming those types of videos. We’ll start here on the
vehicle and then branch out. And just to give you some specifics on the tripod: it’s very flexible, many different joints; has a little rubberized ring around each
section for grip; the feet are rubberized, so they can grip and hold. You can bend
it just every which way. It feels very sturdy. Feels like it would give you a
very good grip on whatever you wrapped it around. It is designed to support a
kilogram of weight, 2.2 pounds, and that should work with most small cameras,
GoPros, small video cameras. Your average camera that most people would have, it
should support that. It’s about 10 inches tall. It has a 1/4 inch threaded post
there for attaching to other cameras, GoPros, what-have-you. It comes with an
adjustable bracket to put a phone in. And one thing to say about the universal
phone clip holder: it expands out to about 3 1/2 inches. That’s going to work with most phones. I have an iPhone 8 Plus which is pretty big. And
I have a large case on it…an Otterbox Defender. And it would just barely stretch to fit my phone. And since my phone is a little bit on
the larger side with the case, I just take the outside rubberized part of the
case off and then attach it into the phone clip and then put it on to the
tripod. And that works great! So here’s how my phone looks mounted on the tripod. Looks very safe, secure, solid on there. So you could easily attach this to anything and know that your phone is gonna be on there secure. Your phone or your camera.
It also comes with a Bluetooth remote that will take a selfie with your phone. So by pushing the button, I can make it take a picture of myself. If I have my
phone set on video, I can push it and it’ll start recording video, too. So
that’s kind of handy. I like that. And it has the removable camera mount that you can take on and off and attach it to the bottom of a camera, or GoPro of some type. We’re gonna try it out, see how it works. Now, I wouldn’t do this if I was actually
driving, but if I just wanted to park somewhere and record myself saying some kind of intro or explanation, I could attach my camera to this tripod and wrap
it around my rearview mirror and record myself while I’m sitting in the driver’s
seat. I can secure the tripod to the ceiling there on that handle, so I can get a good view of the traffic that’s passing me that way, or the scenery
that’s going by when I’m driving. If I want to use my little camera in the car
to record what’s out my front windshield, I can attach it to the passenger side
chair like this, and it doesn’t obstruct my view. And it gets a straight shot out
the front windshield of my car. As long as you’re not driving, I could also
attach it right in front of me to the steering wheel if I wanted it to take a
video staring right at me. You can easily attach your phone to just
about anything. At the back of this chair if I wanted to
film what was going on in the front yard. It can get a grip on this post with its rubberized feet. You can stand it on the hood of your car without damaging the finish of the paint. And you can level it out and get a video or some photos that way. And it even does a good job of fastening my phone to this
basketball goal. And while the description of this tripod markets it towards the phone market, for me, I’m gonna use it mainly for the small action
camera that I have, and for the small video camera I’m using to record this. So
it’s got a lot of uses for me in that direction. But the tripod is very
versatile, very flexible, rotates 360 degrees. It’s pretty incredible for the
money, but $12.99, to me that’s almost free! That is so cheap! I think it’s a great
quality for the price. I’m gonna get a lot of good out of it. Thanks for
watching, have a great day, and there’s a link to the Kamisafe tripod in the
description below. it’s an Amazon affiliate link, which
means if you do use that link, I’ll get a little bit of money from Amazon for that.
Just so you know! So you can see when I push the remote, it quickly takes a picture of me in all my glory. Like it or not, I’ve got a whole bunch of pictures
of myself!


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