Greg Jeffries SEO Affiliate Domination Review: SEO for beginners

Hey everyone, this is Yogesh. Welcome to my channel utilize your business and in this video I’m gonna talk about an SEO course by Greg Jeffrey. It’s SEO affiliate domination It talks about how you can earn 100 to 200 dollars per day passively Is that true? I mean and one of these techniques that he talks about so let’s find out So what is a SEO affiliate domination course all about so first of all Let’s talk about the Creator great Jeffery he’s actually a six-figure affiliate marketer where he goes and talks about why he did the garden walls with the SEO and one of the techniques that he wanted and then he does show a couple of the income proof For how much money actually he’s making it using the techniques that you learn if you go on top of that main Tagline is how to replace your nine-to-five job in the next fifty eighteen months or less. So he’s just giving the realistic Time where you can actually replace it while using the techniques taught in this course, he talks about, you know he will give you a step by step to create hone your Marketing campaigns a list of either completely free or very inexpensive Marketing tools that you need it to use his techniques then he also talks about how to generate Tons of website traffic with little or no competition and he talks about long tail that keywords to you. So instead of using for example click funnels he talks about You can use you know how to use click funnel in E-commerce or you know talk about the long term. So there’s a less competition, but you more likely have you are using that technique you’ll End up being whatever offer you’re doing it you’ll be able to with less competition You’re off will be visible to to to the people and then also if you go down the road down he also talks about some testimonial for face past students who have taken this course and they have earned income or maybe a double the investment that he talks about and If you are the person who are coachable adventurous and you must understand the value of daughter then this is the porch for you and you click enroll and The course is actually 497 so it’s it’s certainly it’s it’s pretty wicked Investment, but I’m going to show you why this investment is it’s worth it. So the first one is Once you’re inside the SEO course, so first of all well What you can do is you can actually earn back your investment once you meet 500 bucks using all the techniques. All you do is so much your testimonial. You can actually make Geoffrey will give you back your Investment that you made it then right? So the first one is just the welcome and the overview So the first one it talks about why what is SEO why it worst talks about domain? Hosting and you know registering and one thing I like about this is after every end of every module He actually gives you the actions action steps. So action step in terms of what you should have it in your mind and then If we go into this he talks about a concept of you know Where you actually go into the Google trend in Amazon and make a list of 10 to 20 ideas of the niche Topics that you can create a site about so this is the one thing I really liked about The way his course is set it up So actually after every module he does give you an extra step and if you take this step so you are Learning something at the same time putting implementing the idea into action, so the second model is talks about Hosting and the WordPress team and the plug-in and then again, there is an action item wallet The third one is talked about the keywords and the SEO and he also talks about on on-page SEO and Off page SEO and the other thing is he I only also liked about this is if you’re not good in writing He does gives you a couple of good where you can outsource The articles that you want to write about it, so you’re not worried about it so if you if you do have some extra air sex or money to invest and you look you’re not looking for a better article and You know the good writer and he’s this suggestion to outsource the articles Then he’s talked about the off page SEO and if you could keep on going The one thing that I like about this is where he actually does tells you the simplest and the Fastest way to make your money back using his techniques and then he does go in more in detail about it and then for some some of the people who really do have Set aside some money that they can invest in. Well, they don’t have and they don’t have time because they’re working To double shift ninety five or whatever it is. They actually has the done for for you affiliate niches so you can actually click on one of this and and actually write it down for you and which is which is really good so that you’re not struggling to Make a website and being you know One thing I know about the courses is once you are struggling for it You sort of tend to leave the course along and not not to do any action on it plan on it. So the tango I liked about his courses where each and every model gives you an action plan and at the end of the action plan, you know, it drives you to put an action plan into you know make it for yourself and put in the action and then he also gives you sort of other tools that you can use it if you have a little more of the money to invest in the business such as done-for-you affiliate site such as Outsourcing your article contents and since he has Gone through all of them and picked the one which is a good You know are good for you. So you don’t have to do a lot of searching and all that and then he also Has some case studies and he also has some you know talking about they some of the success Stories to reach a test. So overall if you look at it in terms of SEO great, Jeffrey his success speaks Sl6 for their affiliate marketer, he is one lot of words He’s on the dream car winner on the clickfunnels So actually where you you know have about 100 counts under under your failed links and he has done You know a lot of other affiliate marketing So it’s not tied to one and all of the techniques that he used himself he is, you know shared it in this plan and in this course and we actually Can go ahead and apply it he does also Once you Get into this course He also have a mutation for it private Facebook group where you actually can join the private way Square and actually can ask Pacific Ocean regarding this course if you are stuck or something, so Overall, I really liked it short. I enjoyed it and I went through it and I am having Successful in terms of created a blog a website and I am now using this You know cross for image for the YouTube. Hence my Website utilize your business. So I urge you to if you are looking for any SEO and started to build you know digital asset go ahead and invest in this now if you are decided to Invest in this is it on top of what you’re getting from Jeffrey. I’m gonna throw in some more Bonus to make it easier for you. So the first bonuses there clubs who eight bonuses The first one is the TT 5 Omega software bundle and then there’s a group convert if you are facebook group owners how to get Emails from the members on the autopilot if you are somehow involved in the click funnels and what I do have three courses or one of them courses is By great Jeffrey CF affiliate domination now And once you get into affiliate marketing you want to know about which are the recurring affiliate programs So there’s a list of that. They’re the AG swipe. And also I gives you a template of Close to nine different templates Which are built in click funnels that you can actually use it. I’ll share it all you use so this is all champion and some of the people that when I mentioned about Tier 5 make up software bundle. They wanna know a little bit more about what it is all about. So this is there are About five six software not so what’s one is the Texan ball then you talk about Robo contact Connecting with to your dream and these are all then the magic jab making your website at sales to and there’s a link visit this shortening your link and also gives you tracking and protection to scale it and there’s a Inviting for you, and then there’s a sticky video so you get all of this Well this what’s their regular selling for anywhere from three hundred dollars to Forty seven dollars you’re getting all of this free as a bonus once you invested in the SEO so all you gotta do is click the link below in this video and then their so they will also be a email after investing and send me email and I’ll send you all these bonuses that they’ll be yours to keep and You’ll have successful in the SEO field. See you guys. Bye

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