Gross So Much Hair || Cleaning Motivation

Come on in, Welcome to my home. Things have changed a little bit. Yeah, yeah this is a little different because the way I film, I am out of order in seasons so you are going to get a sneak peak at what my Halloween is going to look like. In fact you can see part of it even though it is not Halloween time yet. But, yeah you get the sneak peak of it and the big thing that I am actually battling right now is dog hair. My tiny little dog is shedding. shedding everywhere. So there is dog hair everywhere. The house itself really wasn’t clean. Really wasn’t DIRTY, it was clean. Because I changed out the whole decorating thing. Which like I said you’ll see pieces of it. But in later videos you will get to see the entire change over to Halloween. But hair, Hair is everywhere. But what is also interesting about this is… Well you’ll have to watch it. You have to tell me what you think the most strange thing about this was. [ music ] Alright well that wasn’t all that difficult simply because dusting was really strange this time. I normally have a whole lot of chakchakis out to begin with but with the whole theme that I have for Halloween It is way more than I would ever have out. So dusting wasn’t all that hard because I didn’t want to move all that stuff plus it is Halloween. Dust for Halloween is actually getting into the mood for everything. So yeah that’s pretty cool, it wasn’t that hard. I hope that this gave you some motivation to clean your house. Get all those dishes done. I want to hear from you, Tell me how like like this videos that help you get your motivation get your cleaning going. So that way we can all have these nice clean houses and everything, And just sit back and relax and get to enjoy them. Well if this is your first time here remember to subscribe. Hit that bell for notifications That way you know when I do a new video. You will get to see my whole decorating for Halloween like I said in a much later video. And I hope I get to see again next time. And check out these videos that I picked out just for you. [ music ]


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