Growing CHIA PETS for our Holiday Party Centerpieces (Gardening with Kids)

hey guys it’s Melissa we just had a
really fabulous holiday party here at home which means that I really would
like to tell you about my Chia Pets here they are so I am one of those people who
thinks of Chia Pets when I think of the holidays and now that I have children
it’s really fun that I have been collecting Chia Pets for years now this
year we started and planted them just before Thanksgiving so this is 11 days
of growth and it was super fun to do with my kids because chia seeds are
really gelatinous if any of you are like health nuts and you do chia puddings or
have put chia seeds and drinks and they get really gooey sort of like jello and
they’re really fun for kids so I just wanted to plant that seed that if you
are hosting holiday parties or if you have the same sort of retro flair that I
do you might look into getting your old chia pet out or ordering a new chia pet
I think that the old ones are really the most charming like the ram and the bull
were the original ones marketed in the 80s so if you’re a child of the 80s like
me you’ll remember them and then I also have some of these more authentic ones
that are the original Mexican ones and they have like crazy ears this one has
three horns because it’s super mythical you know you can get them modern or
cartoon characters nowadays or something as freakish as this three-horned two
eared googly eyeballed sheep of some kind anyway we had such a special party
but I will say that little things like this really make parties a little bit
different and everybody really got in the mood tonight and we had a great time
ours was a pre Hanukkah party but I feel like Chia Pets are nondenominational so
whatever you’re celebrating this holiday season and especially if you have kids I
hope you’ll involve them with a chia pet activity
and even if you don’t have a chia pet we even just got out this little cute
little snail flowerpot and so if you have chia seeds hanging out around the
house you can plant them and they are super festive and super fun have a great
evening and thanks for stopping by my afterparty I just had to get this off my
chest let me know what you think down below and if you have a chia pet and
your cupboard I really want to know about it and I’d love to know it when
was the last time you planted yours take care bye bye it doesn’t matter what kind of animal it is
you can guess what animal it is it sometimes its a little hard but whatever animal it is it has to be a chia pet its okay if your hands get dirty you just have you just
have to make sure that all of it whatever kind of animal it is, it just has to get seeds on it


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