GUANAJUATO, MEXICO – How far will $5.00 go??

[Music] la amigos in case you haven’t been following our tangerine travels for long I’m Maddie I’m Jordan I’m Maddie and today we are taking five US dollars of US dollars one piece is ninety one pesos total for the two of us we’re hitting the streets hopefully not literally because these hills are steep bankruptcies and we are going to try to stuff both of our faces or 91 pesos for the sake of clarity we are considering mercado food also street food because it’s not like a traditional restaurant where you would be sitting down eating what they’ve got me they’ve got me on that we were thinking about getting some fruit but it’s 25 pesos so we’re gonna pass on this for now because we know there’s cheaper food to be had in bigger cuts onward so is it against the rules if we share something wait a minute we made the rules there are rules now like it’s against rules what is this dottie locos we’re sitting there ha inside sharing this bag of porchetta hard to tell how much it is but it seems like a lot [Music] thirteen almost like impart to you it’d be interesting that’s good work job so thrice palette with cinnamon you can tell it’s a good stuff when they actually put fresh we are getting a term up just to clarify in comparison to the Cinco face time alleys this is a whopper kind of the size of a small turnout and I don’t know how we’re gonna get anything else with it this is 15 business 15 and we’re gonna share it it’s what is it again meat with that sauce the unwrapping unboxing and tamale oh I cannot eat without spilling on myself especially when it’s greasy especially when we’ve decided that we’re not gonna do laundry until we go to put your waddle over sure you had one job oh man oh my gosh please don’t drop it all what does this taste like no that’s good I’m sorry we’re gonna have to leave you to eat this yeah there’s a leggy bug on her tamales what you doing look at him oh it’s actually a Mexican ladybug they’re poisonous please don’t hurt me oh it only has four spots yeah those are the most dangerous ones they so cute gracias teenager a breeze because there’s no saying what are they these are plantain chips with some type of red stuff on them I always know the technical names descriptions is it gonna be spicy is it gonna be sweet and I’m gonna regret this I don’t know this one’s an extra red it’s like sweet and spicy but not too spicy like well I’m he’s calm we’re like paprika it doesn’t taste spice and spicy a good luck others – would we just pretend faces theme so we’ve spent 38 paces so far it was my tongue red yeah another pain Hey true pinnacle [Music] okay so yet have we gotten fruit in Mexico before from us yes have we ever got mangoes yes cuz I’ve got mangoes with salt and chili and lime on it no because I guess you can say purists remain go Paris today trying new things hey so mango we got all the goods all the good stuff and I don’t know how I’m going to feel about this but I think this is a good mango tomb I like it I really like the mango on its own as long as you get a good one but this is also really good I’m not sure if I would get it with the Chilean lime next time would you I would but I don’t think the extra salt isn’t necessary yeah so I think you’ve had a change of heart yeah I’d get it again like this for sure I think I would too it’s not that I didn’t believe that all this food was good or why does everyone make it and like it like this but I was like no I like my mango plain like my this like this I like my that like that no I like this mix the way Mexican ways way better [Music] got a small strawberries and cream ice cream actually pretty big for small sizes yeah normally they’ll leave here one scoop yeah it’s like overflowing here hmm there’s real strawberry pieces then let’s prema is really cramming okay okay remember you I’m surprised it’s like actual fresh pureed strawberries means really thick and red the cream part of this for only 15 pieces I’d get the bigger one next time it wasn’t much more but we wanted to have enough left over to get something else taco for five [Music] [Music] [Music] cinco’s preventing furlough this is pretty cool and now we have floor pieces left over yeah well I’m basically full already so they – I’m fine who are you hi oh my word that’s country oh yeah oh my gosh how is it going what the bird just tried to sabotage these pigeons are insane I mean there’s quite a bit of food here I’ve had tastier things in my life why don’t you give it a try okay not really what’s inside here mom no idea what that is but I like the crunchiness oh that’s 87 pieces later and I didn’t anything else at me nope yeah well we came in under budget and stuffed our faces for several hours so 487 pesos we got ricotta a large cotton or horchata or top 13 pesos we got a ricotta large tomorrow banana chips delicious banana chips with some type of seasoning can someone please tell me what that seasoning is I put that on everything and mango with that awesome chili so then lime I want more of that strawberry and cream ice cream and then five tacos or taquitos or whatever the hell those were if you have no idea I really would even just eat we ate it though we just they put it on a plate I mean it makes it go if you liked this video make sure to subscribe to our channel we put out new videos every day about our adventures in Mexico give it a thumbs up thanks for watching our video hope you got a kick out of this we certainly enjoyed all the food that we got to eat [Music]


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