HACKER Box Fort Mansion ESCAPE! (Skit)

– [Narrator] Previously
on Shot of the Yeagers. – The hard part is that
that Youtube family is our friends and we love their videos and we love doing things with them. It just doesn’t seem right to be trying to hack their channel. We really wouldn’t want them
to be hacking ours, would we? – But what if they are trying
to hack our channel right now? – If you’ve chosen not to
hack that Youtube family, then you’ve failed my challenge and you are now locked in
this box fort mansion and I am going to take over your channel. (evil laughter) – So we decided not to hack
that Youtube family’s channel. So we tried to be good
and do something good but in turn, something bad happened to us. – Our channel is now getting hacked and we’re trapped in this box fort forever. – Guess this is my new bed, guys. It’s actually very comfortable. – I don’t like the hacker, guys! (yells) You’re so mean. Give us the channel back. – At least you have
some boxes to play with. Son, I need your box. – Um. (groans) – [Jamie] Guys, what is that? Have you guys seen that here before? – No. – Toilet paper? Let’s go clean it up. – [Jamie] You’re rolling it up? – [Another Girl] Guys
its leading in there! – [Jamie] Where do you think its going? – Obviously, we need to follow it. (upbeat music) – Wait up. (upbeat music) – Man, this toilet
paper’s going on forever. (upbeat music) – My knees. (upbeat music) – Guys, wait for me! (upbeat music) – I have no idea how the hacker found this much room to build this box fort. It’s amazing. – Guys, you see this? A window. – Guys, we might be free come on. Can you open it? Slide it. Is it locked? – [Steve] It’s locked. – I don’t even see
where you can unlock it. – [Steve] It’s locked. – Never mind guys, guess
we’re still locked in here. – Uh, there’s a dartboard on the window. – Let’s no darts. – So it’s weird that there’s
a dartboard on the window and there’s some balls
over here on the ground. Do you guys see those? I’m beginning to think
that maybe the hacker is trying to play some games with us and make us solve some things. – We just wanna get out of here. – [Hacker] I see that you found a secret passage in my box fort mansion. Well, I guess this means you
get one more chance to escape. What you’ll need to do is
complete several challenges, but this time, you’ll be
competing against each other. – What? – [Hacker] To get your special tokens, you’ll have to first
complete the challenge of kicking a ball into the goal. The first one to accomplish
it gets the token. – That’s me. – This is totally my challenge. – Me too. – (both) Challenge accepted. – What about me guys? I play soccer too. – My turn to kick. (intense music) (buzzer) – So close. (buzzer) – Now can I go inside? I did it. – Parker didn’t kick from the line so I guess the hacker’s not counting it. – I so wanna get out of this box fort. Please let me win. (buzzer) I guess not. (buzzer)
(yells) (buzzer) – So close. – I guess I need to show the
soccer players how it’s done. (intense music) (bell rings) (cheering) – I did it. – Technically, I did
it. You’re welcome guys. (intense music) (gasps) We got some tokens, guys. – [Jamie] Let me see it. – I got a three. – And a ten. – A ten, a one, and a seven. – I didn’t even have to
kick the soccer ball. Dad, you didn’t either! – I wanted to. – Good job, Stephen. – You mean Parker. – Alright guys, So I have
no idea what this means, but we have some more toilet paper. Should we follow the toilet paper? – Yes. – [Jamie] Alright let’s go. – [Steve] Follow the toilet paper road. Follow the toilet paper road. – [All] We’re following
the toilet paper road. We’re following the toilet paper road. – [Taylor] We’re following
the toilet paper road. – It lead us to a room with a disco ball? (intense music) – Random dancing! (intense music) – [Child] Look at dad. (intense music) – It’s a disco inferno. (intense music) – Oh yeah. (intense music) – [Hacker] I see you found my dance party. (evil laughter) – Um, okay? – [Hacker] Well, guess what. It’s not all fun and games in here. We’re having a dance off. The best dancer will get the tokens. (evil laughter) Good luck. – I’ve been training
for this my whole life. Thank you, Fortnite. – [Hacker] First up, Taylor versus Jordan. (cheering) (intense music) (cracks neck) (cracks knuckles) – [Steve] Dance. (dance music) – [Steve] Go Taylor, go
Taylor, go go go Jordyn. (cheering) – Oh, she’s turning up the hype. (dance music) (cheering) (dance music) – Oh, real split! (dance music) – [Hacker] Oh, this was a close one. But the winner, because of breaking out the splits,
is Jordyn Jeannette. (cheers) – Loser dance. – [Hacker] Taylor, you’ve been eliminated. – No! (evil laughter) – [Hacker] Next up, Stephen versus Payton. (intense music) – [Steve] And dance. Oh, he’s breaking the loser out. (dance music) (cheering) Oh, nice dancing. – [Jamie] Look at that floss. – [Steve] Oh, she’s going with the splits. That won it for Jordyn. (dance music) Stephen’s breaking out
over here using his butt. (dance music) Oh, she’s dabbing. – This is it guys. This
is the best move there is. (dance music) – [Hacker] The winner of round two is Payton because Stephen
broke out too many dabs. (cheers) Next up, Parker versus Mom and Dad. – Oh yeah. – Yes. (fake laughs) – On your mark, get set, go. (dance music) (laughs) – [Other Kids] Go Papa, go Papa, go Papa. (laughing) – Guess she’s moving on. – What is she doing? – [Other Kids] Go, go,
go Papa, go, go, go Papa. (dance music) – [Other Kids] Go Papa. Do the booty shake. – Hacker, I win. (dance music) – [Hacker] And the grand
champion of them all is, Jordyn. – Oh yeah, a five, and a three. I got a token. – Another token with numbers? What are we gonna do with these? – I guess it’s time to do
some toilet paper following. – [Parker] Wait! (intense music) – In this room we have
a bunch of tiny hands. – Wa-laa. Hacker, what are we supposed to do? We wanna get outta here. – [Hacker] Oh, I see that you’ve
found my tiny little hands. Well guess what? They’re
more than a toy today. They’re the next challenge. If you have already won
a challenge, you are automatically eliminated from this one. (evil laughter) – I guess I’m eliminated? – Me too, is that a good thing? – [Parker] No. (upbeat music) – [Hacker] You’re going to take turns grabbing the ball with your tiny hands and tossing it up in the air. The first one to make a catch wins. – What if we don’t make a catch? Alright, here goes. (upbeat music) I was so close. (upbeat music) Oh, so close, that was almost it. (upbeat music) (cheering) I got a token. – [Taylor] Good job. (upbeat music) – Seven. – Ten. (laughs) And a football? – Seriously guys, how
do we escape outta here, and why are we getting tokens? – Hacker, do you care to answer? (upbeat music) – Alright guys, we’re free to go. (upbeat music) – Um, looks like we came to
the end of the toilet paper. – Yeah! Yes, so comfortable. – [Both] Toilet paper fight! (upbeat music) – [Payton] Wait! I found something. (gasps) – A dart. There was a dartboard at the beginning. Let’s find more. – [Jordyn] Move guys. (intense music) – Guys, find all the darts that
you can, as fast as you can. We gotta get back to the beginning of this crazy box fort mansion. – I got three. – No, that’s one. (intense music) – Alright, we have six total
guys, let’s go to the front. (intense music) – [Payton] This way. (shuffling) (intense music) – Alright, so we have tokens, we have darts, and we have a dartboard. What do we do now? – Alright, I’m gonna throw my dart and see if I can get us out of here. ( intense music) – Holy smokes, Stephen. – Uh Hacker, did that do anything? My shot was amazing. Are we getting out of here? – Can you unlock the window? – Parker, that’s a great idea. (intense music) – Uh, nope, still locked guys. – Alright, I’m gonna
get an even better shot. See, told ya. – So it just feels like
we’re playing a game of darts and not really getting out of here. Nothing’s happening at all. – Maybe we take out our
tokens and add them together. Throw at the number that it equals. – That’s actually a pretty good idea. – Tokens on the table guys. One, two, three, four. Maybe we just have to hit on the four. Right there. Here goes nothing. Wa-bam. Hackers, let us out of here. I did what you wanted. – Technically, according to the game you threw it at an eight, not a four. – Oh, shoot. Is that better? Is it? – Payton, that was pretty amazing. Let’s see if the window
is still locked, guys. It’s still locked we
can’t get out of here. – What does he want us to do? – Okay, I got a better
idea. Let me see the tokens. Ten, three, five, and a ten. We have to hit those numbers on the board. (dramatic music) Alright guys, stand
back, here comes a pro. There’s the three. There’s the five. – This is incredible. (dramatic music) – All I need is two tens. – That’s one ten. (dramatic music) – I guess Jordyn’s already given up. – One last ten is all that we need. Then we maybe be able to get out of here. (intense music) (cheering) – That was amazing. – Hacker, is that good enough for you? – [Hacker] No! – Wait, is it unlocked? – [Jamie] Guys, check it. Check it, Stephen can you reach it? Oh my gosh, hooray. – [Kids] It’s open! – Let’s get outta here. – [Jamie] Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. You got it, you got it. (groans) – God, you’re heavy kid. Come on Taylor, let’s get outta here. Alright, come on Parker. You’re free. And sleeping beauty. (groans) (intense music) Look for Stephen and
Jordyn. Go, go, be free. Alright Mom, let’s get you out of here. See you later, Hacker. Guys, we’re back let’s go in. – [Jordyn] Come on let’s go, let’s go. – (whispers) Come on,
come on, come on, come on. – Guys, we have made it out
of the hacker’s box fort and we are back in our home again. – And we’re never opening any
strange packages ever again. – Nope. – It’s a good thing we
made it out so you guys can see us at CVX Live next weekend. – If you guys want to
come hang out with us, click the link in the description. – The question for the day is, did that Youtube family make it
out of their box fort? – Subscribe to our channel. – Comment below. – Give us a big thumbs up. – And we’ll see you guys tomorrow. – Bye. (happy music)

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