Half-Life: Alyx Hands-On! Tested on 8 VR Headsets

hey everyone its norm from tested and
welcome to projections our show about all things virtual reality it’s our
100th episode and a very special episode indeed because I’m here in Bellevue
Washington at the offices of valve is yes we are going to be talking about
half-life Alex today I played about three hours of the game but
unfortunately I can’t talk about plot details some of the mechanics because
they’re still working on the game there things are not final yet like
performance like user interface and like the control scheme and that’s gonna be
interesting for this game because not only will some of course support the
valve index and the valve index controllers but valve is also intending
for this game to be played on the widest range of PC based VR headsets with
motion controls as possible and that’s why I’m here today
bow invited me up to try and test half-life Alex the current build on
headsets ranging from things that people may already have out there like the HTC
vive or the original oculus rift to headsets that people may be looking so
buying like the oculus quest and even things like the PI Max or the Samsung
Odyssey plus and to help me with that testing we’re going a little bit
old-school I’ve brought in the help of tested co-founder and my original cohort
and VR coverage will smith will how are you doing I’m doing great
see funny meeting you here Norman yeah good to see here too
ready to play some half-life Alex always all right let’s get started all right so well at this point we’ve
played about three hours of the game some of us played four we’re not doing
an evaluative review or depressions yet but I’m feeling pretty good the amount
and quality of art in this game is astounding like everything you can
interact with so much stuff you can forth pull it over to you you can the
verbs that are accessible to you as a player are amazing and the sound is
spectacular is dynamic sound all around you hear things above and below you and
the levels are vertical and expansive I’ve been thrilled so far I’m
undoubtedly the game is high production value it’s a rich world that they’ve put
a ton of resources into which gives us a good place to start in our evaluation
for the headset because the headsets themselves have different displays
lenses optics field of view and we want to make sure that whether a headset as a
relatively low resolution or high resolution we can still make out that
detail well and even the parts of the game that we’ve seen in just the first
three hours there’s places that are very very dark these places that are very
bright there’s some places that have light interspersed with dark now how the
headsets handle that with the different display technology with for example the
compression on the oculus link cable with the quest is really important to
your imp at your experience with the game yeah so you know that’s one of the
things I’m definitely looking for right the half-life games are about
exploration about puzzle solving and about combat and specifically with the
combat encounters there’s close quarters combat
there are engagements and these are rina parts of the the game where you’re
shooting at combine soldiers from across the map and I’m curious about you know
whether you can make out those soldiers and hit like their weak spots well and
unlike a lot of their first gen VR games you know this game has iron sights so
you you have iron sights you have to be able to see those iron sights see the
target beyond it and line it all up in all of the headsets in order for that
stuff to work well so I’m interested plays as well yeah something is also
incredibly powerful VRS also sound design it’s the cue that the developers
have to tell you where to look so it’s incredibly important and there’s
dialogue in this game you know you see you as Alex you hear Alex talk as well
as the people that Alex can gauge its with and the headsets differ in terms of
the sound option some built-in headphones some like the quests and the
rift s pipe audio here with the option to use headphones so we want to get a
sense of how that experience but how the default works obviously for anything you
plug headphones you can put wherever he had headphones you want on I want to
know how the defaults work yeah now we said we played about three to four hours
of the game and those were continuous play sessions we were using the valve
index for that first playthrough and we were in there for a long time comfort is
really important I was playing I played it one point I looked up and I asked how
long I’d been playing and they said an hour and a half I didn’t even notice
time went so fast when I was in the game you want the headset to be comfortable
so you can have those long sessions because it is I think they said a 15
hour game is depending on how you play so you know you don’t want to have a
pain in the neck from playing totally if some some VR games are designed for
short play sessions and you can certainly play this game it feels like
in short play sessions but we wanted to continue undoubtedly there will be a lot
of you out there who want to just play through as much many hours as possible
and the headsets differ in terms of weight distribution how the ergonomics
work and how it’s actually strapped to your head and so that’s something we’ll
be looking out for the pressure arrests that’s what’s a big difference yeah and
tracking volume matters and the headsets also differ in terms of how they can
track your controllers and you so the inside-out headsets obviously have a
disadvantage here because they’re limited to where the cameras can see so
you know anything behind your head behind your back is gonna be out of
range and some of the mechanics in the game for example to reload you reach
over your shoulder you grab a magazine you drop the magazine from your old gun
you slam it in you wrap the slide either with the button or by sliding it with
the other controller which also is important because if the controller
heads are too big you can’t get close enough to do it or the hand has to snap
or there’s some software magic that happens and then you’re back to shooting
again and you know when the zombies are coming out with you and headcrabs
jumping at you when the combine are shooting at you you have a split-second
and eventually you’ll pick up the muscle memory to do that took me anywhere from
an hour maybe an hour have to get comfortable reloading on the
fly but you have people to do that stuff really really quickly and any misses
meaning you’re gonna have to reload your save and and you know start again in the
last year you mentioned iron sights as something this game has and it’s
something that for headsets I use inside out tracking we’re especially cognizant
of because if you’re using two hands the pose of your two hands to hold isn’t
like a pistol you want to make sure that there’s no occlusion between the
controllers the fact that the cameras can see both controllers so you don’t
see one kind of float off in the distance and also how close you can
bring those iron sights to where your eyes are as you want to look down know
the barrel well and it also matters especially for the inside out headsets
like the quest the rift tests and the and the windows Ammar headsets
how it handles the loss of tracking you know does it shift back to the IMU does
it let you guess when you’re when your hands outside or does it just fail when
you try to do that I’m gonna be testing that stuff first you know we talked a
lot mention a lot of the motion controllers and that may be the most
important differentiating factor between the headsets because motion controls is
one of the things that makes vr gaming so unique the fact that you have not
only this hand presence of moving things around interacting with the world using
your firearm but they designed this physics based world where that’s highly
encouraging to hand interactions like reloading is an essential part of the
game design there’s a high cognitive load to playing this game you have a lot
of stuff to think about you think about your position in the world where the
enemies are whether there’s enemies in the room and then you know constantly
checking your ammo checking your the status of your player so you know you
have to be able to do that stuff without having to thinking about the controllers
losing tracking or the controllers floating on the space or even which
buttons are which and I’m interested to see how the different controls map
especially down to things like the MVP the Minimum Viable Product the which is
probably the vibe one if I had to guess with the trackpad you know a couple of
buttons and then the weird grips and the trigger I mean it’s no surprise to say
that physics are a big part of this game and one of the things that was showing
the trailer are these gravity gloves that you Alex addict give you
essentially the equipment like these force powers and the way that works is
you can kind of point your finger at the world at objects they highlight you pull
which is the trigger or the rip button the controller I believe and you can
pull to you and they’ve done some algorithmic work to make that object
come to you to a place where you can easily snatch that out of the air feels
very satisfying it’s funny it’s a it’s I think the one place that I’ve noticed
I’m doing VR magic to cheat and make it a little bit easier on the player
definitely when you do that grab the point it requires a level of precision
that’s that’s pretty high but once you walk on to it the the object highlights
orange you can kind of yank it back either with like a linear straight pole
or like a wrist flicker there’s any number of things you can do it zooms
back and it gets to where you can grab it really easily then when you throw the
release is lovely like it is it is just throwing in the are it’s hard because
it’s hard to tell the players intent from the release of an analog trigger or
a grip because they don’t always hit the button at the time that they need to
actually release it to throw the object where they want it to go and they’re
doing a really good job interpolating or taking the information that they have
from the hand movement your head position where you’re looking and
getting a throw that feels very realistic yeah in in VR at least with
index control absolutely if you’re doing holding a gas canister and you want to
throw it to a barnacle to grab it it needs to work most of the time and there
are two handed objects that you’re picking up if you’re pulling a crate to
you and slamming it on the ground you’re you know opening a door the door opening
mechanism has to work with all the different type of controller
configurations in economics frankly of the controllers and that’s something
we’ll be looking deep into two-handed interactions or something I haven’t seen
in a lot of VR games where you actually if an object is too heavy for you to
pick up you’ll be able to maybe move it with one hand you have to bend over and
grab it with both ends which is amazing I mentioned they did cheat on the force
pull seems like they’re not cheating on auto and yeah they’re hitscan weapons
there’s no auto aim and that will make the manipulation of these firearms in
close quarter combat and at a distance really important so it’s not
unsatisfying if you suddenly lose tracking as you’re holding the pistol in
front of you lots to consider and we’re going to start with our baseline VR
headset which is the valve index sounds good
so we’re starting off with the valve index which is what we use to play
through our play session yesterday the vast majority yes the headset is in my
opinion one of the most comfortable headsets it was didn’t feel like a long
exhausting play session and the visual fidelity you know they’re using two high
resolution panels their LCD panels but their full RGB stripe so it was in one
of those cases I could actually for example put my gravity gloves up close
to my face and I can even read out the microchip text that was on the PCB board
right that was on the gravity gloves that was a level of detail I think
that’s depending on your eyes cuz I’m 10 years older than you not so much on my
end and our assets in the world in VR we are scrutinizing things more you’re
picking up things exploring so even picking up magazines newspapers cans and
baryons there’s so many objects in the world that are interactable and you just
want to pick them up and look at them it’s yeah all that all the art assets
look fantastic in this headset as well as long-distance encounters seeing
enemies shooting zombies when they’re across the room no problem with dark
areas everything seemed to work reasonably well in terms of the heads
that’s at the sound fidelity is great one of the things that really became
clear after using a lot of different headsets over a really short period of
time the headsets that ride on the top of your head versus the front of your
head are much more comfortable and and the index is firmly in that camp and
then of course it is using steamvr tracking so no problems with the
tracking volume and that same goes for the controller’s here you have which are
unique to the valve index well not necessarily because you can put them on
the old HCC any of the the PI max the HTC vive the vibe Pro all of those you
can use the knuckles controllers the index so the index controllers offer
some unique sums unique interaction you can when you’re doing things like doing
a force pull you reach out you point you highlight the object you want you yank
it back and you can grip you can trigger you can do both you can do either they
all work which was really Pleasant and made it much easier to do the grabs now
it’s interesting to me because you could use the the trigger which all the other
controllers have some type of analog trigger but here you could also release
your hand completely as you’re tossing a guy
Kassar exists something and that throw felt very natural so easy underhand lobs
are simple you can a lot of gameplay is involved in throwing things at things to
distract them and make them do other things I won’t say anything specific but
it was really easy to do you overhand throw it usually goes where you want not
every time but more often than not the thumb sticks are used for movement so
you play with a teleportation scheme blinking around the room left stick
forward opens the normal teleport menu that you see in every valve game you
rotate to change your orientation inside that space I found myself not really
using quick turn at all in the VR which is bound to the right stick what I did
find is when I did seated quick turn was really important obviously because you
don’t want to get tangled up in the cords as you’re spinning around in an
office in a desk chair or something like that and I used a free locomotion mode
so my left stick was actually lateral traversal and so I did use a lot of
quick turn it’s how you play a lot of VR games and I was very comfortable and
there even though it’s not as easy a problem because you can vault onto table
and say how do you blink do you lurk I think it’s something that they’re
they’re figuring out right now it’s right now because there is elevation in
the game there’s some moments where you don’t physically climb a ladder it will
teleport you up there right but you also can drop into places if you can climb up
on top of desks and things like that you have full you like it I was stunned at
the the amount of space in the environment that you can get on top of
and and obviously they’re gonna block some of that stuff off to keep people
from breaking the game but you’re very mobile in this game big part of games
combat and puzzle solving for that they’re focusing on two-hand interaction
so if something like the pistol you’re reloading with two hands which requires
you to put your hand behind your back you’re then interfacing one hand with
the other hand dropping a magazine drop the mag the mag release the slide either
with the button or by pushing it from the back or the front of the gun and I
really like on the this index controller moving the slide pulling this slide it
was really it never felt like the geometry of the controllers themselves
got in the way of the hand models actually absolutely each of the guns is
a little bit different reload mechanism the obviously the pistol has a clip that
goes on the bottom shot guns you pump shells into into it
I assume these other guns further down the line we didn’t see any of those but
it’s very satisfying there’s always some foot sort of physicality to the movement
it’s really really good and while it’s initially really daunting and
challenging in combat once you get going it becomes second nature to drop the mag
assignment and start to keep keep popping zombies in the head yeah so
really happy with the experience with the index headset and the controllers
and as well let’s move on to our next set set so going in this I was really
curious about how half-life Alex would play on oculus headset yeah and right
now you can buy the oculus rift s as well as an oculus quest with the link
cable they both use inside out tracking they have different displays and one
renderers on the computer well what they both aren’t under the computer but one
also has the economics of a computer inside the front with the quest and had
some video compression between the video the game and the output on the display
they use the same controllers though sorry I mean you want to start there
with controllers yeah absolutely so I mean it’s it’s basically the same format
that oculus is used since the initial touch controllers there’s gravity
buttons that are digital buttons analog triggers it’s all capacitive there’s a
couple of buttons on each controller and thumb sticks that are clicky on each
controller and it works shockingly well yeah the the it’s the same scheme is on
the index motion on the left hand quick turns on the right you can do the
teleport with the turn yeah you can do all the same motion that you do on all
the other headsets all the motions across all the headsets so you can do
continuous motion I didn’t actually did you try that free locomotion yes yeah
we’re we’re totally fine there were fewer buttons on topic is there’s no
trackpad like there is on the index controller which means gun selection has
tried to click on the right stick which means that I fairly regularly would
actually do a quick turn while I was trying to switch guns which isn’t ideal
when you have the zombie chasing your head carefully at you losing your
orientation if I was playing myself on the rift or the quest I would probably
use the steam controller binding stuff to just turn off quick turns I I don’t I
found myself rarely using it mhm and because there are capacitive buttons as
well as the trigger and grip you get hand presses a little bit yeah you don’t
get individual finger tracking so you can’t do you know but you always you get
this you can finger guns and you can do thumb stuff
and that’s not essential to the game as far as we could tell so its right
totally fine and throwing worked at the end of the day what I was really worried
about is is the timing on throws right can I do an overhand throw where it
where it’s behind my head and even on the inside out tracking head sets behind
the head work even putting my hand back behind my body to teleport teleport
backwards away from a monster work fine yeah and also one of the things with the
inside-out tracking because the camera is has a tracking volume it’s a little
bit of a blind spot oculus has done a lot of work this year
and improving their algorithms so even when you have controller really up close
which I was doing as I was looking down through the sights exactly you I still
got lateral movement I didn’t have clusion problems where the controllers
in the hands were jumping all over the place to display on the rift s looked
really great to me it’s again an LCD panel with RGB stripes so details were
there and I could almost make out that text on there my question I thing that
shocked me about the rift oculus products is that the quest worked as
well as it did with the link cable because it is compressing video on the
machine sending it across USB 3 bus so there’s there’s compression and latency
there I didn’t notice it there was maybe a tiny bit of dithering in the in the
darker areas where the blacks were kind of getting lost in the compression but
it looked really good so that’s an OLED panel here and technically it has the
same resolution in the quest as the index and the vive Pro but it’s using a
pencil sub pixel arrangements so it actually the details are a little bit
lost you don’t get as I could not read hundred that text as well I didn’t
notice any late and see if I did notice the compression there volumetric smoke
effects in in this game you know we’re walking through train stations and
there’s this fault low-lying fog fog and haze and those type of gradients and
that really suffer when being converted through a compression algorithm and so
that’s those are the things where I felt like even though it’s an OLED the low
black levels I didn’t get all the benefits of that here so we played that
on a 1080 machine I wonder if the r-tx cards with better video compression
would produce better results from my understanding it’s all the same across
right now it does not scale so that is what it is
also you did this with the stock quest head strap as well as a standard
like three meter cable that you can buy on Amazon 10 foot one exactly how was
your experience it was uncomfortable I mean it was fine for short periods of
time by the time I reached 30 or 40 minutes my my neck my neck is sore and
part of its from doing VR stuff all day but it was it was a lot on the neck it’s
very front heavy I did try your Frank inquest yes which
is a much more pleasant experience also in terms of audio
you know the piped audio is fine for playing beat save or something like that
but when you have positional sound it wasn’t the best sound that I heard today
if someone’s gonna play this with a quest I would HIGHLY encourage either
vieira buds figure earbuds and also figuring out either a counterweight
system or looking into something like doing the Franklin quest just for purely
for comfort I really I spent you know good amount of time in that I’m
definitely more time in the franklin quest and this was so much more
comfortable all of the heads like the big takeaway for me today is that the
headsets the center of the weight or put the weight further back are infinitely
more comfortable than the front heavy one that front every headsets to the
point that like the halo headsets like the like the windows em are headset the
oculus oculus rift s are both much much more comfortable anything that’s putting
weight on in front of your face is gonna be really uncomfortable for a long
session and while the quest does have more versatility in terms of if you want
to play the oculus games and the mobile games and not just do link that’s there
but if you’re just gonna use it as a device to play PC games I actually I
think I prefer the the rift s more because I like the RGB stripe panel the
tracking volume is a little bit better and comfort wise out of the box it’s
much better much better i but but that said if you want to play
I think the quest is entirely viable like I think in terms of control you’re
not losing anything on control except for the the analogs queasiness on a
couple of kind of throw like one-off objects for all intents and purposes III
really I was shocked at how good the question was so now we’re on to kind of the first gen
VR products starting with the HTC vive I don’t know about you this is the one I
get questions I get questions about this in the og rift more than anything else
right so we’re not worried about tracking here it’s still using the same
steamvr a lighthouse based tracking system and so all the performance that
we had on the index controller that is inherited here
what’s different of course is there’s a low resolution display it’s 2160 by 1200
it’s an OLED panel though and in this case even though it’s a penthouse sub
pixel arrangement the eye I found look great surprisingly good yeah really good
dark was dark dark areas worked great you had really good contrast in the in
between the dark and light areas I was able to read text on everything I did
any problems using the iron sights I was very pleasantly surprised I mean no
surprise that I can’t read the microchip text here but encounters with enemies
near and far you know trying to snipe them from afar with a pistol through the
headset here it felt really good with this display and we were using the
pro audio strap attached to the the original vibe it was very comfortable I
have to imagine if you’re using the old elastic strap probably not a great
experience yeah that’s the upgrade recommendation out for this as well for
the audio quality as well as the long-term comfort yeah now in terms of
the controllers this is where it gets a little trickier yes so this is the
simplest controller that with that we use today basically you have grip button
down here the top and bottom the the touch pad and then the trigger so
teleport forward and back moves is on the the touch pad on the Left controller
quick turn right and left on the right controller also you have to click down
in the center of the pad to get the weapon change menu so you’re in the
situation where you frequently quick turn I would again probably disable that
if I was using teleport and use the rotational teleport because that works
really well reloads are on the grip it’s a grip to
drop the mag the top menu button to release the slide I found myself
actually using the slide forward with the grabbing the top of the slide moment
with my offhand except yeah this is one of these cases where just the the
tracking puck on top of the wand here it doesn’t matters nothing represented in
the game so I am banging against them when I want to do that smooth muscle
memory reload so you’re better off actually just pressing the button to
release the slide in this key and the button is an awkward position
unfortunately if I if I had an OG vibe I think the headsets more than capable
especially if you have the pro audio strap I would probably think about
buying a set of knuckles they’ll work with your existing lighthouse you know
it’s it they’re they’re fairly expensive controllers but they add a ton to the
game you know one benefit I did really enjoy about using the vive ones is that
the grip you know the pistol grip felt good you know it’s this is controller
design less forehand presence about the ergonomics of your resting hand pose
then what it is to hold something that’s like the hilt of a sword or or the
pistol grip of a pistol and in this case manipulating that pistol in my hand with
this controller it felt really good I and I have to say the throws were
fantastic so unlike the the hands that have analog grip or even the oculus
controllers that have a digital touch button a grip button you mostly use the
trigger to yank things over to you and then you release and release the trigger
and that motion felt really good things went where I expected them to like it’s
an entirely viable way to play the game I think you get a pretty big upgrade
from the knuckles of course the HTC vive isn’t a product people can really buy
new today because HTC has replaced that with the vive cosmos which is different
from the vibe completely not using this TV our beacon lighthouse beacons it uses
inside out tracking as well as has a completely different controller design
yeah what do you feel about this ISO I thought the headset was fine it’s
comfortable the sound is fun is very comparable to the pro audio strap on the
original vibe or the vibe bro it’s very high resolution display screen looks
great mm-hmm the tracking on the hands was a little hinky in my it was probably
the least reliable of all the things we tried today including the other inside
out tracking solutions like the windows mor headset and the and the new rifts
so basically the thing that I found is that anytime you got the controllers up
in front of your face so if you’re doing a John wick kind of close aim you’re
gonna lose tracking and one or both of the hands will fly off in different
directions which is great moving back behind your your hand
to teleport worked fairly regular reliably however when you brought your
hand back forward it would often skip through space so you lose a lot of the
hand presence it’s not terrible but if you’re if you don’t have one of
these already you’re probably not in the market for this headset right that’s
what I think and if you do have one it’s playable it might just change the way
you approach them the encounters without the workaround limitations you’ll think
about it the other thing that’s worth mentioning is that the controller
doesn’t have a touchpad so it’s only sticks so you’re in the same situation
as you are with the original vive wand where your quick turns and your weapon
selection menu are bound to the same stick and it’s easy to hit the button
and accidentally turns by accident we’re trying to change guns that’s right you
don’t want you know it’s bad you don’t want that situation no another headset
that is classified like the first gen of VR that a lot of people may currently
have is the very first oculus rift the cb1 and this one uses an outside-in
tracking system we tested in this case with two cameras not the three camera
fool 360 setup and as you can see we also tested it while sitting down I was
shocked at how playable game is sitting you know there’s some binding changes
that happen when you’re sitting you want to use quick turns more than physically
spinning the chair a so you don’t get tangled up in the cables but be with
rift you have to stay facing forward and pacing the cameras the entire time which
was the biggest challenge of the rift the controller Maps exactly the same as
the quest and the rift s it has more or less the buns you need it has the right
thumbstick issue where you do need to use the same button to do quick turns
and and weapons selection but you know it worked it worked reasonably well and
the position of the tracking ring I didn’t felt like got in the way of the
two-handed exit area you could rack rack guns and no problem you could hold them
right up on your face because you’re not obstructing any of the tracking stuff
when you do that the big surprise for me was how good it looked in headset and I
forgot how comfortable this headset is like it’s so light it does feel so light
it essentially is the same type of panel and optics as what you’d find on the HTC
vive different degrees of the godrays for example but I really enjoyed playing
on the original rift and I could go for a long time in this
because of the head strap design and because of the
relatively low weight the thing that surprised me I’d forgotten how boo me
the headphones are compared to the pro audio strap and the index it is a very
basic phone compared to the other the other options out there another option
in the VR headset world is Windows biggest reality there’s a lot of Windows
materiality headsets they’re all more or less the same we’re actually using the
Samsung one which is I think the high end of the Windows mix we are already
well yep but this is the category of headset that you could probably would be
the cheapest way for you to get into desktop PC VR because we see them on
sale all the time 150 $200 for the Lenovo HP headsets that’s crazy right
what’s shared between them is inside out tracking and in this case in such I was
really good it worked really well I was pleasantly surprised I didn’t notice any
drops on the on the hand tracking either up and up and behind my at the front of
my face down and back to teleport away from monsters it all worked fine I did
notice some problems when you got up close with two hands but that’s kind of
to be expected it didn’t keep me from playing the game it just meant that I’m
if I’m John wicking instead of being right here I’m gonna be out a few inches
right the controller is the thing that we have in the past been the least happy
with with the windows next reality world and it’s kit in this case again it’s
fine but it bumps into the this tracking ring is so big that it just collides you
can’t sell anywhere I mean this is the best of the Windows mr controllers that
I’ve used I I this one feels sturdy in your hand it has the trackpad it has the
button so you don’t have the problem where you’re where you’re actually
losing and inadvertently turning when you’re trying to load guns or switch
weapons I thought this was this is one of my more more preferred ways to play
yeah it just doesn’t offer me for me me the hand presence aspect if I’m looking
and pointing and gesturing things as well I just don’t like the fact that
this ring gets in the way when I’m trying to do two-handed X dexterous
moves I’ll take him I’ll take comfort with the ring design on the headset over
and presents and smashing the Rings together all day long
and then we’re gonna conclude with an outlier case a little bit but this is
the pie max 5k and a bunch people bought into this with the promise of an ultra
wide field-of-view you can tell that they use in this case two very
high-resolution panels and put them sideways instead of up and down that’s
right and then they have their special lenses that then let you take advantage
of those panels but the game has to run through some special software so steamvr
is telling the headset okay we’re gonna try to maximize the field of view it’s
actually rendering light because the same resolution and then the PI Mac
software does its magic to get it to fill that field of view which from my
perspective look like they just kind of zoomed into the world a little bit and
then cropped off the top and bottom and so I wasn’t getting any extra
information off the side it’s certainly not something the valve is designed for
for this field it definitely the the center field of view for me like the
center cone where you’re looking through like the divers mask of it original VR
headset seemed fine the more you got to the edges are the
more things it looks stretchy and weird on occasion and when you would move your
hands in and out to see what happened and the it was it this is my first time
using the pi max it wasn’t at all what I was expecting the one thing I will say
about as the comfort was really high even with a non rigid head strap just an
elastic head strap it was really comfortable for the entire play session
I was in for if the lighter headset that it looks given up there’s two big panels
here yeah but you do have to bring your own headphones and you also bring your
own controllers in this case the valve index controllers because it is just the
VR so like the vibe you can just adapt those and you get all the benefits that
bulls or vibe ones or presumably their own controllers we didn’t touch those so well at the end of this day we’ve now
played half-life Alex on a bunch of VR headsets what’s our big takeaway it’s
it’s awesome on everything like I had fun playing on almost every piece of
hardware we tested from the original first generation headsets the the og
vibe with the wands it works great you know it looks great it works great it
sounds really good with the pro audio strap I was blown away I mean part of
the thing was that I was wondering is did they design this to work exclusively
with the benefits of the index headset and index controllers and controllers
specifically because there’s so much more input on those controllers it seems
like they have it they’ve done a bunch of work to adapt the things that you can
do it in-game to work on all these other controllers and in fact it’s more the
physical design of the other controllers that got in the way of me playing the
game with the vive ones the tracking being on top so I couldn’t do that
muscle memory reload make it look dirac yeah the same with the Windows mixed
reality controller but in terms of fidelity of play you know even with
something like the original vibe or the rift the CC v1 the lower resolution of
those panels was totally fine I was really pleased with how good the game
looked in there for me the big takeaway was breaking out movement on the right
right hand movement and weapons selection on the right hand you know
when you’re trying to select a gun I’ve said this a bazillion times today it
feels like when you try to select the gun and turn lose your orientation and
can’t find the monster you’re shooting at that’s not a great experience and I
think the first thing I’ll do if I’m playing on one of those headsets is
disable the quick turn on the right hand and that’s a that’s a result of the
index and some of the other controllers having two modes of basically
directional movement on the top of the controller whereas the original vive and
even the oculus rift they don’t have that and so that’s what I think the only
concession they had but things like the gravity gloves and the fire models
near-field shooting the tracking stuff very pleased with this and that’s good
news for people who have VR headsets today like I really I would play on
almost everything we tested today not some bunch of fan of the cosmos
absolutely of course there’ll be more that we’ll be
talking about ensuring about the half-life Alex experience as well is
ready to talk about that I think we can say we film more here than we’re showing
right now so stay tuned untested for those conversations and the discussions
and thanks for watching bye everybody


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