Handcuffed for 24 HOURS!

– [Jamie] Are you gonna play soccer? – Uh, actually not. – Uh, actually no. – No no no, ah no no no. – No, no no no no. – No, no no no way. – Nooooo! – Um I really gotta use the bathroom. (suspenseful music) – No! – Uh, just joking! – Well I gotta go, bye. – Are we weird Blake? (upbeat guitar strums) (suspenseful music) – No no no please no no no! – No, no no no no – No, no no no way – Nooooo! – Payton and Jordyn
were handcuffed together several weeks ago. – And now I guess it’s our turn. – I’m so excited. – All right guys get ready to
be handcuffed for 24 hours. – Well, we’re not handcuffed together let’s go play on the playground. – Yeah let’s go! – This is not gonna be easy. – Um, this is not gonna be easy. – Who do you think you are? – Let’s go! – This way. – No! – We’re going to be able to
see how well Steven and Taylor can work together. – Don’t get your hopes up mom. – [Together] One, two , three! – One of our family’s
favorite, favorite things to do when we come to a park is play – Soccer! – The sun is setting right
behind me so we need to get this soccer game done quickly
before the sun goes down. – Boys. – Girl scouts! – What are we thinking? – Can I control my own hand for once? – No. – [Jamie] Are you gonna play soccer? – Uh, actually not. – Uh, actually no. – Let’s play! (indistinct yelling) – Payton, pass! – [Steve] Emma! – There’s no hands in soccer! – Gotta throw it in. – Steven, Steven! No! – Go Payton, go! (smack) – [Steven] We’re on the same team. – Soccer did not work out. – Maybe dancing will. – I’m master Fortnite dancer, think you can learn from a pro? – Uno, dos, tres, cuatro dab! (20’s swing music) – Floss! – And dab. Man down, man down! (smack) – Why you hitting yourself,
why you hitting yourself? Why you hitting yourself,
why you hitting yourself? – [Jamie] She’s on top of the world! – (singing) I’m on top of the world. – She’s on top of the world, ay! She’s on top of the world, ay! – She’s been there for a while now, she’s on top of the world. – Are we weird Blake? – What’s cuter? Blake on top of the world,
or my glorious beard? – Guys, you better comment
the right answer to that. – Beard, beard, beard,
beard. She likes the beard. – Um, I really gotta go the bathroom. (suspenseful horns) – No! – Uh, just joking! – Well I gotta go, bye. – We’re probably gonna stay at
this park just for a few more minutes and then take this party elsewhere where Steven and Taylor can
try a bunch of new things being handcuffed together. It looks like a storm is heading our way and we have seen some lightning so we are going to head somewhere else. (upbeat music) – The kids have built their
very own sand community. Parker those are your new shoes! – Look mom! – Look how big it is! – Guys do you remember the
video where I lost my shoe in the sandpit? Well I found it! – We came to this park and
we got by the sandpit and there was her shoe sitting
there in the grass. So someone must have
found it in the sandpit and set it there. – I see lightning. – [All Together] Lightning! (fast suspenseful drumming ) – We’re racing the lightning storm home! (fast suspenseful drumming continues) – The girls are a little scared
of the lightning storm that is going on right now. (kids yelling) – – – . – That was so cool! – We’re not handcuffed. (excited screaming) – This is so intense did you see that one? Whoa there it is again! – This is crazy. – All right guys so the storm
is getting a little too close to us so we are going
to get everyone inside and we’re gonna hunker
down until it passes. So the weather is not allowing
Steven and Taylor to do a bunch of fun things
being handcuffed together. So they’re gonna have to find some creative things to do indoors. – Well, before we do anything
I need some ice cream. – Me too. – It’s a good thing, because
we’re hooked together. – I don’t pass up on ice cream. (upbeat 20s swing music) – Chocolate peanut butter cookie dough! – [All Together] Both! – Oh yeah. (upbeat swing music continues) – I can’t eat my ice cream. – Why? – I’m not left-handed. – I’m lucky, I get to use my right hand. – Hey. – Our dolls . Nice handstand! I’m still at the handstand move. – Is this really happening? (playful synthesizer) – I’m gonna break us free. We’re free! Dangit, we must be lightsaber metal. – It’s plastic. – Down, set hike! – Whoa. Wow. Yay, woohoo! Yeah, so happy. This is a pain. Are you almost done in there Steven? Steven’s playing stickers with me! – Hm, what are you gonna do? And then a random boot falls
from the sky and hits Earth. – Haha that’s so cute. – Here’s a sticker. – Steven, I’m bored. Let’s play Fortnite. (angelic music) – Ha that was the perfect timing. – I’m just gonna keep dancing. In front of all the enemies
they’re not doing anything so why not? Taylor, do you have a Captain America? – Goldfish. – It’s not goldfish it’s go fish. – Goldfish. – Well a crazy day of
being handcuffed together is almost over. – [Together] Let’s open fan mail! – Samantha sent me Star
Wars playing cards for my 12th birthday. Thank you so much Samantha
you’re so awesome! – Thank you for the bracelets
and awesome pictures! You’re the best Emma! – Stuffed animal, stuffed
animal, big stuffed animal football! Thank you for the football Emily. – And thanks for the stuffed animals. – Jazzy sent a letter with a surprise. It’s a superhero. – A.K.A Vision. – Emma sent us a letter. – With tons of Shopkins. Coco made us these awesome candy lace. – I’m gonna eat all of them. – She also has a YouTube Channel. Crazy Adventures with Coco. – Go check it out! – [Together] Thank you Coco. – Thank you for the
Treasure, X marks the spot. Dang this is awesome. – I can’t wait for this day to be over. – This is gonna be a long night. – Goodnight Steven. (upbeat guitar strums) (beat joins in)

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