Hanging Out Near Yonsei + Itaewon on a Saturday Night

Annyeonghaseyo! Hi everyone! It’s currently 4:30. So I felt like it was inappropriate to use joanachim. Today is Saturday August 5th. And I’m out here in Ahyeon area looking for apartments. I actually spent the past 3-4 hours looking for apartments and didn’t find one that I liked. This is getting really tough. But whenever I go to the budongsan. I kind of tell them what I’m looking for so they kind of Give me an idea of like which area I should look for so Yeah. Got distracted, but yeah. I’m going to try to stay positive because I do only have like one more week until I have to find an apartment, because I’m going to be going to America very very soon for Kcon, so I need to sign My contract, but we’ll see. My mom has been very helpful. I think this is our fifth budongsan of the day. We just finished looking at apartments, and I was about to touch up my makeup. But then I started using the technique that Mr Park Tae-yun recommended, and I only used a concealer today as base. And it’s looking very flawless, and I love the way it looks. My mom’s in the back. Hey, Mom! Hehe, she’s so cute. But she’s tired too, because we’ve been looking for apartments like crazy ladies right? Here we are, Sinchon! So we are gonna get a light snack. Actually we decided on this because it just got out of the oven. Alright, my mom left and here I am with Claudine and Zico (bae~~~) C: We told Soy that, we would send her pictures everytime we saw this ad. J: I know~ C: Ay, pretty. J: Oh, pretty. We were both watching Show Me The Money yesterday. She watched it this morning. I watched it last night and Dean, so sexy~ C: Dude, he was in the car and he was like I’m sexy, I was like…oh J: Even when he was driving, that look, he was so cute! Oh! It gonna be a Joan night! Thank you! Do I have to pour for you? C: We’re Americans. It was good Alright, are you ready? C: Yeah? I have to be It was really spicy, and Claudine and I want to do the nuclear fire noodle challenge.
C: I’m not sure if I can fully consented to this but it’s like we’re gonna do it and we’re like ok! We’re going to do it! You literally turned into a different person. C: What is she rapping? J: She’s cute. We have now transported over to Itaewon while listening to Sik-K and Crush. Ok, first of all it’s Sik-K That’s what I said! No, you keep saying Shik-K Sik-K Crush One-Year anniversary. Let’s go! You seem very excited. So excited. Okay, so here it is. Music: Natural by Mckay x Jae x Majorcode We have left the party. Because we want bingsu (shaved ice dessert). Like, honestly we just want something cold. C: Yeah, it’s really hot right now in Korea. Yeah, like everywhere you go and that venue didn’t have air conditioner. Soo like.. C: I’m like sweating in ugly places. It’s actually only 9 p.m. So it’s not late y’all. C: This is water by the way, this is water ~Cheers~ C: Oh, dude! J: This is too easy! C: It tastes like milk. J: Yeah, but it’s not. It’s makgeolli and coconut. J: Dude! J&C: It’s so good! C: Wait, not- responsible drinking! J: Yeah, of course! J: It’s just, it’s so good. Makgeoli is actually the only thing I like to drink. I don’t like beer and soju. I’m not a fan of it, I had it today but, I’m not- I don’t like it. And I like wine. You know rice wine and wine. C: So delicious~ It is currently 10:48 pm. Look at my new wallpaper. Oh my gosh, so I kissed my phone. C: Dude, so many germs. So much bacteria. So gross. I’m gonna go home now, and I hope you guys enjoyed watching, and I’ll see you guys in tomorrow’s vlog. Here’s the shoutout of the day. Thank you guys for always taking the time to do that and I’ll see you guys in my next one. ~ Annyeong~ Music: Natural by Mckay x Jae x Majorcode


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