Harry Hook’s Backstory! – His Sisters, Hook and Relationships: Descendants 2

Harry Hawk son of Captain Hook is obsessed with power revenge and being the most wicked pirate he can be as first mate of homeless crew Harry channels his unpredictable and sporadic behavior into his pirating here he extorts the citizens of the Isle and is ready to stop all who oppose him but how did he get this way hello I’m Isaac smart so videos or we discuss fun topics or fun people and today I’m going to discuss Harry hooks backstory spoiler warning for the descendants novels especially for the rise of the Isle of the Lost if you’d like to check out these awesome novels you can find the links in the description Harry loves being the son of the Captain Hook since a young age Harry is respected the reputation of his father and his journey to become one of the greatest pirates the Isle of the Lost has ever seen we can see his dedication to uphold his father’s image through him possessing a pocket watch which could belong to his father or act as a reference to tick-tock the crocodile and here his attempt to entice tick-tock the crocodile to bite his hand so that you could wear a real hook like his father instead of carrying a real hook since the crocodile wanted bite Harry carries a hook in his left hand to always pay homage to his father which he is extremely protective of Harry grew up on the Isle of the Lost admiring his father and was raised with his two sisters his older sister Harriet a younger sister Calista Jane or CJ it’s important to note we don’t know for sure if Harry sisters are half or full siblings we only know for sure all their fathers are Captain Hook meaning they are all going to be determined villains in descendants wicked world we learned CJ partnered with Freddy daughter of dr. Vasily a on the Isle of the Lost and in the novel Isle of the Lost we learn Harriet had a crush on Anthony Tremaine son of Anastasia and runs a game around the school dragon Hall well Harry sisters had their own desires and partners on the Isle Harry opted to befriend the powerful daughter of Ursula uma after almost falling out with mal which you can learn more about in my backstory and uma in the description of this video uma and Hook become very close friends in the novel rise of the Isle of the Lost he even told Emma he could be her first date if she’s lucky although this could be him teasing her and not actually showing her being interested in a romantic relationship although he may not have kissed uma through his time with her and in ad-libs seen in descendants to which didn’t make the final cut Harry and Gil kiss in celebration of their rise to power in the song what’s my name however this moment still remains in the novelization of the film Doug Cameron actress of mal Thomas no hurry after of Harry and Kenny Ortega director of descendants actually did come up with a romantic backstory for Harry and mal but this backstory is not mentioned by any of the characters throughout the film but can be perceived through the characters interaction in this hidden tale it’s revealed that Harry and mal used to date which is meant to explain Dov in Thomas’s chemistry on-screen because they are dating in real life Delvin comics even drew secret hook tattoos under their gloves however mal and Harry couldn’t have dated because this directly contradicts descendants where mal says she doesn’t know what love feels like and that they don’t date on the Isle it’s more of a fan fiction tale than anything Harry and uma may not have been a couple but they were dedicated friends and were ready to gain some real power on the Isle after mal and her crew of BK’s left after hearing Harry’s father is hosting a race with the first-place prize being the ship the loss revenge Wilma decides that it’s time to put together a crew she joins the race with her initial recruit being Harry hook who she convinces to become her first mate they win the loss revenge and in the process recruit Gil and other rogue villain kids Harry initially had a hard time accepting he was not captain of the pirate crew likely because he longs to follow in his father’s footsteps and always wants control but over time he learns to show an unquestionable loyalty to Emma and knows what she wants done as her first mate he follows her orders without hesitation or complaint and demands the crew knows they must respect and obey uma the crew binds together captures mouths old territory and steals from all who live on the Isle with his oldest friend as captain of his father’s former ship and a strong crew beneath him Harry hook is ready to face any villain or hero who dares to oppose him in hopes of one day becoming as infamous as his father perfectly setting up the event of descendants – I just like to say thank you and welcome to the thousands of subscribers who came onto the channel just last week and of course to all the people who have been around for so long it really means a lot to me that people are enjoying my videos and I just wanted to take this moment to say I appreciate you guys watching now it’s time for the question the day is there anyone in particular you see Harry with I could kind of see him with cool mom but at the same time he just seems too crazy for anyone let me know your thoughts in the comment section along with any other ideas you have for future discovering Disney episodes if you enjoyed this video then click that like button if you like to stay up to date with new magical videos and click that subscribe button and follow me on Twitter and to see more want–so videos and check out some awesome pics over there thanks for watching and have a magical day

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