Harry Potter Advent Calendar Unboxing (Funko Pop)

hi everyone my name is Lana and welcome to a new video today I have something super super exciting to share with you so I have no idea that Harry Potter advent calendars existed much less ones that had really cute like pop Funko figures inside but alas it does when I first found out about its existence I went crazy looking everywhere for one and I was finally able to get my hands on one of them here it is how beautiful is this packaging I am so excited because there are 24 doors here that means 24 magical goodies inside and they’re gonna be like a miniature little pop figures alright let’s get into it so to open it you just slide this off so let’s start off with what there is right here okay so there is a little cutout of the whomping willow and Hagrid’s hot oh I get it I get it at first I was like wait what is this for but I guess if you wanted to put this on display and then add like Hagrid’s hut over here and the whomping willow over here or whatever then you can you can decorate it as you please but for now I’m just going to set this down to the side because this is what’s most exciting okay so here we go let’s open door number one and inside we have Harry of course that is so cute so as you can see there’s just little tiny Harry with the little glasses it’s little robes and his little scarf and now for door number two I wonder if it’s gonna be a reminder on it’s a little fast roll oh wow I love that so so much [Music] it’s now on to door number three here we have oh it’s miss Luna Lovegood with her little specter specs oh she even has her little radish earrings it’s now moving on to door number four we have oh who’s this Nevel I believe this is Nevel I mean the hairdo definitely looks like him and he’s also wearing Gryffindor robes so who else could it be Neville the almost chosen one door number five let’s see what we have she’s so tiny seriously look at the comparison of Harry and Hedwig just so you can get an idea of how tiny Hedwig is door number six what do you contain and of course we get little wrong it’s a one woman oh we know this is Fred Oh cute and he has his little Weasley sweater that his mom knitted him with a little F in the front door number seven we have had ribs and of course he has his little pink umbrella so he can do some magic very sneakily moving on to a door number eight let’s see let’s see oh it’s miss Hermione Granger oh this is the office that she wears in Prisoner of Azkaban and she even has a little tiny time-turner around her neck look I do too wood twinning next up we have door number nine and here of course we have Ronald Weasley Ronald’s bilious Weasley of course he had to be right next to Hermione and Ron is in his little Gryffindor robes as well don’t know Ted here we go oh my god this is so cute okay just from the color can you imagine what it is it is Moaning Myrtle in all her glory next up is door number 11 what could it be Oh dog is also very very small again I’m gonna compare him to Hedwig and Harry just so you can kind of see so he’s an in-between size he’s not as big as Harry not a small of Hedwig which I guess makes sense but it’s just cute that they also took that into account when they made these [Music] and here we go with door number 12 so it’s so hard to open oh my gosh okay we have another Weasley we have George and once again he’s wearing his Weasley sweater that his mom gave him with a little letter G on the front here we go with number 13 look at how fashionable he looks right now I just love these robes this is so on point with Dumbledore okay door number 14 who do we have we have oh my god we have another Harry I wonder how many Harry’s we’re gonna get because we have him in his robes and then we also have him in Dudley’s clothes that’s really cute because you could tell that the outfit is very baggy on him and now moving on to door number 15 oh we have to oh oh oh wait no I think one of them fell into this one umm so yeah in door number 15 or door number 21 I’m not sure you will get Professor McGonagall how cute and of course she’s in her famous green robes I actually love her face of disapproval the other ones have very similar faces the hers looks like she’s about to send you to detention and here we go with door number 16 and we have miss Ginny Weasley and she as well is donning her Gryffindor attire moving on to door number 17 we have Professor Lupin looking so cute with his little mustache and scars on his face okay let’s open door number 18 and we have everyone’s favorite bad boy Malfoy oh we’re on to the last row so let’s see what is in door number 19 oh it’s Cruikshank’s moving on to door number 20 we have oh oh it’s nearly headless Nick and again you have that bluish tinge to him and now let’s open door number 21 you guys coming to an end okay who do we have of course its Professor Snape door number 22 what do we have is this Hermione again yeah it is except this time she’s wearing her Gryffindor robes and she has a bunch of books between her hands okay we have doorknob okay we have another Ron I was actually a little worried that they weren’t going to include another Ron and they were just going to doubles of like harry and hermione and you know who cares about wrong just to clarify I care about Ron but you know you know you know what it mean anyways okay he’s here and this time he as well is wearing his Weasley sweater with a little R on the front okay guys we have reached the end I’m actually a little bit nervous to open number 24 I feel like there’s so much hype that it better live up to it anyway here we go I’m not even gonna look to pull it out oh we have another Harry alright so we have a total of three Harry’s I mean that’s cool I guess and this time he is also wearing his Weasley sweater but of course he has an H on the friend all right and that is it for this unboxing what did you guys think of this Harry Potter pop Funko advent calendar did you guys like it you guys think that it lived up to the hype or did you guys not really enjoy it as much I personally really loved it I thought that there were so many unexpected pop Funko figures in there like Moaning Myrtle nearly headless Nick and Crookshanks I don’t know why but I didn’t expect them to add Cruikshank’s into it but I’m so glad that they did although I wish that they didn’t do so many doubles of characters I kind of wish that they instead added like Voldemort or Bellatrix Lestrange I don’t know I feel like something like that would have been a little bit more fun but I’m sure that they can just improve next year because I’m sure that if this does well then they will probably be releasing more in the years to come anyway I had so much fun filming this and I hope that you had just as much fun watching it thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in my next video [Music] [Music]


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