Health Update & New Cool Dirt Bike Parts!

hey what’s going on guys how have you
all been so I figured I’d give you guys a little update on what the latest is as
you can see I’m in the hospital back in for three days working on my fourth day
here and I should be out later today so basically what’s going on is every two
to three weeks have to go back in to the hospital for more chemotherapy this time
around it was a little different treatment and it really hit me hard last
time I was up and about moving around quite a bit this time I put into slept
for 72 straight hours and so just a different type of treatment and just
didn’t really work with my body too well and so everything looks good that we did
a bone marrow biopsy which basically go into the bare metal marrow pull out bone
marrow and they test it for cancer to see if there’s cancer still residing in
the bone marrow and it went from 30% involvement back to zero or down to zero
so that’s a really good sign and then what else did we do
upcoming or coming up with in the next two or three weeks I go to Seattle for
an evaluation just kind of a check over see if I am a candidate for a bone
marrow transplant so just kind of seeing if it’s you know which would have to go
as far as the future whether it’s in our best interest to get a transplant or not
and from then on out just more treatment and heal it up and whatnot but it sounds
like I’ll be back into the hospital every two three weeks for more treatment
and that should go for another four to six rounds I believe I’m thinking I can
knock that down quite a bit though so that’s pretty much it for now I have
something pretty cool to share with you guys here so be GP racing they sent over
some cool stuff here got contacted me on Facebook while back
and wanted to send over some stuff for you guys and basically what we have here
is a few master cylinder caps that were laser etched with a prime MX logo
let’s give you a quick little view each one of them all really cool billet
aluminum pieces here so we’ve got three master stoner caps and three of these
rim lock it’s not nut in spacer sets and so basically what I’m doing at these
where I’ll show you here this one’s for a this one’s for all pretty much all
Suzuki’s cows and older Yamahas this pink one is for newer Yamahas 2008 which
does in nineteen so wisely 125 to fifties and fuzzy before bit yes and
this red one is for every Honda made CR CRFs
and some ex ours as well to have hydraulic brake systems and the rim
locked our rear lock nuts and spacer sets these are work on pretty much any
bike it’s pretty much a universal piece works on anything that has an eight
millimeter threaded rim lock so what I’m doing at these is in order raise money
for my Cancer Fund I am putting these up on Planet max calm gonna do a little
raffle you can choose which one you want to enter the raffle for and so it’s one
dollar each you know one dollar to get one of these is pretty cool and most
importantly it’s helping me out and with all my cancer bills and get my getting
me back on my feet so I can continue shooting videos for you guys that you
all enjoy and so what I want you guys to do is head over to crime and XCOM at the
top on the menu bar you’ll say doubtful and it’ll have all these items listed
there or you can just head down in the description this video first link will
have all of these pieces that you can enter the raffle for and so one dollar
piece you can buy it as many raffle tickets as you want and then on Sunday
night at midnight I’m gonna end the raffle and then I’ll do a livestream for
you guys answer bus a bunch of questions just hang out and I will be
picking the winners for each of these parts from the raffle so it should be a
fun time good way a good cause and everything good way to help support you
got here and get him back on his feet so stay tuned for that and also coming up
soon is when I’m back home I am gonna try I mean obviously I need my my rest
and everything but I’m gonna try my hardest to get back on a CR deeply to
build so I do have this cylinder I have some really cool pieces I can do with
the engine and so when the time is right and I’m feeling up to it I would love to
get back on that build and start doing some things with it moving ahead pretty
much wraps up what I wanted to cover in this video so as of right now
dotting a PICC line hooked up my arm up just machine here I hope you guys can
see the view out the hospital or hospital window there but uh yeah that’s
pretty much it just more treatment on the way and really the only thing I can
ask for at this point is just for myself to feel good and feel like I can live a
fairly normal life and so far that’s pretty much been the case I’ve been able
to once I’m out of the hospital or when I was on hospital last time for two
weeks or two half weeks I went to our first day I got home rode the pit bike
actually got picked up by Devin and nazeebo and drove that home that was a
ton of fun went and rode the one turn around a little bit tinker around on
bikes edited a bunch of videos for you guys got that Kings 500 build up went to
organ for three or four days Oran Coast hung out on the beach that was really
good and just kind of lived a normal life for
two and a half weeks and then it was kind of a shocker to come back in here
and rely on other people be stuck to a pole stuck to a machine and so it’s kind
of a shocker every time I come back and even though I feel so good but this
round of chemotherapy was pretty for me really wasn’t able to do much
besides just sleep and couldn’t really eat a whole lot but I know as soon as I
get back home I’ll be back at it and hoping to pound out small contents and
you guys whether it’s gonna be cr250 or some other projects I’m working on or
just general info videos we will see all depends on how I feel and I’m not gonna
rush into anything right now it’s 100% focus is on my health so hope you guys
understand that I really appreciate all the love and support I’ve gone through
out these last few weeks going through this cancer treatment it means so so
much to me so once again the link to that raffle for all those items is down
below in the description box first one down there and if you don’t want to
enter the raffle I do have an open donation that’s set up over there as
well so I’ll have that linked in the description too so whether you want to
donate a dollar donate nothing and just send your thoughts and prayers this way
everything means so much to me right now so I’m sure some of you were wondering
Cameron why do you need a cancer fund it seems like you’re doing pretty well well
let me tell you what going through cancer treatment and whole cancer
process can get very expensive very fast so imagine taking yourself out of work
for many months out of time not feeling up to par the whole time and then on top
of that being slapped with the possibility of hundreds of thousand
dollars in medical bills I don’t care how much you’ve got saved up how long
you been working for what you do for a living that’s gonna take a toll on you
and I’m not asking for much just a little extra help paying for bills so
that way I don’t lose everything I’ve worked for up until this point my life
realistically I just want to get back to doing the things I was doing before ride
and register under bikes don’t leave videos for you guys this is part my
income part of my job and the sooner I can get back to that the better so you
can help out in any way whether that’s sending a donation to the website and
driven one of the raffles or just any other thoughts and prayers this way it
is appreciated so so much thank you guys and so actually these caps these master
sona caps with the prime X logo are the only ones out there there are not
selling them anywhere else they’re a simple or a straight-up a
one-off item so get it while you can and helping out a good cause so let’s get
guys appreciate everything and I will see you later
keep a prime you


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