Helicopter flying tutorial – Pestilence style (GTA IV)

learn how to fly a helicopter in Grand Theft Auto Four using a mouse with two additional thumb buttons and a regular keyboard for the helicopter controls, we will set the keys… press and hold the right mouse button and move the mouse to look around if you don’t hold the right mouse button your camera can not be moved anymore instead your mousemovements would move the helicopter you can press the spacebar to get a temporary first person view the first person view gives you a crosshair which makes it easier to aim at your targets (mispronounced) press W to accelerate and S to decelerate the rotor speed off your helicopter press D to pitch to the right and press A to pitch to the left press CTRL to rotate left and ALT to rotate right while flying you will use your little finger to press CTRL and your thumb to press ALT note that im holding the right mouse button permanently to being able to look around all the time press the two thumb buttons on your mouse to picth backwards and forwards while in mid air press and hold the spacebar and use the mouse to aim with your helicopter because of the weight of the helicopter feels a bit heavy now lets take the helicopter for a ride using all the previous shown controls, you can, with a bit practice, manoeuver the helicopter through almost all terrain like bridges downtown and more bridges even the same bridge twice lets go for an assault release the right mouse button now press and hold SPACE aim and shoot at your targets (mispronounced) vehicles take fire quickly just after some single shots the first person view is an easy way to lock and eliminate your targets watch out you can lose control of your helicopter in the first person view change quickly back to the first person view and correct your helicopter position then go back in first person and finish your enemy off all right! Lets land this bird now the free mouse view comes in very handy you can exactly see how much distance there is between the landing spot and the helicopter also you can see how much you must adjust your helicopter position to land it correctly on the landing spot (These are my first caption, please forgive mistakes 😉 )


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