Here’s Some Target Clearance Insider Secrets…

If you shop for clearance stuff at
Target but you don’t actually understand how it works? I’m about to blow your mind! I’m SD and by the end of this video you are gonna be unlike everybody else who
walks into Target. Hoping they got a good deal on their clearance stuff and hoping
they have your size. And then realizing that everything that’s good is already
gone. No! You were going to have first dibs! You are gonna have first dibs on
all of the good stuff. Why? Because Target uses a super easy formula when it comes
to their clearance stuff. And I’m gonna teach you what that is. This is all
honestly kind of boggles my mind because I don’t ever hear anybody talk about
this. And I’ll walk in a Target and think to myself “am I like the only one who
actually understands how this whole clearance process works?” Cuz it’s not
hard to understand at all. And you can save SO MUCH money when you
do! But first we gotta we gotta get you kind of caught up to speed and drop some
knowledge on you on what Target’s been up to the last like, I don’t know like 10
years? There was a point in time not really all that long ago that wearing
Target clothes? Yeah it was kind of social suicide. Well Target realized that
and they just went “No! let’s change everything let’s do something different!”
“Let’s just, no!” They started introducing brands like Goodfellow & Co or Original
Use for guys. And then there’s Universal Thread and there’s Ava and Viv
and there’s Prologue for women. And have you ever walked into Target and looked
at their clothes and realized and thought “huh? These these clothes they
they kind of look similar!” Well yeah it’s for a reason. You thought it was a
coincidence and not the result of millions of dollars of market research.
All of their new in-house lines that they have? They all directly compete with
all the popular brands that you see. So Goodfellow & co? Yeah! American Eagle
and Abercrombie and Hollister. They have a Wild Fable line for younger girls and
that directly targets the ones that want to shop at H&M. They’ve been crushing it
with these lines because they kind of realized that people really like the
convenience of going and being able to find stylish fashionable clothes, while
also buying some milk and eggs and bread all like, in the same building. Go ahead
and pay full price for those Goodfellow jeans but uhh, I don’t and I don’t want too.
Now I live in the great state of Minnesota said no one ever
we’re Target’s corporate office is located. And why does that matter? Because
that office that’s like, it’s honestly it’s like twelve minutes away from my
house, control all of the prices throughout the entire country of what
does and what doesn’t go on clearance and when. And I may or may not have
learned the formula that they use because I COUGH I’ve worked there a couple of
times like three times over the past twenty years and guess what? Dude it’s
not a random like let’s just put these pants on clearance just cuz we can kind
of a thing. They actually use a schedule to determine that because every
single item you see in that store has to be out of that store by a certain date.
This is a whole lot of info for you to absorb, so breathe in with me. Okay let’s
go. Yeah! Everything! I’ll use this jacket as an example. Now I got this jacket on
clearance for four dollars and it’s their Original Use line that they have.
And this line it’s geared towards guys who like to wear really oversized
clothes. So as a heads up I can wear an extra small or a small in this line and
it’s still baggy on me. I see some of their stuff on clearance and I’m like “large
huh? Your large is like a quadruple X in every other brand. And I’m gonna tell you
exactly why this jacket was on clearance in a second. Because it’s actually not
for the reason that you think it is. It’s not because it’s out of season. Oh! You
probably didn’t know that! Yeah, every single thing that you see in that Target
needs to be out of that Target by a certain date. And I mean everything! I’m
talking TVs, and bagels, and eggs and basketballs. Everything! That’s why you
find like yogurt on clearance and you take a look at it you’re like
“well it’s not about to expire.” Well it’s probably because they’re about to stop
carrying that particular brand. And they got to get rid of it to now bring in
the new brand. That Chobani yogurt that’s going on clearance? Yeah it’s
going away! No I’m just kidding it’s not going away. I eat that stuff every day and
I’d be SO MAD. By the way if you see an empty shelf when you’re wondering if
that item is in stock in back? Check for a gray sticker.
Do you see one? Yeah? Well then don’t ask that guy over there to go look for it
in back because it’s gone forever. And to be honest with you even if it was in
stock? That guy’s probably not gonna go back there and check. That 22 year old
guy who really doesn’t care that much? He’s gonna go back there and check
Instagram. And then come back out and tell you he couldn’t find it. Check this
out if you think all of this price change and out date stuff is really kind
of self-explanatory and makes sense? Wait wait until I explain the clearance
pricing strategy to you. Because there’s only three numbers that you need to know.
And I honestly like I kind of feel bad for people who shop on clearance and
they don’t, they don’t know this. And you might have seen the exact same items in
your Target for years and years but corporate still knows. They still have a
general idea of when that item is gonna be gone by. It might not be tomorrow it
might not be next month it might not be till like 2022. But they still know. Their
ultimate goal is for that item to get sold but that time that that doesn’t
always happen. So as that end date gets closer they put it on clearance as a
last-ditch effort to just get it out. And if it still doesn’t sell well then at
that point it ends up going to Salvage and it goes to Goodwill or it goes to
like a food shelf. Okay SD so corporate decides when things
are gonna go on clearance but what does that have to do with me actually getting
good deals on clearance clothes? Well there’s this event that happens every
single week and it is my favorite day of the week! It’s called
price change. Price change is that day when corporate sends over this real long
list of all those items that are all over the store that are getting close to
that out date. And they got to put them on clearance. And then an employee
goes through and scans every single item in that store to check and see if it’s
on that list. Wondering why I’m telling you about price change? Because you can
ask any employee when it’s gonna take place. It’s not some trade secret or like
employee only knowledge. I’ve got a guest asking about when price change is. What do
I do? No it’s totally not like that. He really
doesn’t care why you’re asking. He might be kind of confused and it’ll
catch him off guard. But he doesn’t care. I would have told you! In fact I told
people all the time. “Don’t buy those shoes or that coat because next time you
come in it’s gonna be on clearance and you’re gonna be super annoyed!” Price
change at my local target happens on Tuesday. Which means I can go there
Tuesday night or Wednesday morning and then I got the latest greatest most
up-to-date things that are on clearance. Or things that already were on clearance
and have now been discounted even more. Found something in the clearance aisle
that doesn’t have a sticker on it? Well that just means some idiot put those
full price bathroom rugs back in the wrong spot. But if you put up enough of a
stink about it at the register? They’ll discount them for you. The most
annoying thing about clearance clothes are when the only sizes are either small
or like XXL or XXXL. But go in there right after price change? Medium
and large for days! Oh and wash your clothes when you buy them regardless of
whether or not they were on clearance or if they were new. Because they were most
likely on the floor multiple times or they are at some other person’s house. In
fact it’s most likely both. Real talk if you get nothing else from this video
please! For the love of God take that! Wash your clothes! Sweet so now you know
what determines what goes on clearance and when and why. And you also know when
price change is at your local store so do you just like walk in and start buying
stuff? No! Don’t do that! You gotta buy the right things! Look at what the mannequin’s are wearing. And buy the complete opposite of that. But that
isn’t always like this hard and fast rule because this coat that I got right
here? This coat is gonna be perfect for chillier days in the spring in the
summer time. it’s baggy AF so we’re gonna have to we’re gonna take care of that in
another video. So stay stay tuned for that. I’m getting really bad anxiety
wearing it because I haven’t washed it yet and it’s been on the floor a lot. Now
the reason why this coat was on clearance is most likely because of one
of two reasons. One, it really wasn’t selling the way that they thought it was
going to. So they ended up putting it on clearance to get rid of it to move in
something that would sell better. Two, olive green really isn’t a big hit in
the spring and the summertime. Me personally? I don’t really mind it. Of
course I’m gonna buy this coat if it’s 4 bucks but the vast majority of people do
not like buying drab colors like that in the spring. They’d rather buy pastels.
Target knows that. They spend a lot of money and market research and it tells
them that that coat? It’s not gonna sell very much like at all. And just when
you thought that the clearance process was easy the clearance pricing strategy
is just as easy! Because there’s only three numbers that you need to know
about. 30% 50% and 70%, that’s it. There’s no 10%,
there’s no 25%, no 90 % no none of that. If something gets put on clearance it’s
going to start at 30%. And then the next price change rolls around and it goes
down to 50%. And in the great words of Billy Mays there’s more cuz after that
it goes down to 70%. And as a heads up it might kind of sort of linger at one
price for two weeks maybe three weeks. So if you see something go on clearance and
it goes on clearance at 30%? it’s not going to automatically go down to 50%
the next week. It might take like 2 or 3 more weeks. So how can you make sure that
you get something good in your size? Well what size are you? If you wear a
small and that shirt you’re looking at is 30% off?
You can probably wait. Small’s don’t go flying out the door. And it’s going to be
discounted again. A medium or a large and it’s 30% off? Hmm,
I usually try and strike quicker because those sizes go faster. And if you want to
try and play the game of waiting it out till it goes down to 50% or 70%? Someone
else is gonna snag it up. Anything at all that is 70%? It almost doesn’t matter
what it is then. Get it because it is about to go away! That’s it now you know
how Target clearance works and you can buy a whole outfit for like 20 bucks!
You’re welcome! SD out, deuces!


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