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This week on TGC News, High End Blasters,
Sig Slides, and the Yeet Vote gets tallied! Welcome back to another episode of TGC News,
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on this video! Now how about some news? Let’s spin up the mini gun and blast through
this rapid fire style! Here we go! Circling back to last weeks show, Hi-Point
has announced the results of the final polling for the name of their new gun and as you might
have suspected, Yeet Cannon destroyed the other option which ended up being CTAC9. Now, here’s the thing. The new gun isn’t out yet and likely won’t
be ready until later this year. So what that means is the real yeet cannon
won’t be with us for a while. However Hi-Point decided the placate all of
us memelords with the Yeet Canon G1. It’s essentially just a regular C9 pistol
with Yeet Cannon on the side and will be a limited run. The MSRP on the limited-run guns is 200 bucks,
and I’ve seen them for about 170 at other retailers. I know I’m getting one because I like fun. They’ve also said that when the new gun comes
out there will be a limited run with the words Yeet Cannon on the slide and normal guns will
have YC9 on them. What a time to be alive. Next up, Wilson Combat has released a new
tuned up shotgun. Its called the MFS which stands for magazine
fed shotgun and its based off of the Remington 870 DM. Long story short, they do what they normally
do, smooth out surfaces, work the action, Then they add a set of ghost ring sights,
an mlok forend from magpul, and a couple other odds and ends. The main option is the stock. You can get it either either a hogue overmold,
a magpul shotgun stock or an adjustable unit. Prices on these start at 1275 and go up to
1400 bucks for the adjustable stock version. If you have to have a really nice pump gun,
this may be an option. Also in expensive gun news, ed brown has announced
yet another new 1911 in their “more affordable” evo line up. Its called the KC9 LW or lightweight. The claim to fame here is that it weighs in
at 27 ounces which is about 7 less than the standard KC9. I’m not sure that really justifies the lightweight
name but whatever you gotta do to feel good about a new model right? It is of course chambered in 9mm and has all
the standard features you would expect from an Ed Brown. It’s a high end gun so not only is it nice
but it comes with a high end price. The KC9 LW goes for 2295! How about some accessories to fuel the fire? Midwest Industries is jumping into the Ruger
PCC chassis game and while we don’t have the final pricing yet, they say it will retail
for under 200 bucks which makes it very competitive compared to some of the models we talked about
already. They’ve decided to go with the AR style layout
with an adjustable stock and pistol grip. Midwest has a whole bunch of products for
the PCC so this is just another addition to that line. And speaking of adding to the line, Sig has
introduced an entire line up of slides for the P320. They’re called Pro-Cut and long story short,
its slides with a bunch of holes drilled into the front end and an optic cut in the rear. The slides also come with night sights, a
bead blasted stainless finish and all the internals, with the exception of the barrel
and recoil spring assembly. They also note on the product page that this
item does not void your Sig warranty which to me, is really where the value comes from. If you were to buy a normal p320 for about
500 bucks, and then bought one of these slides for another 400, you’d be looking at a pretty
expensive gun. At the same time, modularly and the ability
to upgrade is pretty cool without voiding the warranty. The procut slides are available for full size,
compact and subcompact 320s. Leupold is proud of themselves this week because
the US Marshals have selected the DeltaPoint Pro for their duty handguns. Even though the RMR seems to largely be the
centerpoint of the handgun slide mounted optic game, the DeltaPoint Pro has a very strong
reputation and this just reinforces that. And rounding out our rapid fire, a bit of
sad news. The founder of Springfield Armory, Robert
Reese, has passed away. Now I know some folks are still upset at Springfield
for issues in illinois but this, to me, transcends that because the man has been involved in
the gun industry for a long time and whether you’ll admit it or not has definitely had
an impact on the gun community here in the US. He was 87 years old. And now it’s time for a new segment here on
TGC News. Let’s call it, Patton’s Armory. I’m going to grab one of my personal guns
and tell you guys all about it. This right here is my Smith & Wesson 686 Plus. This is the first gun that I ever bought for
myself. I bought this in I believe 2009 or 2010 some
of you may have already seen this here on the channel because it’s still one of my favorites. This is cool to me, because they no longer
offer these hogue grips with the finger grooves I actually really like that a lot of people
don’t it has a 6-inch barrel has a seven-shot cylinder it’s chambered in 357 Magnum and
this has a little bit of a personal thing for me because this was tuned up recently
by my girlfriend’s father, you guys know Genevieve, he did some action work on this and kind of
tuned things up as it’s been pretty nasty and shot quite a bit. The reason I bought this thing as my first
gun you know I didn’t go with a Glock 19 or something like that is because, from the onset
of me getting into guns I really enjoyed big and kind of silly stuff that’s really me as
a person I just like having fun with stuff and being kind of over-the-top and this really
fulfills a lot of that. It’s a big gun it’s easy to shoot in double
action or single action and I just love it you know I think it came from one of the first
times I ever went shot with a buddy of mine who happened to be in the Marine Corps at
the time he took me to a local range and rented some guns and one of these happened to be
what we rented because we were trying out stuff just to see what I liked what he like
whatever and I really just kind of fell in love with the Smith & Wesson revolver, and
hopefully there’s been some cool footage playing over top so you guys can see what this is
all about. But yeah this is my first gun and I really
hope that you guys enjoy this look at one of my personal guns I think this could be
a regular thing if you guys want I could just pick a gun and we can show it off and it’s
going to take a while to get to my collection because I’ve amassed quite a few over the
years but yeah here we go. Smith & Wesson 686 Plus in 357 Magnum. Leave a comment to let me know if you want
to see more. Honestly, I don’t think lead based ammo hurts
the environment in a substantial way. Most people don’t realize but you have to
get A LOT of lead in your system for it to start affecting you and if that were the case,
we would see more lead poisoning in the military than anywhere else and that’s not generally
something you hear about. With the amount of ammo expended at military
ranges, you would figure that far outweighs at civilians range and therefore would be
a cause for concern right? I just think that the freak out over lead
in ammo is an overreaction and while I don’t think its a bad thing to look at other materials
for use in ammo, i don’t think its financially viable right now. Lead prices, even though they’ve gone up in
recent years, are still way lower than other metals with similar weights, the soft properties
of lead also make it beneficial for bullet molding and things of that nature. I carry monolithic copper projectiles, shoutout
to underwood ammo, but I’m absolutely not going to start tripling the cost of my practice
ammo just because some politician thinks lead is bad. I think it’s a matter of round count. You can deliver way more shots on target,
arguable more effectively with a semi auto, than you ever could with a revolver. Even with a semi auto revolver like a Mateba
Unica, you are still limited by how many rounds the cylinder can hold and how fast you can
reload the gun. Semi Autos are just better all around for
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