What’s up guys Simon Jordan here co-founder life SEOs and today We’re talking about high paying affiliate programs, okay Why you should join them where you can find them and which ones pay up to? $12,000 per sale So when I first started out online trying to make money as an affiliate I failed miserably okay? I really sucked. I was building affiliate websites, and I was trying to sell products of Amazon eBay and Clickbank now sure I made a couple of $20 sales here and there But it was way too much work for that kind of money, and I wanted to quit my nine-to-five and I wanted to work full-time online and Realistically I was never ever gonna do it making sales like that like $20 sales So people fail at affiliate marketing for a variety of different reasons, okay from Entitlement issues to information overload you know getting that paralysis from just picking terrible products to affiliate with or just a lack of consistency and a lack of focus but for me I was failing because I was promoting cheap products okay products that I had to make Hundreds and hundreds of sales of in order to make a decent living online. It just wasn’t Sustainable what I started to do was really study all of the super affiliates in the business, okay? we all know who they are you know so I go online I figure out who they were and The one thing that was clear with all of them is that they weren’t Promoting products off Amazon or Clickbank so what they were all doing was promoting high high ticket high value digital products and Following the exact same affiliate marketing strategy in order to make sales so all I have to do was Reverse-engineer what they were doing and copy it for myself? So why are super affiliates so? successful, so Elite affiliate marketers never waste time just dipping their toes in the water. Okay, they stay consistent over long periods of time Elite level marketers don’t simply promote products that produce. You know it’s one-off $20.00 Commission What they do is they associate themselves with high paying? Affiliate programs now these affiliate marketing programs offer huge Commission’s on their and these programs end up being the cornerstone of every successful affiliate marketer of course It’s not just the affiliate program itself that produces such high amounts of income for the affiliate Successful affiliates have to share content that provides value and makes a difference in people’s lives And they have to build a brand that communicates their message to their audience successful affiliates also understand the power of self education they’re always learning growing and challenging challenging themselves in some way so in short having a high ticket high value affiliate program is essential to making money and having success as an affiliate, but equally as important is the Content that you put out to your audience the value that you give to them so Success for the Philly of marketing is as much about your own Psychology as it is having a high ticket offer and a marketing strategy and a great platform And and all that other stuff So as an affiliate there are only two types of commissions that you saw you should be searching for in Any affiliate program one is high ticket commissions and the other is? Recurring commissions now high ticket products are typically sold on the back end of a sales funnel And I’ll tell you more about sales funnels later on but they typically cost Upwards of $1,000 now it really doesn’t matter. How good you are marketing if you’re spending your time promoting $20 products with no future upsells Then you’re really gonna struggle to build a profitable online affiliate business So let’s say your goal is to earn a million dollars in a year, okay? That’s a good goal, but in that case you’re gonna have to sell 50,000 copies of a product that cost $20, okay 50,000 the flip side of that is if you’re promoting a product that costs a thousand dollars Then you’re only going to need to sell a thousand copies to make $1,000,000 and if the product costs $4,000 then that number then goes down to 250 products to sell in order to make a million that’s pretty powerful stuff And that’s why high ticket commissions are what all the big super affiliates do Now recurring commissions are also extremely powerful You can refer somebody once to a subscription service and earn monthly residual Commission’s for the lifetime of that customers subscription so for example every Month we pay for a funnel building software called click funnels now these guys are probably the best in the business when it comes To creating high converting complex funnels so click funnels costs us $97 a month But then we can sign up as an affiliate for click funnels and then promote click funnels to other affiliate marketers And we can earn 40 percent lifetime commissions, so this means when we refer 100 people at $97 a month We’ll earn three thousand eight hundred and eighty dollars every single month now I know this doesn’t sound like a whole lot of money, but it does build up over time so every month We’ll earn three thousand eight hundred and eighty dollars as long as our referral space signed up with click funnels Imagine this now if we referred 20 people a month We would be looking at a passive income stream within a year of nine thousand three hundred and twelve dollars Every month and that’s totally passive even if we did no work for a couple of months We’d still have that recurring Commission coming in and that is the magic of recurring commissions now once you’ve found an affiliate program that offers high ticket commissions and Recurring commissions you need to put it all together With a sales funnel and next I want to show you and help you understand the power of sales funnels so Understanding how sales funnels work can mean the difference between earning a thousand dollars and earning ten thousand dollars? Seriously, so a good affiliate Program will give you their own sales funnels that you can use to promote the products and services to consumers So these funnels usually offer low price or even free products at the top of the funnel and then gradually introduce higher price higher value products to the leads that come through the funnel sales funnels help build a Relationship with your customers and offer just a small taste or sample of your products product and service without huge upfront Investment so introducing your high end product to your prospect when they don’t know you is a recipe for disaster You need to use your sales funnel to build a relationship with your prospects first so the best affiliate programs offer lifetime customer Commission’s So this just means that You’ll continue to earn commissions every time one of your referrals Purchases a product in the business that you referred them to and this is how the majority of high ticket commissions are made in affiliate marketing so now you guys know why high ticket commissions and Recurring commissions are the secret to becoming a super affiliate But that’s also not the only thing you need now you also need to be creating your own Valuable content you need to constantly educate And improve yourself, and you need to use sales funnels to convert your high ticket offers Fortunately for you. We’ve got you covered with all of the above We have one of the best high ticket affiliate programs in the business that’s generated over fifty thousand dollars in the last three months for us all of The information and the training that you’ll need can be found in the link below in the description alright guys, so I really hope this video is how to Get started correctly in affiliate marketing if you enjoyed this video Please give it a thumbs up if you Have any questions at all drop it in the comments below, and please don’t forget if you like this content And you want to see more subscribe to the channel and I’ll talk to you guys in the next one


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