Hinduism & Astrology Book: Tatva Soul & Karma by Tanuj Lalchandani

hi there i am manpreet i make book related videos on
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book review of a nonfiction a book that discusses Hindu gods and goddesses so if
you are a person who is interested in Hindu mythology and in the actual things
that happen, not a mythological fiction sort of stuff then you may want
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about is tatva, soul and karma by Tanuj lalchandani I’m working with
the author of this book to review this one by the way before I begin I have a
reading vlog and a wrap up video discussing this book just in case you
want to know more about the book okay basically Tanuj Lalchandani is a
Delhi based astrologer who is really interested in his craft
this I believe is his second book after treasure trove of zodiacs which is his
first book I happened to read this one this is basically an illustrated edition
of the stories of Hindu gods and goddesses how they came to exist and why
they are worshipped for what they are worshipped for and also it discusses
about the planets that these Hindu gods and goddesses rule and what these
planets can do to you what are the positive impacts what are the negative
impacts and how you can actually make these planets work in your favor that is
what this whole book is about it’s beautifully illustrated let me just
begin with showing you some illustrations the most beautiful
illustration is the first one because Lord Ganesha is the Lord who marks happy
beginnings. so then we begin with discussing about the Trinity Lord Vishnu basically the whole books is full of illustrations okay I wouldn’t like it’s really like a big book so it’s hard to
hold when it comes to showing you the illustrations but it’s just like now
when it comes to lord vishnu what it discusses is all the avatars of lord vishnu and then the ruling planet of Lord Vishnu and then next God Lord shiva
Lord brahma then it talks about different goddesses
goddess durga goddess Saraswati Hanuman ji and everybody so this book is
basically a discussion on all of these gods and goddesses okay now let me tell
you one thing about me I do not like the books that sell me religion, not at all so when I
was offered the chance to read this book I was like you know if it’s a religious
book that’s what I always mean when I say I do not like religious and
spiritual books because I do not like those books which sell me that
stuff okay I love the power by Rhonda Byrne which is a spiritual novel sort of
but it doesn’t sell you in a way you do not like. okay and I also loved this
book because it doesn’t sell you religion okay it just talks about Hindu
gods and goddesses it’s full of information about them which is just so
beautiful like every piece of sentence is discussing a piece of information
about these gods and goddesses and it was just amazing to read this because I
knew a lot about hindu mythology okay I know a lot about Hindu mythology but I
did not know about all the stories and sometimes it’s also like you get to
recall the stories that you heard from your grandparents a couple of years back
and it always excites me so I really liked reading this book I believe the
people who are interested in Hindu mythology they would love to read this
book they would love to have this resource of information compiled
together talking about how these gods and goddesses came into existence what
do they like what are their dislikes what are their stories and what are their
different sorts of Avatars what kind of impact they have on you and how you can
pray to them and also how they rule different planets and how these planets
impact you in a positive or a negative manner and how you can have these
planets work in your favor it also has some sections about yoga which is
something which a lot of people are interested in especially I believe this
book would be something that a lot of my international audience would like to
read it also talks about importance of matching horoscope karma and all of this
stuff and even the herbs the importance of nature in astrology and Hinduism so
basically this is a book on Hinduism and astrology okay combines both of
those things and I love this book so so much because of that I would not like to
elongate the review. I basically wanted to tell you about this book and I really enjoyed
reading it I believe it’s something that you would like to read which I have
already told or also something you would like to gift somebody like if you have
grandparents who like Hindu mythology who pray to these gods and goddesses and
they would love this book I actually like, I’m a bit sad because my mom asked me
if this book is in hindi and there’s always this struggle…
hindi books people want them in English English books people want them in Hindi
but I promised my mom that I would just recite the whole book to her because it’s
just beautiful I think she’s gonna love it would be a
very nice like mother-daughter time so that is one intended use of this book
and I would love to keep it on my bookshelf and go through it over and
over again because I just found it very informative and very good and
yes that’s what I feel about this book if you are into these sort of books
just check it out I’ll link it down below in the description so yeah that’s
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