His Bike Wouldn’t Start! My Dumb Mistake

today I’m gonna take the 125 out for a
little trail ride now it’s been a while since I’ve ridden this thing on trails
and I know 125 do not make very good trail bikes but either way it should be
pretty fun so I’m gonna get this thing ready to rip it’s pretty Rocky where I’m
going so I’m gonna put about two extra psi in each tire so about 14 in the rear
and 16 up front and then of course with trail riding on a two-stroke definitely
gotta pack a few extra spark plugs see we got some br9 EGS gonna toss these in
a backpack along with spark plug wrench and another thing I’m going to do is
pack Gatorade bottle full of fuel I know two strokes do not do very well on gas
so it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra Oh another thing here I’m going to
be filming with this new little mount I picked up it’s called a dingo chin bar
mount for a GoPro I’ll show you how it’s set up here so it just clips right on to
the chin bar of the helmet something like that should be a pretty cool angle
and I’ll be using a GoPro Hero 6 on this mount which is what I’m filming with
right now you never know when you’re gonna catch one of those bows you know yeah most of time it’s me so that’s why
I’m wearing it mmm oh man good trail that’s all yeah just
take your time not worth I ended up in a creek out of
it but it’s a cool trail isn’t there it’s nice where it’s all tight and it’s
like really rocky and choppy so challenging yeah you’re in for a in for
a good time then how does the smoke smell oh really
you’re not getting a cent of it I put some extra juice in there for you well Gracie up here man good time where’s all the jump shot
though time yeah I think that first portion you got
asked to throw control especially to stroke man you’re slippin and slidin
yeah anywhere yeah it looks like they would just grip on that stuff besides
rock I’m sure you never get that slidin yeah almost too gripping steer it feels
like you got a front a flat on your front oh really just grab everything so
you just left this on from winter who are you running all the time they get
torn up pretty quick in the rear no mm-hmm
on our trip this year we went to Idaho to salmon or whatever I think the last
day we had the group together a bunch of Montana boys mm-hmm I think we fixed but
those boys were just they just showed up like ain’t no one were half flat when
they started you know yeah then they broke clutches young guys so we’re
riding their bikes and they’re riding our bikes and then it was a shit show by
the end I remember right there’s some mud holes up here somewhere
yeah maybe it’s not here yeah all right I don’t know if I’m ready for that this
needs to clean yeah oh go right through took the long way around definitely a motocross like not much of
a thrill bike really the Truett’s against me take the right side I end up going right
I thought that was B I’d be the muddy part but yeah I would have been paddling
my way through there there’s a freaking burnout I was doing a burnout on the cinder
block there yeah he’s picking up speed though he’s right there now yeah he
needs to get my break for the get tires yeah oh man actually pretty fun to kind of cruise
it’s not really I just want to jump to honestly well throughout this GoPro let’s go by
the scope for a bounty on my chin so I get a can really see the bike itself I
had her on my head right there probably looks like he made a new friend of the
rock day no that was a good pace yeah probably did more damage to the rock like a Rakhi right here better not jinx myself but I don’t see
myself crashing today yeah when you lay them down there they’re tough to get
back going I’ll try a couple kicks on it oh my god
this trippy like not having that let’s switch up here on the handlebars that
must have got bumped on you or jarred when you hate it there god damn kill
switch got me all tired out for nothing watch my bike not start now suck the bike around you know maybe if I
wasn’t so slow could I caught that on camera first time they wrote a word beep are a couple
times but that was about it Bubber first go-around obviously you’re gonna get in here
they’re gonna happen start a little bummed out
it cleared out oh man yeah she’s fouled already that’s the
thing man I have to swap out a plug here this is where I get tired No a good time oh he took a little little detour going
up and doing some weed backing up there right there that’s pretty cool hoppin here’s my tow me how to kick stand
damn just out in the middle of nowhere and I need to get a a YouTube thumbnail
for this that’s not a thing but right now I need a frickin thumbnail would be a good number this see if I can catch me I doubt it the kind of trills I like them Oh jump that but I would eat in hardcore
looks like a fun jump now it’s the fun part downhill this is
where the good times are


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