Holo Hair Transformation: A Holographic Hair Tutorial – KayleyMelissa

– Hello, hi, my name is
Kayley, I’m addicted to holo. As you would expect from a
holo addict, AKA holo-sexual, I’m a big fan of Christine
from @simplyhairlogical and she did a video several months back where she turned her hair holo and she asked an interesting
question in that video. – Why are there so few
hair tutorials on YouTube? But where are the hair videos, okay? People wanna know how
to get cool hair, too. – Well, to answer your question, yes. There aren’t a lot of us, but I am one that likes to teach people how to have cool hair and
do other things good, too, and I’m going to use my skills
as a licensed hairstylist to turn my hair holo. And we’re just, we’re
gonna see how that goes. This actually ended up
being a very involved video, so I’m gonna switch up my
video style a little bit and go in and out of
kind of telling you guys how everything went down because, girl. Girl! I started off with a dream and an idea of what I would do with my hair. And in that, I decided to incorporate as much holo as I could and
I started with the braids. So, first things first, I’m gonna be using holo
tinsel to braid into my hair. I’m actually using more of it than I have hair in those sections, so you should see mostly
holo, if not all holo. I’m taking the tiniest
section up at the front and then I’m just gonna braid that under. Alright, and them I’m just gonna, like, start giving some of this holo hair to the section that
just has my hair in it. This is not the technique
you’re supposed to use for this, but it’s just so much easier. Kayley Melissa, come for the braids, stay for the lazy girl hair tips. And now I’m gonna start braiding
in hair from this section. Okay, holo number one is in! And now we transition to this
little bitty baby pieces, because uh, it was cheaper than buying more of the long pieces. The amount of money I spent
on holo for this video is between me and my therapist. That’s how the braid went down. I did three more of them, so
I had a total of four braids and then I decided to
go on to the next step, which is to try to create
some linear holo on my hair. Now, I tested this extensively. I wanted that linear, rainbow shift. It was so important to me. But the problem is, I could
not make it work on hair. Because when you do this on nails, you’re supposed to
burnish it into the nail and, turns out, you can’t
burnish things onto hair. So, what I ended up doing was taking some spray craft adhesive, spraying human hair extensions and then applying holographic
nail foil transfers. And then I had some linear
holographic hair extensions. So, I’m gonna kinda tana it up and just put them between
the two braids right here. Obviously you’re gonna
be able to see this line, I’m planning to cover it
with some holo glitter. And I’m just gonna, I think
pin it next to the ponytail. In the monitor, this just looks
like a Swan Lake hair piece, like I have the feathers on each side, and I’m just a drowning, dying swan. But no, not a dying swan, just a fantastic holo phoenix, rising from the basics. Cacaw! Oh my gosh, my hair has
never looked so magical. I realized at this point it
would probably be a good idea to get the ponytail as much
out of the way as possible, so I took all of my human
hair that was in the ponytail, braided it, folded it in
half, and pinned it that way, so I had just like a little hair nubbin. Just, like, the littlest
bit of my hair was left and everything else could be fully holoed. And I decided to do that next on the top with some holo flakie. I tested tons of glitters, tons of gels, and I finally decided to take holo flakies and dab them onto a sticky gel base. And goodness gracious, did
I find a sticky gel base. So, I’m using Gorilla Snot. This is, this is, this is. The branding is on point. The texture of the product. By the way, Christine, I see your nail sponges and I
raise you whatever these are. It seems to be too big for an eye, definitely too big for a nail. I don’t know what people use this for, but I have to apply
glitter to a large area. This is like several
manicures worth of area, so. Putting something this thick
and goopy and sticky in my hair is so counterintuitive it’s
insane, but I’ve tested it. It works super well with the glitter, so. Oh, it’s so cold and sticky! I don’t like it, I don’t like it! Oh yeah, glitter is just falling as though it were snow from the sky. It’s everywhere! Oh my gosh, I’m covered in holo. My life is now covered in holo. ♪ When there’s holo flakes ♪ ♪ Covering all your home ♪ ♪ Who you gonna call? ♪ ♪ Holo busters! ♪ Can you see this? Like. It’s like Nickelodeon slime. And there we go, fake a hairline, one of the many things
you can do with holo. I don’t have a five finger forehead, what are you talking about? (laughs) This is really fun. I’m gonna add some chunky glitter in front of these extensions
to blend them a little bit. Also gonna do it in the back here. As much as I would love
to keep doing, like, the sparkle and dab situation, I think I might actually lose my mind. So, I found this holographic glitter at Riley Rose in the Glendale Galleria. I love it, it’s like a
little flask of holo. So I’m gonna take this and,
on the back of my hand, mix it with some chunky glitter and then apply it to my hair. Oh, this is the most magical
I’ve ever felt in my life. Oh yeah, guys! Holy goodness! Holy bajoogles! What even is this? I feel like there’s probably
a better way to mix it than, like, on my hand, but I just want all the
glitter all over me. Give it to me! Yes! ♪ ‘Cause I’m holo ♪ Alright, I guess we’ll
start with the stuff that I can kind of see behind my ears. So pigmented. This is one of the few times
you can truly tell someone the back of their head is ridiculous. So, now that, like,
glitter has been achieved, it was time to add in hair
tinsel to my ponytail. I decided to do that by bobby
pinning it into the base until I got a significantly better idea. Ooh, here’s a good idea. Take all this, put it
together with an elastic, pin the elastic into the
base of the ponytail. There’s that hairstylist brain comin’ in. Take that, Hairdo by Jessica Simpson. ♪ I feel holo ♪ ♪ Oh, so holo ♪ And wrap the hair around
the base of the ponytail. So, I have one more thing I wanna use and that is holo hula hoop tape. I don’t know why I bought
holo hula hoop tape, but it’s gonna work in
this situation, at least. At this point, the holo look was complete and if you’re not familiar with holo, even lighting like this is not conducive to
optimal holo viewership. So, I had to switch my
background, switch my lights, and I’m ready for the reveal. (electronic music) After fully experiencing that holo, my husband happened to walk by and I called him in to
see what he thought. – I don’t know what to make of this. (Kayley laughs) I don’t even understand. – I love that you keep
lifting the up just the– – Where, because your hair is gone. (Kayley laughs) – It’s magic. – Gosh. (Kayley laughs) You’re so glittery, and not just here. Just all of you is covered.
– Just all of me. Yeah, do you like that
I improvised a tarp? And it did nothing. Weeks.
– Pippin is also sparkly. – Pip, Pippin, come here! Well, yes, you’re not kidding! He does have, how did you get tinsel? Pippin! – I’m still kind of just flabbergasted. – You’re just in awe–
– Yes. – Of the awesomeness? Bing! Christmas card. – Yay! – (laughs) All right,
thank you for reacting. Then we actually decided
to take it outside to see how the holo would show up. Unfortunately, it was
basically sunset at that point because I had been applying
holo for a long time, so it wasn’t too sparkly. But I did get to get some really
funny looks from strangers. I also went around a little it in my house to places where I know holo really pops and I fully enjoyed just the rainbow shifting
sparkles that resulted. I mean, I could have called it a day but I was loving the
holo and I needed more, so I decided to add those
big, chunky glitters to the top of my head, as well. And once that was done, obviously I needed to get
a look at it in the lights. (electronic music) I’m having the feels. This whole video’s basically like me challenging myself to create holo hair and I feel like I got there. It is so sparkly. I just wanna exist like this forever. And that was my holo hair transformation. It was worth every bit of glitter that is strewn around my house now. I loved it! So, that is it for today’s video. Don’t forget to come back on Saturday for my next Halloween video. And don’t forget to hit
the subscribe button or the bell notification icon so you are notified
when that video goes up. Or, you know, just come back and watch it. And that is it for today’s video, I’ll see in the next one! Mwah! Bye. (electronic music)


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