Homemade Bread in the Ninja Foodi

hi there and welcome to the salted
pepper where we cook for real life using real
food and we keep it real simple and today I’m gonna show you a secret but
don’t tell anybody you can proof your bread right in the Ninja Foodi that’s
right we’re gonna make homemade bread in 90 minutes let me show you how we have
three cups of all-purpose flour here we have two and a quarter teaspoons of
yeast now I’m using instant yeast but if you have active dry yeast that’s fine
too I’m gonna show you how to proof the yeast and get it going so that your
bread Rises this is equal to one packet so if you have those little packets of
the yeast in your cabinet that’ll be fine this is two and a quarter teaspoons
I buy mine in bulk because I make a lot of bread we have one teaspoon of kosher
salt and 2 teaspoons of just plain white sugar a little bit of extra flour over
here for flowering our surface and one cup of warm tap water now I let this the
water run till it was about 110 degrees it’s probably cooled off to about 106 by
now and that’s fine we want the temperature between 105 and 110 for the
best proofing of an active dry yeast now again I’m using instant I don’t
really have to do this step so if you’re using instant you can just put it right
in with your dry ingredients no problem but I’m gonna show you how to proof the
east so we have our teaspoon our two
teaspoons of sugar we’re just gonna add in about a tablespoon or so of the warm
water and we’re gonna sprinkle the yeast over top and then you do absolutely
nothing the yeast will start to eat the sugar and it will start to bubble up and
bloom as we call it all right so it’s been a couple of
minutes and there’s a lot of little bubbles forming and it’s starting to get
a little frothy so we’re ready to move on that means that our yeast is
activated now mines instant again I could skip that step but just wanted to
show you guys in case you’re using active dry yeast and not instant dry
yeast all right so now I have my three cups of flour and I’m gonna go ahead and
add in the salt to that and we’re gonna go ahead and add in the east and we’re gonna add in the cup of water
that is scant now a tablespoon because we use that to activate the yeast and
while I’m while I’m pouring I’m gonna be kind of tossing the flour around just to
get it combined a little bit more and now you could certainly use a stand
mixer with a dough hook to make this and you would even it would even take less
time but you know not everybody has them and I just wanted to show how easy it is
to make homemade bread at home without any fancy equipment except for our ninja
foodie because that’s gonna make this go really fast we’re gonna proof the bread
and bake the bread right in the Ninja Foodi I’m gonna pour the rest in and
just work a little bit more in my bowl to get as much of the water combined
with the flour and then I’m gonna move to my work surface and we’re gonna do a
little bit of kneading I think that’s the part about bread making that
everybody dreads is the kneading of the bread but honest to goodness I think it
is therapeutic like there is nothing better than taking like this sticky ball
of dough and kneading it into this glorious smooth ball of dough that then
becomes a beautiful loaf of dough so I love making bread
now sourdough bread not so much I have struggled with the starter for a very
long time I never have gotten it right so sourdough bread is not my thing okay
so now we have kind of like a loose dough I mean it’s not holding together
there’s extra flour down there that is not gonna matter I’m just gonna dump it
out first I’m just gonna put a little bit of flour down smooth that out a
little bit and we’re go ahead and dump this out
onto our work surface you could use a regular cutting board for this but I
like this little pastry mat that I have from pampered chef and I will link to
it below in case you’re interested in getting one this is great for all kinds
of baking like the biscuit video that I did that I will link to right over there
I made them right on this map as well that’s good now we get working with a
pan so make sure your hands are nice and clean which my heart and we’re just
gonna take the dough just kind of turn it and pull it back over itself turn it
pull it back over itself each time trying to grab some of that loose flour
turn it push down turn it kind of the same technique that we use with the
biscuits but this time we’re not worried about overworking the dough You’ve with
the biscuit video we were really careful not to over need it because we didn’t
want to break up the butter and and and create some flat biscuits so here that
we want to really work the dough so we’re gonna keep going like this till we
get all of the flour incorporated then go ahead and put your your muscles into
it and it might feel a little bit sticky at first but as you work with it and get
all this flour incorporated it is definitely going to become a lot less
sticky if you need to add a little more flour
because it’s still sticking go ahead just sprinkle a little bit on okay I’ll take it all this up then I’m gonna
really get into the needy okay so this is what you’re gonna do same principle
we’re just gonna do it a little bit harder you’re gonna pull this over what
I like to do is put the palm of my left hand and my right hand over top and push
and push away from you and then turn it around and do the same thing
now I’m going pretty slow I usually do this a lot quicker but I wanted you to
see you could do it with the other hand as well no problems whatever feels
comfortable to you if you want to just do it with one hand you can but you want
to definitely be pulling the bread towards you and pushing it away from you
what you’re doing is activating the gluten in the bread now mine sticking a
little bit so I’m gonna go ahead and add a little bit more flour there turn it
and we’re gonna do this between ten and fifteen minutes and a good way to tell
when your bread is done being needed is it doesn’t look I’m gonna call this
craggily I don’t know what other word to say but do you see there’s all these
little craters and stuff here when your bread is finished when you don’t need to
knead anymore it’ll be a lot smoother than that so I’m just gonna keep on
kneading and show you the progress all right so I’ve been meeting this for
probably I don’t know seven to ten minutes I’ve added some more flour in
fact I used what was in there so that was about a maybe three quarters of a
cup and it’s starting to come together really nicely and I can tell that by the
smoothness when I turn the bread and it’s not tacky anymore
and it’s also got a little bit of stretch to it so I’m liking that but I
think it still needs a few more minutes so if we’re gonna keep going alright guys I think we’re just about
there I have just a tad bit more flour maybe a tablespoon and I think two more
turns and we’ll be here ready to shoot put it into the Ninja Foodi and prove
it alright that’ll be good now you can see
this is a lot smoother of a surface than what we started out with and that’s what
you want to see so instead of all the really big craters it’s a much smoother
surface now what I’m gonna do is just sort of tuck it underneath this is gonna
rise in the ninja foodie and know don’t worry about how it looks on the bottom
because it’s all gonna come together so beautifully make it into a nice little
round now we are going to be doing a bread round in the Ninja Foodi we’re
gonna put in one tablespoon of olive oil we just want to cover the bottom and
we’re gonna roll the top of the bread into the olive oil this is gonna prevent
it from drying out and then we’re just gonna flip it so it’s got a nice little
oily surface on top and then there’s a couple things you could do here and I
tried both of them out you could put a little bit of saran wrap just loosely
over the top and then put the lid down and we’re gonna set the dehydration mode
the dehydration is so low of a heat you’re not gonna melt your saran wrap so
don’t worry about that but what I noticed was it because there’s a fan
that circulates it kind of blue all over the place so I decided that I was gonna
use a clean this is a clean bleached flour sack that I use all the time I
just love them and it is just damp okay not real wet but damp and I’m just gonna
open it up a little bit it could be in double I mean these are pretty big and
let me show you how big they are cuz I talk about them all the time I
mean they’re they’re pretty big so they are great for so many things I strain
yogurt and I also dry dishes and stuff I have different ones for different
purposes and so we’re gonna lay this right on over
close the lid turn the foody on hit the dehydration mode we want to take it all
the way down to 105 hit the time so the minimum is an
hour so what I would do is set another timer because it only needs to proof for
30 minutes no it’s not gonna be the end of the world if it goes a full hour but it
only needs to go 30 minutes so we’re gonna go ahead and start that now what
this is going to do is provide this really low temperature environment for
that yeast to thrive yeast loves 105 degrees so they will really multiply it
pretty quickly usually on the countertop this takes a couple of hours so we’re
gonna cut it down to 30 minutes we’re coming up on the last few seconds of our
first proofing of the bread so what we expect to see when we open the lid is
that the bread has doubled in size and it will also have a different feel to it
it’s gonna be a lot stretchier it’s gonna be a lot smoother okay so I’m just gonna remove the towel
here and I’m gonna put it to the side because we are gonna need it again and
if it’s very dry you might want to read dampen it and now we get out our bread
and you can see it is a totally different feel to it now it’s real
stretchy it’s just I love making bread I think it’s glorious so now what you want
to do is go ahead and well you could punch it down I’m kind of gentle with my
bread and we’re just gonna form it again if you want to have a rectangular loaf
and you have a rectangular loaf pan then certainly now it’s the time that you’re
gonna put your bread into that and then set it into the Ninja Foodi for the
final rise and that’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna put it back in for 30
more minutes so I’m just sort of getting a basic
shape to it kind of flatten it down a little bit just a nice round shape
that’s gonna be fine so now that we have the round back in
there and I just sort of played with it to get it a little bit flatter and round
so now that it rises its gonna rise outward and upward a little bit but I
didn’t want to have a real tall loaf like this so I wanted to press it down
into a decent sized round and we’re just gonna cover it back over with our flour
sack or again you could use a saran wrap that’s no problem and just close the lid
and since it’s already set for the hour we could just let it go another thirty
minutes then we’ll be back and then we will set it on the bake and get our
bread all baked out alright so we are done with the second stage of this and
we can remove a damp towel and bread has risen exactly like I wanted it is wide
and it is also doubled in height and it looks gorgeous
so now unless we do is we score it this is important you can use you know a
sharp knife some people use scissors I think scissors compress the bread too
much so I like to use this really sharp knife you can put whatever design and
you want you can do a big X or like I like to do
is just take it like this three times all right so once you get your marks in
you want you know either an X or three little slashes there then we are going
to go ahead and fake it so we can select the big roast but close the lid first
select the big roast and go to 325 and that time is gonna be 30 minutes and
start okay now your bread is gonna bake in there and we can’t wait to see what
it looks like when it’s done 10 seconds to go I’m so excited I can actually
smell the fresh bread baking smell those up absolutely delicious
let it go through this little cool cycle and then we’ll open up the lid here we
go Wow oh it’s beautiful so I’m gonna use my handy-dandy oven
mitts here which are super clean to grab this bread out because remember this
pots pretty hot right now you could also take like if you have other mitts and
you don’t want to reach down into the pot you could take like the little
silicone mitts that I use all the time or whatever you’re used to using you
could dump the bread out but for me I’m just gonna go down here and grab it
bring it out look at that so you have your bread it’s all done now this is the
sad part guys don’t cut it you have to let it cool I know I really want a piece
right now with some butter on it but we have to let it cool at least 20 to 25
minutes so let’s do that okay okay so it’s been like 25 minutes or so and the
bread is still warm to touch but it is not hot and steaming like it was the
reason why I wanted to allow the bread sit and cool for 25 to 30 minutes is
because I wanted it to finish cooking and release it steam naturally sometimes
when you get bread right out of the oven or the Ninja Foodi and you go in to cut
it and it like it’s a little gummy and that’s because it just wasn’t allowed to
cool and continue to cook so to avoid that go ahead and put your bread on this
handy-dandy rack with what that’s gonna do is allow the bottom to stay kind of
crispy and it won’t absorb the steam that’s built up and become soggy so I
put it on the little rack and now it’s cool to the touch which is fine I mean
it’s not totally room temperature and you could certainly leave this you know
for eight hours or so but I mean who can wait that long goodness it was hard
enough waiting 25 minutes so let’s cut it I’m gonna cut right down the center
just to show you guys but ordinarily of course I would start to cut bread from
the end but I’m gonna cut straight through the center and I’m using a bread
knife that I happen to love from pampered chef and I will definitely link
to that below it’s one of the best bread knife that I’ve ever had
and here we go look at that it’s a beautiful crumb
now this spread is meant to be toasted or used a sandwich bread okay so that’s
the kind of bread we made there’s other types to make and I’ll get to those in
other videos but this is definitely your go-to sandwich bread homemade pork toast
delicious with butter now I’m not gonna spend the time
toasting it I’m just gonna go ahead and slice them and take a bite I love that I love the sound that bread
makes when you’re petting it and especially when you made it yourself I
mean you know we’re gonna celebrate that we just made bread all right so this is
my Butter Bell which keeps my butter at the perfect temperature for spreading
and I will link to one of those below as well I love this thing my mother-in-law
gave it to me I saw it sitting on our counter I’m like
what in the world is that she’s like oh you don’t know what a butter bell is
no I don’t and she said oh you put your butter in it you keep cold water in here
you change the water out every day but it keeps the butter fresh on the counter
and in spreadable condition and safe temperatures for couple weeks you just
change the water every day though all right here we go I love that the outside crunchy
the inside is perfect it’s like velvet really this might be the best bread I’ve ever had. I’m supposed to be low carb guys. You have to make this
I mean you saw how easy it was 90 minutes to fresh bread and you know what
ingredients went in here absolutely perfect if you liked this video please
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